Pocket Change

Caroline pursed her lips as she uncrumpled a twenty she had just rescued from the dryer. This was the fifth bill she’d found as she did their household laundry at the neighborhood laundromat. Usually she and Sadie washed clothes at home, but their washer had run its last load a few days before and they couldn’t get a new one until the next weekend, so here she was while Sadie was at the school where she worked. This money was not Caroline’s, though. The woman was fairly meticulous about emptying her pockets before anything went into the dirty clothes hamper, while her girlfriend was notorious for leaving cash and change in hers. Usually Caroline was content to gently chide her while leaving the money on Sadie’s bedroom dresser, but this time she felt her palm twitch a bit. She’d specifically asked her to be careful of the bad habit this week, knowing she would be using public machines and in a bit of a hurry to get things done and get home.

She added the bill to her wallet with the others, which she then slipped into her back pocket before continuing to unload and fold. Sadie would be home not long after Caroline, and they would have a discussion about carelessness.

~   ~   ~

Sadie was greeted by their dog Laurie, who always got his hellos in first at their house, before making her way to the kitchen to wrap her arms around her girlfriend. Caroline turned her head to kiss Sadie hello but then said sternly, “We need to talk, little girl.”

Sadie pulled back immediately, nose wrinkling, though she didn’t remove her hands from Caroline’s hips. “What did I do?”

Caroline raised her eyebrows at her partner before turning back to stir the sauce she was making for the chicken in the oven. “I found almost thirty dollars in the laundry today, after I reminded you more than once to make sure you didn’t send money through the wash.”

Sadie rolled her eyes as she reached around to grab a small square of potato from another pan Caroline was using, popping it into her mouth and then speaking around it as it cooled on her tongue. “Es noh a big a eal,” she said as she fanned her mouth and moved to get a glass of water.

“I plan to change your mind about that before dinner,” Caroline said, voice grim as she set a timer on the microwave and turned the burners she’d been using all to low or off.

“Wait!” Sadie said, having chewed and swallowed her potato and now realizing danger was more imminent than she’d realized. “You can’t spank me for that! I just forgot!”

Her girlfriend wiped her hands on a dishtowel, then tossed it on the counter and put her hands on her hips. “Of course I can, Sadie Michelle.”

~   ~   ~

Several minutes later, the women were in their bedroom, Sadie having changed out of her work clothes and now standing in the corner in her t-shirt and underwear. A pair of shorts lay on the bed, abandoned after Caroline had made it clear she wouldn’t want them anyway by the time they were through. Sadie shifted her weight from foot to foot, feeling incredibly misunderstood as she waited for her girlfriend to call her over.

When she was eventually summoned, her pouting grew only more pronounced as she turned to see Caroline sitting on the chest at the foot of their bed with one of their small wooden paddles beside her. Sadie’s nose wrinkled again with disdain– that thing stung like a swarm of bees and she had no interest in spending a single second with the wretched implement. “I do not think this is fair,” she said, her arms crossed as she begrudgingly made her way over to her girlfriend’s waiting knee.

“Your complaints have been heard and recorded,” Caroline said dryly. “Now get across my lap, please.”

With a frustrated groan, Sadie did as she was told. She was conscious of Laurie’s tail thumping against the hall floor just outside the door and wished he hadn’t been banned from the bedroom during spankings. She really wanted his snout to be in her face now, distracting her from the feeling of Caroline sliding her underwear down her thighs and the cool air on her freshly bared skin. She supposed this was why he had been banned, but understanding did not promote appreciation for this particular rule.

“I know it may not seem important,” Caroline said above her as she wrapped one arm around the girl’s waist and scooted her forward a bit, “but any time I ask you to do something, it becomes important.” She began patting Sadie’s bottom as she spoke, slowly increasing the force behind the swats as she lectured, watching the color start to rise and Sadie’s legs start to twitch. “First of all, you can keep better track of your cash. I know you like to have it on hand, but we are going to fix this habit of stuffing change into your pockets instead of putting it back in your purse.”

“Ow, Carrie, I just don’t think about it!” Sadie whined, her hand grabbing at her girlfriend’s ankle.

“Yes, this much I understand,” Caroline said, concentrating for a moment on the girl’s sit-spots. “You’ll have a sore bottom to help you think about it, and more in your future if I don’t see some improvement quickly.”

Sadie let out a noise of extreme discontentment, something between a growl and a groan, which encouraged Caroline to pause and pick up the paddle she’d chosen. The handle fit snugly into her palm, and she was satisfied with the loud pop it made upon impact and the squeal it drew from the naughty girl across her lap.

“I’ll be more careful!” Sadie said as she kicked her feet under the paddle’s attention. She still didn’t think it was a big deal, but if it meant avoiding the paddle– yes, this is the point, whispered a voice in her head– she would check her pockets ten times a day.

“Glad to hear it,” Caroline said, still painting the girl’s bottom with the wooden implement. She spanked her until she was evenly pink from the top of her bottom to the tops of her thighs. “I collected twenty-eight dollars today, so I think a dollar a swat seems like a fair price to pay before we end this spanking.”

“Okay!” Sadie said, still struggling; Caroline hadn’t paused the current onslaught even as she promised more to come. There was an uptick in pace and an increase in impact and Sadie scrambled uselessly for a moment before yelling, “Sorry, yes ma’am, yes ma’am!”

“Better,” her girlfriend said above her before finally stilling the paddle, at least momentarily, as she hoisted the girl up a bit with the bend of one knee. “Let’s finish up.”

There was little pause between her final declaration and the first of the twenty-eight swats landing. Each was solidly delivered, landing with a loud smack, flattening the girl’s round bottom for a brief second on impact and calling forth small desperate sounds from her lips. Caroline found herself unsympathetic and made sure the last swat was just as firm as the first. When Sadie was finally pulled up to sit in her partner’s lap, she buried her face immediately in the crook of Caroline’s neck and shoulder, hiding beneath the other woman’s hair and hoping desperately she wouldn’t have another round of corner time before her punishment was over.

She began to relax after a moment, felt Caroline laugh a little as she read the girl’s body language and smiled to herself a bit impishly. “I should put you in the corner– and I will if I have to spank you for this again– but no, not today. You need to let Laurie in before he knocks down the door.”

He was scratching and whining, tail still thumping occasionally, and Sadie was happy to hop up and let him in. Caroline couldn’t resist giving her a final swat on her swollen and sore bottom as she bent to retrieve her underwear, causing Sadie to hop and scowl on her way to the door. Then she was all smiles and their rambunctious lab bounded into the room, running in small tight circles between the two women and demanding to be let in on all the fun. 

Caroline laughed, feeling more at ease now that trouble was taken care of, and shepherded them both down the stairs for dinner.

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