Saved by What Bell?


Lacey cringed as the heavy door shut loudly behind her. She was two steps from an empty seat when it happened– so close to slipping in undetected… or at least without the evidence pointing directly to her. Half the heads in the auditorium glanced back at her, glad of any break from the monotony of today’s lecture about… well, about what Lacey didn’t yet know. She felt her face burning as she avoided eye contact with Dr. Tamblin, the professor. Looking away was a mistake, though. He barely spared her a glance, but she found her TA to be looking at her quite intently, eyebrows raised, expression harsh. She was only a year or so older than the students, a shorter Caucasian woman with long dirty blond hair, and straight white teeth. Before Lacey could get to her desk, the woman’s voice called her name, taking advantage of a timely break from the professor’s lecture to hold a stack of papers out to the late student. Suddenly she seemed intimidating, and Lacey grabbed the offered papers swiftly, then slouched low in her chair and glued her gaze to her notebook for the rest of class.

* * *

That night, Lacey was far from embarrassed about her unsubtle entrance into her earlier class. She was ranting to her friends as she recounted her equally indiscreet exit. “She is such a bitch! She could have just emailed me the review or something. She didn’t have to call me out like that in front of evvverybody.” Her friends all nodded sympathetically, sipping their drinks and exchanging complaints about their own courses. Lacey’s cup was empty, and she left to get a refill.

As she turned she ran right into someone; she stumbled back and murmured an apology that she cut short as she glanced up at who she’d hit. She was looking right into the dark brown eyes of her TA. “Come with me,” the woman said, taking Lacey’s hand as she walked toward the front door. She didn’t drag Lacey, or even grip her very tightly. It was more like she was guiding her without doubting for a moment that Lacey would follow. They made it to the sidewalk before she thought to resist, tugging her hand back as she stopped walking. “Where are we going?” she demanded in voice less shaky than she felt. “My apartment is next door,” replied Meredith– the TA’s name drifted up from somewhere in Lacey’s subconscious, a name she hadn’t really though about since first day introductions– “and it’s quieter.”

She continued walking ahead, again with that irritating confidence that she would be followed– and again she was right. Lacey followed her into the living room of the downstairs apartment, where Meredith flipped on a lamp and sat almost immediately on a dark green love seat, crossing her legs. Lacey look down at her, awkwardly clutching her empty solo cup and feeling decidedly overshadowed, despite her standing position.

“I do not appreciate being called a bitch, Lacey. I particularly dislike when it’s done behind my back. Now, correct me if I’m wrong: you’re angry that I asked you to come get a study guide for next week’s exam?” Her eyes were piercing, her lips pursed, as she looked up into Lacey’s slowly reddening face. “No, I was just, I was mad that you made everyone look at me,” Lacey stammered awkwardly, aware of how childish she sounded.

Meredith’s eyebrows shot up as she replied, “I believe you had already drawn their full attention with your late entry to class. But I’m sure most of them were more concerned with the upcoming test that is worth 60% of your final grade,” she continued as Lacey gaped at her, “something you yourself would have known had you been on time.”

Lacey found a voice of indignant protest. “I was only a few minutes late, Jesus, it’s not like it happens all the–”

“Six times. Six times you have been late since the semester started a month ago. And while that may fly in some of your other classes, it does not in this one. Dr. Tamblin does not like to be interrupted. He was very clear about that on the first day. But since you were late to that class and you presumably haven’t taken the time to read your syllabus,” she spared pause, Just long enough to see a confirmation of this suspicion clearly written on the girl’s face, “you are probably unaware that after the third tardy, he takes a point off your final grade for every time thereafter.”

Lacey felt the color drain out of her face at this, and her thoughts whirred. Mingled with her embarrassment over her ignorance was her outrage over the policy, as well worry about her final grade and some quick calculations of her scores in there so far. A small part of her brain recognized a slightly smug look on Meredith’s face as she gauged Lacey’s reaction. “You’re not going to be late again, Lacey. I’ve graded most of your assignments. You’re intelligent enough. All your errors are avoidable. Lazy little mistakes. Your work is solid, but all of this, these loose ends? They stop now. I’m going to see to that.”

Lacey felt her hands being grasped once again, but this time it was unmistakably firm and she felt herself being pulled forward. She dropped her cup, watching the red plastic roll away inches from her nose as she was suddenly horizontal across the lap of her TA. Her eyes widened in surprise as she felt her skirt being flipped up, but it was nothing to the shock she felt a moment later as a smack echoed through the room. She grabbed the exposed ankle nearest her right hand while her left found the dark wooden floor. “I like you, Lacey,” came Meredith’s voice from above her head, “I really do. You have a good voice and a lot to say. And we need more women like you excelling in our department.” Lacey gasped as the smacks kept falling, hard and fast across her backside, slightly muffled against the thin cotton of her underwear. “One way or another, we’re going to make sure that happens.” With that she fell silent, apparently concentrating all of her energy on Lacey’s bottom. It didn’t take long before the heat began to build and the girl found her legs twitching involuntarily.

Right at the moment where Lacey was about to call out– saying what, she wasn’t sure, but she couldn’t remain silent any longer– the spanking stopped. The respite was brief, however, as Lacey felt her panties being jerked up, exposing her bare cheeks. All too quickly she felt the swats coming again, harder than ever, and loud now, echoing in the small room. She gasped and squealed, legs kicking in earnest, but Meredith had a firm grip around Lacey’s waist and was determined to continue until she felt there was no danger of the girl being so much as a minute late to class ever again. When Lacey’s bottom was a uniform shade of magenta and her own hand was stinging and scarlet, she slowed and eventually stopped, her smacks evolving into pats until eventually her hand was merely resting on Lacey’s hot skin.

“Will you be late to class again?”she asked, pleased at the immediate “no ma’am” that came from the ragged voice. “And will you be calling me any names in the future?” she asked, drumming her fingers across Lacey’s bottom. “NO ma’am,” she heard again, with what seemed to be a bit more urgency. She considered the girl for a moment more, then adjusted Lacey’s panties and skirt and tugged her gently up to a sitting position on the couch, arm falling easily around her as Lacey winced and buried her face in Meredith’s shoulder. Meredith smiled gently and held her there, both of them still and quiet aside from Lacey’s uneven breathing. After a few minutes, Meredith gave Lacey a squeeze and stood, offering a hand to the girl. Lacey took it as she stood, face crinkling at the movement.

“It’s time we were getting back. Your friends will be looking for you, as will mine.” Lacey grimaced; the idea of returning to the party now was not remotely enticing. Meredith seemed to be thinking the same thing. “Or,” she continued thoughtfully, “we could send them texts that we’ve bailed, and you could crash here tonight if you’d like.” She smiled at Lacey’s hopeful look. “I’ve got popcorn and Disney movies?”

Lacey managed a smile as she sank gingerly back onto the couch. “You’re a monster,” she said. “And I like Hercules and extra butter. Please,” she added hastily at the look Meredith gave her.

* * *

Two hours later and Lacey was all but asleep, leaning against Meredith as the credits rolled. Meredith tried unsuccessfully to disentangle herself, but Lacey held her firmly in place. Sighing affectionately, she used the remote to turn off the television and made herself as comfortable as she could.


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