Oil Change

Andrea looked at her boyfriend over the rims of her glasses as he climbed into the passenger seat. His face was brightly lit in the night sky by the yellow glow of a neon sign: Otto’s Auto Oil Change and Maintenance. His car had broken down and he had been towed here. She turned back to the front windshield and put the car in drive as he shut the door.

“Hi, honey, I–“

“Not right now, Sean. Buckle your belt and give me a minute to get us on the highway. Then we will talk.”

“But Andy, I–“


There was almost a minute of silence save the woman’s blinker, and then she was up the ramp and merging with traffic. She glanced over to him, then said, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Sean remained quiet; he didn’t know what to say except that he was sorry and it didn’t sound like she was interested in hearing that quite yet. He’d screwed up. Before he could start counting up his grievances and begging forgiveness anyway, Andrea started listing them for him.

“You promised me that you would get the oil changed. I asked you to put reminders in your phone. I reminded you myself when I got mine done. You should have a sticker to help you right here–” She slowed with traffic and then stopped as they reached the exit for home, then reached up to grab the clear tacky plastic from the corner of the windshield, peeling it off and handing it to her boyfriend. “Does that look familiar? Do you have one of these in your car?”

Sean sighed and stared at the reminder, the Otto’s Auto logo felt like a personal attack. “I did,” he said, whining a little now. “I kept meaning to get it done but I just… I was just always busy.”

He looked her way, saw her knuckles tighten around the steering wheel though her driving remained impeccable as always. “I find time to get my oil changed, Sean. And we work the same hours, but I have a longer commute. I find time because I understand that it has to be a priority. This is a very expensive mistake you just made, and I am going to take it out of your backside  as soon as we get home.”

It was no less than he had expected, but Sean still found himself becoming sulky at the prospect. “Whatever,” he mumbled as he watched the first raindrops of an imminent downpour splat against his window. “OW!”

He’d jumped as Andrea’s palm smacked down on the top of his thigh, his own hands rushing to cover the spot as he looked over at her accusingly. She spared him the briefest glance, her jawline taught as she focused on the road ahead. “Not tonight. I do not have patience to spare for your attitude.” She pulled into the garage of their home and put the car in park before removing the key and turning to look at him. Sean felt himself shrinking under her gaze, but she reached out to grab his chin and force him to to stay focused on her as she spoke. “You go inside. You find a corner. Is that understood?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said quietly, too nervous now to say anything else and barely able to resist squirming out of her grip. She searched his eyes with her own for a moment and released him. He unbuckled his seat seat belt and bolted inside.

~   ~   ~

Andrea found Sean exactly as she expected him: jeans and underwear off, hands folded neatly on the small of his back, socked feet digging into the carpet as he stood waiting for her. She barely spared him a glance as she retrieved her wooden hairbrush from the bathroom vanity. She didn’t call him out right away, though, preferring instead to sit on the bed for a moment and enjoy the view of her unpunished boyfriend’s bare legs and bottom. Every few moments, the muscles of his buttocks would twitch with his nervous energy, but otherwise he remained perfectly still as he awaited her call.

“Come here, please,” she eventually said and Sean turned obediently. His hands automatically untangled and rejoined in front of him, a useless attempt to protect a modesty that only seemed to befall him pre-discipline. Sometimes Andrea smirked at his sheepishness and he would blush deeply, but today she was too preoccupied. Little irritated her more than having been ignored, and her boyfriend was about to feel how personally she was taking this.

Sean began to speak, to say what he wasn’t even sure, but Andrea shushed him with a sharp sound. His mouth bent into an unlucky horseshoe and, out of options, he did what she expected and draped himself over her lap. His feet rested on the floor and he pulled his arms up under himself as he felt the weight of his stomach against her thigh and then her legs folding over his own, securing him tightly.

When he felt the smooth wood of the hairbrush come to rest on his cool bare skin, he let out a brief panicked squeal of protest. It did not stop the brush from landing, and the rest of his breath came out in a rush. Andrea wasted no time picking up the pace and no sympathy for the boy over her knee. Her free hand gripped his waist tightly, fingers splayed possessively across his hip, while her other hand delivered the steady drumbeat of her disappointment to his bottom.

“Ow, ow, please, ow, I’m sorry!” Sean said, his entire body tense with the effort to take his punishment. Beneath his chest, his arm muscles clenched, and his head seemed unable to rest in the crook of his elbow even though he repeatedly buried it there. “I’m sorry, Andy!”

“Don’t you sorry me yet, little boy,” she said grimly, snapping the brush down relentlessly. Already his bottom was beginning to swell and bruise under the impact, but she had no plans to stop spanking him yet. “You got yourself into quite a mess tonight. I’m happy to drop everything and come to you whenever you need me, but this was completely avoidable.”

“I’m sorry! I forgot!” he wailed pitifully, but it only encouraged Andrea to bring the brush down harder as she continued to scold him.

“You didn’t just forget, Sean. You chose, over and over again, not to do basic maintenance on your car. That isn’t forgetfulness. That is neglect.”

Shame erupted in Sean’s belly as the truth of this statement hit him, radiating off of his face as he blushed. His feet kicked at the ground, and he wondered if she was ever going to stop spanking him. “I’m sorry,” he cried out again. “It will never happen again! I swear!”

“I know it won’t,” his girlfriend said grimly. “I want to feel satisfied that you understand this as well as I do.”

Her grip around him tightened as she brought her other arm up higher, putting even more force into her swing as she paddled the roundest curve of his bottom. He cried out, his body tensing against her hold although he wasn’t exactly fighting her, until finally, abruptly, she stopped.

Before his bottom could settle into a post-spanking throb, she said. “I’m not through with you. Stand up and bend over the bed.”

Sean pulled in a deep, apprehensive breath as he stood, reaching back gingerly to touch his bottom in the few seconds between positions. He kept his eyes down, too nervous to make eye contact, and then flung himself back on the bed as soon as Andrea had vacated her spot. He wasn’t surprised to hear the rustle of her belt being pulled through the loops a second later, followed by the clank of the buckle as she doubled the implement over in her hand and adjusted her grip.

“Keep your hands out of the way,” she said, a command that was unnecessary but still made her boyfriend blush deeply. Then she brought the strip of leather down with searing accuracy, and Sean cried out again with the new impact. She paid him no mind, instead concentrating on recovering all of her hard work and then some. While she’d kept the brush to his bottom, she let her belt slice across the tops of his thighs and paid special attention to his sit-spots. Lick after lick reinforced her message, accompanied by a last bit of lecture. “Was it worth it, Sean? All this, instead of taking an afternoon and just getting your oil changed like a good boy?”

“No ma’am! I should have just done it when you told me to. Before you told me too!!”

She nodded with satisfaction at his answer, though he couldn’t see it and it didn’t affect the swing of the belt. “I do not expect this to happen again, Sean. Ever. Is that clear?” she said as she landed several particularly ferocious stripes across the tops of his thighs.

“It’s clear! It’s clear! It won’t!” he cried out desperately, fists clenched beneath him as he forced himself to be still.

“Good,” she said, letting the last lick land and then dropping the buckle end of the belt and taking a step back away from the bed. She scanned her handiwork as she slipped the end back through the loops of her own jeans and found herself confident that he wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for several days. “Get back to your corner.”

“Yes Andy,” Sean replied, scrambling to obey. This time he spared no thought to discretion, his dignity having been stripped from him many times over, and he refrained, too, from touching his newly sore bottom. He reached the wall quickly, folded his hands submissively, and pushed his nose against the walls’ meeting.

Andrea smiled, pleased, and finished buckling her belt. Later, she would rub lotion on his bottom and play with his hair, forgiving him completely and moving on from this debacle. For now she was content to let him stand there, bottom brilliant with his punishment, mind rattling with the lesson learned, until she felt ready to call him out again.

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