Temper Tantrum


“Give it BACK!”

Shayla stopped at these words, one hand on the knob of the bedroom door, and took a deep breath… then one more, for good measure. She turned around slowly to look at her girlfriend, the one who had yelled this demand, the one who was still standing in the corner but not facing it like she was supposed to be. Oh no, instead she was standing with her arms crossed, shoulders back, and a mutinous look on her face.

“Jaynie…” Shayla said, her voice low and full of warning.

“It’s my phone,” Jaynie said, her brow furrowing even more, her mouth in a hard line. Shayla had to resist the urge to let her mouth drop open. This was out of character for Jaynie, even on her naughtiest days. She slowly crossed her arms as she contemplated the situation, staring right back into the face of her rebellious girl. She’d thought she was being generous with corner time and a few warning swats. She’d thought it was reasonable to confiscate the phone for the evening, after Jaynie threw it across the room in frustration when a picture wasn’t loading fast enough for her. She’d thought it was going to be a quiet night.

Well well. Plans had changed.

What she wanted to do was grab Jaynie by the arm and start spanking. Instead she brought herself up to her full height, reached into her pocket, and pulled out the phone in question. “Jaynie Michelle, you take a good long look at this phone,” she said, holding it up. “And you start getting used to the idea that you won’t be using it for anything but work until I say otherwise.” As she talked, she opened the top drawer of the dresser beside her, placing the phone inside, her eyes never leaving Jaynie’s. “I’m not going to hide it. I’m not going to keep it on me at all times. I am going to leave it in this drawer, and you will ask me for permission any time you want to check it.” She shut the drawer firmly with one hand, and began to slowly walk toward the corner as she talked. “I don’t know what has gotten into you, young lady, that makes you think it’s okay to behave this way, or to talk to me like that. I do know that you are going to feel very differently by the time we’re finished here.” She kept her steps slow and her voice even, moving closer and closer to Jaynie, who was trying very hard to maintain her defiant posture. Shayla wasn’t falling for it, though. She saw the nervous glance Jaynie cast at the closet where they kept the Mean Paddle. She saw way her fingers clenched and un-clenched around the fabric of her shirt.

“You can’t…” came Jaynie’s voice as she summoned the last of her bravado, but it was too late. Shayla way right next her now, the Look on her girlfriend’s face mere inches from hers as Shayla interrupted her. “Oh, but I can.”

And with that she reached out and grabbed Jaynie’s ear, pulling her toward the bed. Jaynie tried to pulled back, screeching “you’re hurting me!”

“It wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t resist,” came the unsympathetic reply. “You won’t be thinking about your ear for much longer anyway.” With that she plopped down on the bed, putting one leg up and using the other to anchor herself on the floor. In no time, Jaynie was across her lap, her sweatpants a puddle around her ankles as Shayla pulled the girl in closer to her own body and reached for the hem of her underwear. “No no no no no!” yelled Jaynie, reaching back and trying to stop the inevitable. Shayla merely snatched up the girl’s hand along with her panties, pulling both up to the small of Jaynie’s back, leaving the young woman bare cheeked and very uncomfortable. “No!!!” came another useless wail, accompanied by feet kicking the ground hard.

Shayla watched the girl struggle, her eyebrows raised, surprised at the brazenness of the girly over her lap. Jaynie had accepted that she was about to be punished, but she had in no way accepted the punishment itself. That was fine with Shayla. She was more than ready to spank the defiance right out of her bratty girlfriend. She raised her hand and brought it down with a loud crack on the girl’s left cheek, then the right, then again and again and again, without pause. Usually she didn’t start with fast swats, mostly because she liked watching the color grow and her hand prints appear, and then slowly disappear into the reddening canvas. There was nothing fun about this spanking, though. Not for either of them.

A grim smile appeared on her face. Fun, no. Satisfying? Absolutely. She increased the force of her swats as she remembered the phone bouncing off the bed and onto the floor earlier, starting this entire thing. Even that wasn’t entirely true. In all honesty, Jaynie had been snappy and rude since she had gotten home from work that afternoon. Nothing outright– she knew better than that– but certainly uncalled for. As Shayla thought about every eyeroll she’d pretended not to notice, every snide remark she had ignored, she moved her hand down, concentrating on the barely pink crease between Jaynie’s thighs and bottom. The girl’s wiggling increased as Shayla found her target over and over again, letting her palm meld into the shape of Jaynie’s sit spots, spanking them and then even spanking beneath them, purposefully targeting the tops of the woman’s thighs in a way she only ever did during punishment spankings.

Jaynie kicked through the entire thing, once kicking so high that Shayla stopped spanking, but only long enough to bend down and say quietly into her ear, “if you kick me in the face, I will repeat this spanking from beginning to end every night for a week, little girl, so I suggest you get your little feet under control.” In response she got something close to a growl as Jaynie turned her face away and buried it in the blankets. She kept her kicking, lower, though, even if she wasn’t ready to acknowledge her obedience.

By the time Jaynie’s backside and thighs were a uniform dusky dark pink, Shayla’s hand was starting to hurt. Good timing, she thought, as she released the younger woman with the short command to stand. She stood, but Shayla noticed the hard glare still in her eyes as she looked down, and noted that she didn’t reach back to rub her bottom (though she must have wanted to desperately). That was okay with Shayla. It didn’t happen often, but she’d been here with her girlfriend before. It was a marathon, not a sprint. “Get the paddle,” she said firmly, not leaving her spot on the bed. Jaynie stepped out of her pants and walked toward her closet. “The one in my closet,” Shayla said pointedly. She watched her girlfriend hesitate, then do as she was told. Discipline or not, she couldn’t help but appreciate the beautiful glowing rear end as she watched Jaynie walk toward the closet and get the dreaded mean paddle, a slim dark wooden implement they’d stopped using in play early on.

Jaynie held it away from her, like it was a poisonous snake, but brought it back without any fuss. She held it out to her older girlfriend, who didn’t immediately take it. Instead she reached out and swiftly swept Jaynie’s panties down from their high perch, until they were pooled around her ankles. Caught by surprise, Jaynie squeaked and made a very delayed grab for her them, which quickly turned into a useless attempt at covering herself. A blush crept up her chest, and in seconds her face was flaming with embarrassment. Shayla didn’t try to hide her satisfaction as she scolded, “you certainly haven’t been bashful the rest of the afternoon, young lady. I don’t know why you’d start now. You have been acting like a spoiled brat, and brats in this house don’t get any modesty.” And with that she grabbed the paddle with her right hand, then hauled Jaynie back over her lap with her right.

This time she start without much strength behind her swats. She didn’t need it. Even the lightest spanked made Jaynie jump, and soon little squeals were escaping from the girl’s mouth at every swat. Shayla wasn’t after squeals, though. She ignored the pitiful noises and gradually increased the force spanking, letting the paddle speak for her. She knew the sensation was shifting from sharp and stingy to deeply painful; the girl’s bottom was burning brighter with every round of swats. Soon Jaynie was kicking again, but these weren’t the angry rebellious kicks from earlier. No, these she couldn’t help if she tried. Shayla paused long enough to wrap her legs around the young woman’s, hoisting her up so she had full access to every pink bit of her bottom and thighs. She slowed her pace as she began to lecture again, punctuating her words with painful paddle swats.

“We do not throw phones in this house, little girl. You know better. And if you do decide to have yourself a tantrum, then you accept the consequences like a big girl. You earned yourself a few minutes of corner time. You earned it, Jaynie Michelle. And that means you keep your nose pointed at the wall and your mouth shut until you are called out. Instead, you decided to yell at me. You decided that you were going to make the rules. But that is not how things work for you. Maybe you forgot. You won’t be forgetting again soon, though. That is a promise.”

With that she brought the paddle up high, bringing it crashing almost immediately back down on Jaynie’s swollen bottom. The girl might have been able to handle the hard spanking or the scolding, but both together were too much. “I’m sorry” she wailed into the covers, still struggling fruitlessly to escape the brutal swats that kept landing on her bottom and thighs. “I’m sorry, too, but sorry doesn’t cut it,” came Shayla’s heartless reply.

She really wasn’t heartless, but she was determined to make sure they didn’t have a repeat of tonight’s attitude any time soon. If she stopped too early, before Jaynie was really and truly sorry, they’d be here again before the week’s end. And Jaynie would hate every minute of it– not just the spanking, but she would hate the spiteful words that would come from her mouth, hate the mean attitude she’d fling in Shayla’s direction. But she wouldn’t be able to stop it. Oh yes, they had been down this road before.

And so despite the wails that were starting to sound a bit like crying, she kept right on paddling Jaynie’s backside, deliberately hard and deliberately fast, not influenced at all by the bucking girl’s imminent tears as she lay there trapped between Shayla’s legs. “Please baby, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” Her cries fell on deaf ears, though. With the skill of an experienced spanker, Shayla shifted her legs, bringing the girl’s bottom up and forcing her little cheeks to spread slightly so that she could spank every single inch of her naughty backside. Soon the apologies and begging stopped, and there was only the sound of spanking and crying in the small bedroom. Shayla finally slowed her hand, completing one last circuit around the very red, very swollen bottom before ending with a dozen swats that were harder than any of the rest. She tossed the paddled aside, using the punishing hand gently now, running her fingers lightly around the edges of the girl’s poor bottom as she let her cry over her lap. Her left hand massaged Jaynie’s back, occasionally running her fingers up through her hair, twining them delicately through the girl’s curls and back out. After a few minutes, she firmly tugged the young woman’s shoulders, and Jaynie slid effortlessly down to the ground, kneeling at her girlfriend’s feet and burying her head in Shayla’s lap, soaking up every comforting touch and caress.

Shayla took one more deep breath as she ran her thumb along Jaynie’s cheek and slipped a hand under her chin, forcing her to look up. “You owe me ten minutes, little one,” she said, not unkindly. Fresh tears filled the big pitiful eyes below her, spilling immediately onto Jaynie’s already wet face. Slowly, wincing, and with a little help from her girlfriend, Jaynie stood, stepping out of her long forgotten underwear and not in the least self-conscious now. She made her way into the corner, arms folded obediently behind her, still sniffling. A few seconds later, Shayla gently wiped her face with a tissue, then planted a kiss on the girl’s temple before leaving her to finish her time.

Ten minutes later… well maybe closer to 8, but Shayla made the rules in the first place, so she could change them if she wanted! Jaynie was called out of the corner. Shayla lay on the bed, arms open and ready, as her girlfriend practically dove on top of her, snuggling in close and burying her face into her girlfriend’s chest. Shayla’s lips found Jaynie’s forehead and rested there, occasionally lifting to whisper soft “I love yous” and “you are such a good girl.” For the most part, though, they were quiet, finding the comfort they both needed.


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