My Shirt


Sadie sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard and holding a pillow. Her knees were pulled up against her chest and she was watching Caroline grow more annoyed as she flipped through the hangers in her closet a third fruitless time.

“I swear, I just washed it a few days ago and I haven’t worn it yet.” She was in black dress pants and a black bra, and her blazer lay abandoned on the bed as she hunted for the button down blouse she wanted. She glanced over at her girlfriend, who immediately looked down. “Sadie…” she growled, suddenly suspicious.

Sadie peeked up. “Yes?”

”Do you know where the shirt I want is?”

The girl’s eyes ducked out of site again, and she saw her nod into the pillow. Ah-ha. She glanced at the bedside clock. She had plenty of time to dress still, and her girlfriend went to work well after her.

”And where might that be, little girl?”

”MydirtyclotheshampercauseIworeit,” she heard mumbled into the memory foam.

”Talk to me, please, not the pillow.”

Sadie looked up, and said this time, “My hamper. I wore it but I haven’t washed it yet.” She looked at her girlfriend with wide doe-eyes.

Caroline’s eyes narrowed in response. “You were going to let me spend my whole morning looking for a shirt you know isn’t in here?”

”Well… you look so pretty that I kinda didn’t want you to pick another shirt,” came the quiet impish response.

Caroline’s hands moved to her hips as she contemplated her girlfriend. “Why are you so naughty? And what am I going to do about it?”

Sadie just shrugged, not offering any challenge or suggestion, and Caroline couldn’t keep herself from grinning as she answered her own question. The last one, at least. “You need a spanking.”

She pounced on the bed and Sadie squealed as she was dragged over her girlfriend’s knee. She was still in her sleep shirt, which rose in the brief struggle to reveal the soft pink undies that covered her pretty round bottom.

”But Carrie! It looks so cute on me and you were working late and I missed you!” she said, knowing she sounded precious and sweet, and that it wouldn’t deter Caroline a bit.

The older woman adjusted her girlfriend’s body, settling her comfortably across her own thighs, and then rested a hand on her bottom.

”You are in trouble for so many things, little girl,” she said, patting Sadie’s bottom. “Starting with taking my shirt!”

She lifted her hand and then brought her palm down smartly, relishing the first of many swats and responding squeaks. Sadie always wiggled through the beginning of a spanking, no matter how serious or playful, and Caroline was happy to enjoy it. She concentrated on covering her bottom with sharp stingy swats, stopping only when she knew the girl had settled down some and her bottom was a pretty light pink.

”Now,” she said, over the soft content hum Sadie was making. She was not even pretending not to enjoy it. Caroline was going to give her something to wiggle about. “Let’s talk about how long it took you to confess.”

This time she put the strength of her well-muscled arm into the spanking, and Sadie responded immediately with renewed movement and protests. “But you didn’t ask! I answered when you asked!”

Caroline rolled her eyes at this silly defense. “You knew exactly what I was looking for, and you were not the least bit helpful, and now you are going to go to work with a sore bottom, and I hope everyone notices when you can’t sit still.”

”Caroline!” Sadie whined, reaching for her abandoned pillow, wanting to dive back into it as she blushed. Caroline paused to grab the pillow first, tossing it off the bed and well out of reach. “No hiding, young lady.”

”Cruel and unusual!” Sadie said indignantly.

”Oh let’s talk about cruel and unusual,” Caroline said, stopping the spanking again. “When was it that you wore my shirt?”

”Two nights ago,” Sadie responded poutily.

”And yet,” Caroline said, using her left hand to grab a fistful of her girlfriend’s underwear and pulling them up, enjoying the ensuing squeal and spill of round red cheeks, “I did not get a single picture of you. Completely unacceptable.”

She started spanking again, keeping her grip on Sadie’s underwear and concentrating on being true to her word. The girl would feel this well into the morning.

”I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!” Sadie said breathlessly, flinging a hand back and having it scooped quickly up and pinned to the small of her back. “I’ll send pictures next time. As many as you want!”

”Good girl,” Caroline said with a smile, finishing the surprise morning spanking and then pulling her girlfriend up for a cuddle. She kissed the top of her head and mumbled something more about Sadie being naughty and incorrigible, stopping only when she felt a kiss planted on her own mouth.

Caroline glanced at the clock again and sighed. “Okay, I need to get dressed. And pick another shirt.”

Sadie kissed her cheek sweetly and untangled herself, tossing the abandoned pillow back on the bed as she went over to their full length mirror and looked over her shoulder at her rosy behind and hiked up undies. “Can I fix these?”

Caroline eyed her as she pulled a blouse from the hanger. “Go let the dog back in. And bring me a coffee please. Then, yes.”

Sadie smiled and skipped toward the door. “Yes, ma’am.”

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