A Strange Turn of Events


Jaynie smiled as she tugged her girlfriend over her knee. Caroline whined as she got in position, but stayed put, getting comfortable on the bed. Jaynie ran a hand up Caroline’s thigh, stopping at the lacy thong she wore, hooking her fingers under the band and snapping the elastic. She put her left arm around Carrie’s waist, pulling her snug against her own bare belly. She admired her girlfriend’s dark skin, the black lingerie she wore, and how her own milky white fingers stood out against the brown canvas across her lap. She raised her hand, bringing it down hard on Caroline’s backside, three, seven, twelve times, right in the same spot, until she finally got a little wiggle out of her. She grinned and started in on the other cheek, same thing, watching the dark blush slowly bloom under her palm.

“You are in soooo much trouuuble…” she sing-songed, rubbing Caroline’s backside for a few moments before beginning again, this time spanking in a slow steady rhythm, back and forth, up and down, covering her girlfriend’s bottom inch by inch as she scolded her. “You have just been begging for a good spanking, haven’t you? Just dying to have your bottom warmed right up…” She slid her free hand further under Caroline, until her fingers slipped beneath the edge of the skimpy panties. “Ooooh, Caroline, are you turned on right now, being turned across my lap like this and having your bottom spanked?”

Caroline giggled. “Of course I’m turned on… have you seen yourself? Goooorgeous…” Jaynie grinned and stopped spanking, rubbing Carrie’s backside.

“Flattery will get you everywhere, you know,” she said.

“Oh, I know… you are so easy to distract,” followed immediately by a very giggly “I’m kiddingI’mkiddingI’mkidding,” as the spanks came down hard and fast. She inched foward, impressed by the strength Jaynie was putting into those swats, loving the feeling of being pressed against the other woman but unable to keep still.

“Not trying to get away, are you?” Jayne teased, pushing her right leg up so Caroline’s ass was high in the air. Caroline fell foward, her torso sliding off the bed, catching herself on her hands, finding her face suddenly very near the carpet and her straight brown hair falling around her. She bit her lip as she smiled, replying with an exaggerated “No ma’am, absolutely not!” Jaynie giggled as she peppered Caroline’s thighs with light stingy spanks.

Carrie sucked in her breath sharply, and her left hand darted out erratically, shooting under the bed and knocking her knuckles hard against something behind the low hanging blanket. “Ow ow, goddammit,” she said, bringing her hand to her mouth and sucking on her hurt fingers.

“Whatwhatwhat?” Jaynie said, leaning down, suddenly panicked that she had caused the reaction. “Was that too hard? I’m sorry, I thought you were okay.”

“No baby, you’re fine, it wasn’t you,” Caroline said, twisting and sitting up in Jaynie’s lap, running a comforting hand along the other woman’s cheek and holding her bruised hand in front of them. “I busted my knuckles on something under the bed. What the hell is under there?” She started to slide down, intending to have a look, but Jaynie wrapped her arms around her quickly, pulling her in for a kiss. Carrie’s eyebrows shot up in surprise before she melted into the other woman. When Jaynie pulled back, though, she was back on task.

“I’m going to look.”

“Let’s worry about it later, babe” Jaynie said, keeping her arms firmly around Caroline’s stomach. Caroline gave her a curious look, but Jaynie just laced her fingers together and planted a kiss on her girlfriend’s arm. “Besides, I’m in control right now, remember?”

“No, my dear, you were in control. It was temporary. Now let me up.” All the playfulness was gone from her voice, and Jayne sighed heavily and slowly unlocked her fingers. She frowned as Caroline got up, immediately missing the heat from their skin touching, appreciating the sight of Caroline bending down to reach under the bed, even if was going to lead to trouble.

Jaynie swallowed hard as Caroline pulled out a stack of old text books and gave her a hard look. She reached under the bed and pulled out a shoe, then another, then four more. Then came two bowls, a pile of folded towels, a jumble of hangers, a crumpled Arby’s bag, and three dirty socks. With every new item her face became more and more stern, until she was all angles and narrowed eyes. Unable to reach anything else, she leaned over to look beneath the edge of the comforter.

“Jaynie Michelle Moore!!!”

Jaynie winced, popping her knuckles and looking away, simultaneously nervous and irritated by the turn of events. Caroline squatted in front of her and grabbed her chin, resting her elbows on the girl’s thighs and forcing eye contact as she began to scold. “There is not an inch of free space under there! Since when do you think you can shove everything under the bed and that counts for cleaning the room?”

“Come onnnn, I wanted to play. We were having fun!” she whined, pulling her face free of Caroline’s grasp. The other woman stood, walking toward their closet as she talked. “Clearly you were having fun already, instead of doing the job you agreed to do. The thing you were supposed to be doing while I was cleaning the kitchen, which took me an hour. Just what were you doing that whole time?”

She pulled a simple black dress from its hanger, pausing to look back at Jaynie before slipping it over her head. Jaynie’s brow creased, and she became acutely aware of her disappointment as her girlfried’s body was covered. She reached toward her own shirt which was crumpled on the floor by her feet.

“Leave it,” Caroline said from across the room as she adjusted her dress and walked back toward the nightstand. Jaynie pouted and crossed her arms, rubbing her hands across her biceps. She felt embarassed and small in her lime-green panties and bra, instead of sexy and flirty, like she had when she put them on that evening. “Aww, Carrie, you don’t need the paddle,” she said, watching her girlfriend pull the small wooden implement from the drawer.

“Don’t you ‘aww, Carrie,’ me, young lady. I think I do need the paddle. And I’m really interested to know how you spent the rest of your time, once your five minutes of shoving everything on the floor under the bed was over. Facebook? Texting?”

Jaynie blushed then groaned as Caroline sat on the bed beside her and took hold of her arm. “Over,” she said, pulling the redhead across her lap. She sat on the edge of the bed, so Jaynie was now in the position Caroline had just recently vacated, head on the carpet, ass in the air.

There was nothing playful about the swats Caroline was landing, though. She jerked Jaynie’s underwear up, exposing her bare bottom, and she didn’t waste time on a warm-up, choosing instead to bring her hand down hard, right in the middle of Jaynie’s pale bottom. There was no slow creeping spread of color on Jaynie’s skin. Instead each swat brought a burst of pink, a bright firework, one that didn’t fade as time wore on but instead got brighter and more vibrant. Caroline continued spanking until the young woman was red from the top of her bottom to halfway down her thighs, easily holding her in place as she wiggled and squirmed.

She picked up the little paddle, watching Jaynie’s muscles tense in anticipation. She brought it down firmly across her girlfriend’s bottom, watching the color deepen and tiny purple patches pop up along the lower curve of her backside.  The reaction was immediate; Jaynie’s hips began to twist and her feet kicked, though she kept her legs mostly down. After several dozen swats, Caroline stopped, setting the paddle aside and rubbing Jaynie’s bottom while the girl caught her breath.

She moved her knees apart and Jayne slid down between them, her own knees on the floor now as she buried her head into Caroline’s lap and wrapped her arms around the woman, rocketing forward when her bottom brushed the heels of her feet. Caroline leaned against her, kissing the top of her head and then resting her chin there, slowly rocking them back and forth.

Jaynie nuzzled Caroline’s stomach, and said softly down into her lap, “I’m sorry baby, I’ll clean everything up, I’ll be more responsible, I’ll take care of it.” They stayed like that for several minutes, just holding each other, before Carrie stood, pulling her love with her and into a full hug, “I’ll help. We’ll get it knocked out in no time.”

Half an hour later, Jaynie stood on the bed, bouncing slightly, arms wide and fingers wiggling as she yelled “Ta-dah!!! Finished!”

Caroline looked up, the corner of her mouth creasing in a little smile. “Time to play?” she asked. Jaynie smiled brightly, replying as she jumped off the bed, “Yes, time to– owwwww….” her lip jutted out into a quick pout as she landed and the impact shot up her legs and the pain in her backside flared. “The paddle was sooo overkill,” she said, before quickly smiling again as she walked over to Caroline, resting her hands on the woman’s hips.

“You earned it, little miss,” Carrie replied unsympathetically. Jayne shrugged as she slid her hands down to the hem of Caroline’s dress and began to tug upward. “Maybe.”

Caroline smiled as she lifted her hands above her head, allowing Jaynie to slide the dress easily off. Jaynie leaned in, kissing along Caroline’s collarbone, moving her hands now to cup the curve of her girlfriend’s ass, squeezing a little. She leaned back, grinning mischeiviously and looking into Caroline’s eyes, before landing a sharp swat. “So where were we?”

Caroline bit her bottom lip, her eyes still stern as she contemplated her girlfriend. After a few seconds she let her expression soften, and a smiled played at her lips. “Are you sure you’re ready to sit down right now, brat?”

“Good point,” Jaynie said, wincing dramatically, then grinning wickedly. “I guess I’ll just have to put you over the arm of the sofa while I spank your naughty little behind, won’t I?”


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