Puppy Problems

Chrissy reached blindly toward the nightstand, intent on shutting up the buzzing alarm clock. It stopped the noise making all by itself, it seemed, though, so she simply snuggled back against her pillow… for all of five seconds before she felt the covers jerked away. “Alexxxxx…” she whined, throwing a stuffed bear aimlessly over her head before curling up in a tight ball, clutching the pillow.

Alex knelt gingerly on the bed, gently nudging Chrissy over onto her belly, straddling her waist. Chrissy relaxed some as she felt her hair being brushed gently to the side. “Christina…” and Chrissy’s sleep-addled brain didn’t pick up on the use of her full given name, more distracted by the kiss that followed, a soft peck on the nape of her neck. “That is the third,” the kisses began to trail down her spine, “time,” and the corners of her mouth inched upward, “your alarm,” Chrissy’s eyes fluttered beneath her lids, “has gone off.” Goosebumps slowly covered her arms as Alex’s soft lips reached the edge of the blue panties Chrissy had worn to bed. Alex let her lips wander back up, ending with a soft nip and a rumbly growl in her girlfriend’s ear. “I’m going to start the coffee. If you’re not up when I get back, I am going to spank your pretty little backside. Capisce?”

And with that Alex bounded up off the bed, ignoring Chrissy’s disgruntled moan of protest and heading downstairs to the kitchen.


Half an hour later Chrissy stepped out of the bathroom, freshly showered and wrapped in a towel. She froze when she saw Alex sitting on the wooden chest by the foot of their bed, softly tapping a big wooden spoon against her thigh. Chrissy took a step backward, her hand going automatically to cover her backside. “I got up!” she said
defensively, eyes glued to the spoon. Alex raise her other hand, and Chrissy’s eyes got wide as her girlfriend dropped the chewed remains of a lap top cord to the floor. “Oh, shit…” Chrissy closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

“‘Oh, shit,’ is right, Christina. I reminded you twice to put my computer up before you came to bed. And now your puppy has chewed through two chargers.” Chrissy bit her bottom lip guiltily. Shit, shit, shit, she thought as her eyes kept flicking back to the slowly thudding spoon her girlfriend still wielded. She clutched her towel, knuckles turning white with nerves. “I’m sorry, Alex, it won’t happen again, you don’t have to…” her voice trailed off and she fidgeted, beginning to cringe a little as the spoon dropped over and over.

“I know it’s not going to happen again. To insure that, you’re grounded for two weeks, little girl. And yes, you are most certainly getting a spanking. You’re grounded to prevent mishaps in the future. This spanking is for the mistake you have already made. March your little self on over here.”

“Aww, Al, please, it was just an accident… the phone rang, and then when I got off I was tired and came up to bed, and then I just forgot about it…” Even as she attempted to make her case, she was shuffling slowly toward the chest where Alex sat waiting. As soon as Chrissy was near enough, Alex leaned forward and grabbed her arm, pulling the young woman forward and across her waiting knee. “It was an accident!” Chrissy whined, wiggling and trying to reach back and keep her towel from falling off her backside.

Alex wrapped one arm around her girlfriend’s waist and delivered a pair of sharp smacks just below the towel’s edge. “Move ’em, sister.” Chrissy squealed but moved her hands forward as Alex flipped open the edges of the towel, creating a flap over Chrissy’s rear. Without further scolding she began to apply the spoon, snapping it down crisply all over the hapless girl’s wet backside. Chrissy’s hands reached back several times, but she managed to keep them out of the way, leaving them fluttering but not interfering. Alex didn’t waste any time, keeping a steady rhythm, ignoring the squeaks and protests and promises pouring from Chrissy’s mouth. Soon the pleas began to run together into a constant stream of wordless nonsense. Alex kept the same pace but upped the strength of her swats, concentrating on one spot at a time, feeling Chrissy buck underneath her. She slowed down abruptly, and as soon as Chrissy heard the spoon being set on the chest her waiting hand finally landed on her now scorched bottom, rubbing furiously. Alex pulled her up, standing as well, and propelled her toward the corner with a solid swat. Sniffling, she leaned her head against the wall and folded her hands up in front of her, keeping the towel up loosely and shifting her weight from foot to foot.

She heard the bedroom door open as Alex left, then again when she walked back in fifteen minutes later, and she heard whimpers in a key not unlike her own minutes ago. She looked back over her shoulder, blushing as she made eye contact with Alex, but she didn’t turn back toward the corner. Alex was smiling softly, so Chrissy knew she wasn’t in trouble for looking this time. Alex gave Chrissy an upward nod, signaling for her to come forward. She was holding a brown lab puppy, which was scrambling madly to get down and run to his sniffly owner. Alex set him on the floor and watched as Chrissy dropped her towel while she scooped up the little dog. She rubbed her damp cheek against the puppies soft fur as she walked blindly into her girlfriend’s waiting arms. Alex cuddle them close, smiling at the mixing scents of puppy breath and washed hair, happily holding her little family.


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