A.J. and Delisa walked casually up to the door of the next house on their sales route. Delisa tugged the edge of her black shorts down a bit as A.J. knocked on the door. They were a part of an intramural volleyball team, and they had joined with several other colleges to raise money for one of the local animal shelters by selling cosmetics door-to-door. They had dressed in their uniforms and wore bright smiles, hoping to charm the neighbors into supporting the cause. As they waited for an answer, A.J. looked over her reflection in the mirror, adjusting her blue and white jersey and pulling back a strand of her shoulder-length brown waves. The sophomore had long legs and a lean torso, and was several inches taller than her companion. Where A.J. had hazel eyes and freckles, her teammate, a junior this year, had dark features and a more solid build. She was short for a volleyball player, but she still managed to look intimidating when she donned her uniform.

They grew silent as they waited for someone to answer the door, then awkward as the time stretched. “Did you notice a car in the driveway?” Delisa asked, looking toward the side of the house. A.J. made a noncommittal noise as the girls walked around the edge of the yard. As they rounded the corner of the house, she stopped dead, and Delisa all but knocked the tall girl over before regaining her own balance and pausing as well. She followed A.J.’s gaze and felt her jaw drop as the two girls looked through the kitchen window. They dropped into a crouch just below the sill.

Standing in the middle of the kitchen was a naked man with his fingers laced behind the back of his head and his feet shoulder-width apart. The girls gazed at his body, their eyes settling on the red skin of his backside, and Delisa giggled involuntarily. A.J. elbowed her in the ribs as they heard the front door finally open. They heard a vaguely familiar voice call out, and then they heard the door shut. Delisa breathed a sigh of relief that they were out of sight, then nearly choked as they saw the woman walk back into the kitchen.It was Julie Nix, long-term girlfriend of Chris Anders, their coach. She came to almost every game, and sometimes brought cookies for the team after practice. Julie didn’t look so nurturing at the moment, though. Her long curly brown hair was hanging straight, and instead of her usual jeans and t-shirt she was wearing a short black skirt and a low cut blouse paired with dangerously high red heels. She carried with her a long dark wooden paddle, which caused an immediate reaction from the man in the kitchen. His hands flew down to cover his backside and he took a small step back, his shoulders tensing and his head moving slowly from side to side. They couldn’t hear what Julie said, but it had an effect on the man. His hands were back on his head in an instant, although Delisa noted that his knees seemed to be trembling slightly now.

“Is that Coach Anders?” she whispered urgently at her teammate. Neither of them had budged from their perch below the window; they seemed unable to tear their eyes away from the scene in front of them. Delisa shook her head in disbelief. “No. I mean, yes, I guess, it has to be, right? Miss Julie’s not the type to two-time somebody, and he’s got the same build…” A.J. made a noise of agreement; perhaps a noise that was a little more enthusiastic than intended. She wasn’t the only one appreciating the view, though. There wasn’t a player on their team who hadn’t been curious about what lay beneath their conservative coach’s workout clothes before, and Delisa was well aware that their timing could not have been better.

Julie was walking around him now, her expression stern and unforgiving. Occasionally she’d reach out and deliver a little smack or a pinch, and once she used the pointed toe of her shoe to push the coach’s feet a little wider apart. To her surprise, A.J. found herself growing aroused as she watched her coach slowly bend over and grab his ankles. She felt her nipples harden and wondered if Delisa was having the same reaction. The girls were leaning against each other as they watched, and Delisa hoped A.J. couldn’t feel the trembling in her thighs. She licked her lips in anticipation as they watched Miss Julie tap the paddle across his red ass. Both girls sucked in their breaths as she raised it high and brought is crashing down so hard that they could hear the muffled thud through the window, followed by a muted cry from their coach.

Julie delivered several more swats to Chris’s now crimson skin before circling slowly around him again. They watched her lips move and they could tell it was taking a lot of effort for their coach to stay in place as he took his licks. She paused again to line up the paddle, and Delisa, without thinking, leaned toward the glass in anticipation, rattling the pane. As the wood cracked down, Julie looked up and made eye contact with the startled girl. Delisa ducked down, tugging A.J. with her and making a beeline for the road. They kept going until they had rounded the block, finally stopping to catch their breath. Delisa leaned forward, hands on her knees, breathing heavily, while A.J. simply collapsed in a fit of giggles on the grass.

Delisa felt the beginning of a smile tug at her own lips. For a minute she’d been terrified that Julie was going to get them in major trouble, but she wasn’t worried now. Miss Julie had recognized her, certainly. But the look Delisa saw before running away wasn’t one of shock or shame or anger. It was only a split second, but Delisa was sure. As the paddle landed the final time, Julie had looked at the girls and smiled…


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