Siri, Remind Me to Spank Sadie

“Sadie!” Caroline called from the bottom of the stairs, “Come down here please.”

She turned to walk back to the kitchen, not waiting for a response as she removed her apron en route and then hung it inside the pantry door. She rinsed her hands in the sink, dried them by the oven, and then opened the utensil drawer to retrieve a favorite wooden spoon at the same moment her girlfriend showed up in the open entrance way. “What’s up?” she said peppily, followed immediately with, “No!”

“I’m afraid so,” Caroline said regretfully, turning to face the other woman and placing her hands on her hips, wooden spoon still firmly grasped in her right hand. “As promised.”

“As promised when? And by whom??” Sadie said indignantly, mirroring her partner’s body language. “I haven’t done anything!”

“By me, last year,” Caroline replied, now letting the corners of her mouth tug upward in amusement. She was being purposefully coy, though the spanking she intended to give Sadie in a few minutes would be very real. Still, she enjoyed watching her girl flitter through her many emotions as she understood what was about to happen. “After you had the mother of all temper-tantrums about fifteen minutes after our last guest left.”

Sadie’s mouth dropped open and her hands betrayed her by fleeing to her backside, preemptively ready to protect it as the memory of Thanksgiving the year before arose. “How do you even remember that? And I’ve been so good so far! And what about the statute of limitations?” she sputtered.

“Statutes don’t apply to preventative measures,” Caroline answered, then amended, “Or at all. And you have been very good, and we’re going to make sure we keep it that way. And I remembered because I set a reminder in my phone.”

“Are you kiiiiiiidding me,” Sadie said, throwing her head back and beseeching the ceiling. “You set an alarm a year ago?”

“I sure did,” Caroline said, now walking toward her girlfriend and holding out her hand.

“Carrie,” Sadie said, mouth folding into a pout as she turned big pitiful eyes on her partner. “I’m not going to get overwhelmed this year. I’m only excited. Not anxious.”

“Mhmm,” Caroline said indulgently, both of them understanding that this wasn’t true at all, “I’m glad you are feeling so good about everything. It is going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are a fabulous host. And if you forget that for even a moment, you will have a tender bottom to sit on and it can remind you.”

“I don’t need a spanking to remember,” her girlfriend answered pitifully, though she slipped her hand into Caroline’s and let herself be led to an armless dining chair that was already out and waiting.

“Well just in case,” Caroline said, taking a seat and then tugging Sadie across her lap. The other woman’s hands flew up to cover her face, mortified to realize that her partner was right about everything. It didn’t make it any less agonzing when she felt her underwear and leggings being tugged down just below the curve of her bottom, and she still kicked her feet aimlessly when Carrie’s hand came to rest on her bare skin.

“None of that,” Caroline said firmly, resting her other arm across the small of Sadie’s back and letting her wrist and palm curl upward so that she encircled her girlfriend’s pretty waiting bottom. She brought her hand up and back down, admiring the handprint she left for only an instant before covering it with a second, then a third. She began to speak as she spanked. 

“Here are some things I want you to keep in mind tomorrow, Sadie Michelle. For one, we are hosting because we want to, not because we have to. No one is grading our performance.” Her girlfriend groaned and gripped different rungs and chair legs from moment to moment as she lay helplessly hozitonal, the pain building alongside her embarrassment. “And for another, we are all most excited to be together. No one is expecting perfect.”

Sadie kicked her feet again, chagrined further, and said, “I know, I know, I promise!”

Caroline smiled, filled with affection for her girlfriend even as she brought her hand down a little bit harder. “And lastly, remember how lucky we are that we get perfection anyway. You do a wonderful job making sure everyone feels at home and I’m grateful I get to host beside you.”

Caroline!” Sadie yelled, her hands covering her ears, the kind words harder to hear than the scolding. Without the added support of her arms, her torso fell forward, and Caroline took the opportunity to trap her girlfriend’s legs between her own before reaching for the wooden spoon from the table. “Caroline,” Sadie repeated, voice rising to a shriek as she felt the implement tap against her bottom.

Caroline tightened her grip, anchoring the wriggling girl more firmly to her, and lifted the spoon. The resulting splat was followed by a gasp from the girl over her knee, then yips and yells through the dozens of swats that followed. Caroline concentrated much of her attention on the same two spots, making good on her promise to leave Sadie sore well through Thanksgiving dinner.

When the girl was finally allowed up, she hopped in place for several seconds and rubbed her bottom, soft ow ow ows falling from her lips. Then she stumbled over her tangled leggings and drawers and back into Caroline’s lap– right side up this time.

“You were very good for that, all things considered,” Caroline told her as she rubbed the girl’s back.

“You did a pretty good job, too,” Sadie said with a small sniffle, her tone completely serious but her eyes twinkling with an ever-present hint of mischief. 

It worked, and Caroline laughed and kissed the girl on her nose. “You’re as funny as you are cute. What were you getting up to up there?” she asked, referring to whatever Sadie had been doing before she’d been called.

Her partner wrinkled her nose, a hint of bashfulness returning. “I was working on the seating chart.”

Caroline raised her eyebrows in genuine surprise. “Weren’t you doing that an hour ago?”

“I got caught in a loop,” Sadie said with a shrug, and Caroline gave her a squeeze.

“I guess it was the perfect time for a spanking,” she said with a smile.

Sadie couldn’t quite bring herself to agree, but she couldn’t argue either. She settled for nuzzling under her girlfriend’s hair and returning her squeeze.

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