So I have several story lines with recurring characters and some sort of timeline, and I don’t like to rehash the varying relationships and dynamics with each story, sooooo if you are interested, here’s a rundown (to be better organized if/when my thoughts become better organized).

  • Statistically Speaking
    This is the story that introduces Danny and Emma.  He is a professor, and she is a student working toward her doctorate in psychiatry.  They met in this story and have since moved in together.  Danny has a younger brother named Ben, who is introduced in What Not to Say (in front of Danny).  He lives with his boyfriend, Oliver, who was introduced in With Big Brother’s Approval.  Ben is in school for nursing and Oliver recently graduated and works at a tech start-up.  Danny is a one of those delightfully fictional alpha types who always seems to know exactly what needs to happen.  I hesitate to write those characters usually but hey, that’s what fiction is for, right?
  • Coralline’s Kingdom
    A fantasy story land full of castles and ogres and of course, spanking.  It’s a small kingdom, which is good because Queen Coralline has a very hands-on approach to caring for her subjects.  New characters will be added as they demand my attention, but for now we know of Lou (a solider) and Beth (her jester).  Coralline is another fun fantasy alpha top with boundless confidence and a very firm hand.
  • Grunt Work
    This is the story that introduces Lisa and Jade.  Lisa is a high school teacher, and Jade is one of her former students with whom she shares a bond.  They reconnected after years of not speaking, and now Jade lives with her friend and mentor while she works as a mechanic and goes to school.  Lisa’s best friend is Jessie, a social worker, who lives with her sister Candace and Candace’s best friend Harper.  They have their own intro story that is independent of Lisa and Jade, but they crossover later.  Jade’s best friend is a boy named Cody, just appeared and who may or may not be making more appearances.  I would like to find a way to blend these characters with those under Danny’s umbrella, but I haven’t figured out how yet.  I assume they will let me know when they all want to meet.