A Weekend Away (Part Two)


This is part two of a birthday story for a friend!  Part one can be found here.

“Caitlyn,” he said, his voice now very stern, “I want an explanation.”

Corrine had a moment of sympathy for the young woman as she watched her fidget.  Not because Caitlyn was about to be spanked again- that Cory had no problem with and was rather looking forward to watching.  No, she knew that Caitlyn wasn’t sure whether Robert wanted her to turn around or talk into the corner, and so instead of doing either, she froze like a scared rabbit.

Robert did not share Corrine’s sympathies.  After a moment’s hesitation, he walked over and pulled Caitlyn back from the corner, putting an arm around her waist and lifting her up so that her toes barely touched the floor.  Her hands came up abruptly as she tried to steady herself against the walls of her freshly vacated corner, and then there was nothing but the sound of Robert’s hand landing hard and fast on her already bared bottom, disrupted only by Caitlyn breathless cries of “Daddy” and “please” and “I’ll explain!”

Corrine noted with some satisfaction that Shelby was squirming in her corner, but making no move to turn and watch.  She smiled, then watched as Robert returned Caitlyn to her feet, turning her to face him.  Caitlyn pouted at the floor, and her daddy reached over gently to tip her chin up to look at him.  She began to explain, reluctantly.  “Well… Corrine was working.  And we were watching TV.”  She bit her lip pitifully, glancing at Cory as if hoping she would take over the narrative.  Corrine merely raised her eyebrows, and Robert shifted his stance slightly, indicating that he didn’t plan to wait much longer for her to get the words out.  Caitlyn said finally, “We were just playing, Daddy.  With some markers that were in the coffee table.  And we got… a little carried away.”

Robert began to pace with his hand on his chin.  “This is usually the part where I would say ‘I see,’ but I don’t understand at all, little girl.  What do you mean, carried away?”

Unable to stand it any more, Shelby blurted into her corner, “We marked all over each other and Corrine made us wash it off in the kitchen.  Sir.” Robert glanced at Corrine, and an unspoken agreement was made as they shared surprise at the little girl’s outburst. Corrine hoped her look conveyed what she felt- If you don’t, I will!

Seconds later, he was spanking Shelby much as he had spanked his own little girl, scolding as he did so.  “I did not ask for your input, young lady.  I know how much you and Caitlyn care for each other, but that is not an excuse to answer questions I did not ask you.  I love how loyal you are to each other, but I don’t think Corrine tolerates that behavior from you, and neither will I.”  He finished the hand spanking, turning her around. Caitlyn glanced in Shelby’s direction, biting her lip nervously, while Shelby’s eyes flew to Corrine’s, even though she knew her Top would not be pleased, either.

Robert moved to the middle of the room, and pointed in front of him.  “Young ladies, I want you both right here.”  Once more, two naughty girls were forced to shuffle across the living room, their faces almost as red as their bottoms.  “As cute as you both are, I do not like to come home to find that you have been misbehaving.  I see Corrine gave you both nice red bottoms, which is the only reason I am not going to get my hairbrush right now.  But Caitlyn knows that when she misbehaves, she gets a whipping on her bare bottom with Daddy’s belt.  Every time.” Caitlyn let out an audible whine, and Shelby tugged on the edge of her dress, embarrassed to be scolded like naughty school girls.

Robert took a step back, unbuckling his belt and pulling it was a satisfying swish from the loops of his jeans.  “You are both very good girls,” he said as he folded it over, “and that is why you are going to get your bare bottoms spanked today until you are both very wiggly little girls, too.  I know you both know how to make good decisions. You are good friends to each other, and Corrine and I are so happy that you found each other.  But there are appropriate ways to behave, and coloring on each other not one of them.”

“Yes, Daddy,” and “yes, sir,” came two little voices, much more subdued than they had been earlier when they had said the same things.  In a matter of minutes, they were both bent over the coffee table, panties around their ankles and hands on the flat wooden surface. Corrine still sat on the arm of the couch, her expression stern as she watched.  The first crack of the belt rang loudly as he began spanking Caitlyn, and more followed as he settled into a steady rhythm.  “Ow, ow, owie, ow” came her soft voice, and the corner of Corrine’s mouth tugged upward when she saw Shelby reach for her friend’s hand.  Before too long, Robert had shifted his focus to the other bare pink bottom, and it was Shelby squeezing Caitlyn’s hand for whatever comfort she could get as the leather met her already sore backside again and again.

He paused and paced behind them, noting two pairs of feet shifting their weight back and forth.  “I am very proud of how you handle yourselves usually.  I love to see how you take care of each other, and to hear you laugh when you are being silly together.  But you know better than to draw all over each other.  That is unacceptable.  And that is why I have to use my belt to make sure that this does not happen again.  We are going to have a nice weekend, with no more marker fights.”

He began to swing his belt again, spanking Caitlyn as he scolded.  “You know better, don’t you little girl?”  “Yes, Daddy, yes Daddy, yes Daddy!” she wailed in response, wiggling her bottom as much as she could without taking her feet off the ground.  When he was satisfied, he turned his attention to Shelby, asking her also as he spanked “Do you know better than this, little girl?”  “Yes sir!” she answered promptly, sucking in her breath sharply and shutting her eyes tightly.  When he was finished, he reached down and tugged her underwear up, then pulled her into a hug.  “I am very glad that you are friends with my little girl.  I take that very seriously.  She is so important to me, and I am glad she has you in her life.” Shelby nodded into his chest, then made her way to the couch to sit by the arm where Corrine was perched.  She snuggled against her Top’s legs, taking comfort in the hands that immediately began stroking her hair.

Robert also walked around the coffee table, setting his belt down and squatting to look Caitlyn in the face; she had been waiting patiently for her hug, but he wasn’t quite finished with her yet.  “I love you very much, little girl.  And I wish we were finished with this spanking.  But Daddy has rules that he expects you to follow.” Caitlyn’s eyes were wide, full of confusion and apprehension.  “How do I expect you to stand in the corner, young lady?”

Comprehension and dread fell on Caitlyn’s face.  “Oooohhh, Daddy no!” Robert stood and walked back around the table, his arms encircling her waist again as he said “I asked you a question.”  He didn’t wait for her to respond before he began to bring his hand down on her sore bottom, harder than he had before and just as fast.  “Daddy ow, Daddy ow!  Bare bottomed, bare bottomed!” she finally squeaked out.  He continued spanking her for another minute, while Shelby buried her face in Corrine’s lap to avoid watching.

When he was finished, he pulled her up into a hug, rubbing her back and talking gently to her, re-assuring her that he was still the proudest Daddy in the world, and more than happy to correct her when she needed it.  When she had calmed down, he allowed her to fix her underwear and skirt before glancing pointedly at Corrine. Caitlyn flushed and walked over to the couch, hands clasped in front of her as she said “I’m sorry for misbehaving while Daddy was away.” Corrine opened her arms and pulled Caitlyn into a hug, one arm around each girl for a moment before letting Caitlyn return to her Daddy’s arms.

A moment later, the quiet was interrupted by a loud rumble, one which came from Corrine’s stomach and made Shelby jump. Corrine laughed easily and said, “Anyone else hungry?  We forgot to make our own dinner plans while Daddy was away,” she said, winking at Caitlyn.  As if on cue, there was a knock at the door.  “Good thing I ordered a pizza during time-out earlier.”

Robert smiled and moved to greet the delivery person while Shelby and Caitlyn both looked at Corrine, mortified.

“What if they had gotten here early?!??”

A Weekend Away (Part One)


This is part one of a story written for a dear friend’s birthday. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Enjoy!

Corrine glanced at Caitlyn and Shelby, who giggled as they watched television together. Corrine herself was on her laptop, finishing up some end of the month bills.  They were all enjoying a weekend together in the mountains, along with Caitlyn’s daddy, Robert. He had stepped out a few minutes ago, headed to dinner with a high school friend who happened to live in this part of the country. He’d said goodbye to Corrine, then to the girls, planting a kiss on the top of Caitlyn’s head and exiting with a final glance in their direction and the word “behave.”  “Yes, Daddy,”and “yes, sir” came two sweet answers as he shut the door, making Corrine smile.

The giggling subsided, but Corrine noticed Shelby seemed to be keeping an eye on her.  That was never good. Corrine hoped that for Shelby’s sake, she waited until Corrine was finished with her work before she started any mischief.  The Top hated having to pause in the middle of a task, and would make that very clear if necessary.  Both young ladies were already sitting on pink bottoms, but those were from warm and friendly spankings, greetings from their respective people for the weekend.

It appeared to be her lucky day, though. Corrine refocused her attention on the computer, and was soon so into her task that she stopped paying attention to the rest of the living room.  So when she did finish and look up, the sight before her came as a bit of a shock. Shelby and Caitlyn both had colorful marks all over their arms and legs, and markers clutched in their hands, held aloft like weapons. Corrine realized now that the occasional noises she’d heard from the couch were the attempted silencing of shrieks at each other, and not reactions to the movie. Shelby noticed her Top looking in their direction first, and her expression changed immediately.  Caitlyn saw her friend’s face and glanced backward, making eye contact with Corrine. She “eeped” and dropped the fat purple marker in her hand onto the floor.  “We were just playing,” offered Shelby, but she could see that Corrine was not amused.

“Kitchen, now.  You better hope that marker all comes off.”  Both young women rose at Corrine’s command and walked slowly into the kitchen, where Corrine handed them washcloths and watched as they scrubbed at the short lines and swiftly placed dots that decorated every bit of exposed skin. Shelby even sported a mark on her chin, while Caitlyn had several green lines on her knees.  As they washed, Corrine began to scold them. “You were asked to get along for an hour so I could work in peace, and all the while you two were getting up to this nonsense right under my nose?  This is not how we treat our friends. This is how children with their first pack of markers behave.  And I thought I had two well behaved-young ladies on my hands.”  She handed them both dry towels as they finished up.

“Eyes up here,” Corrine demanded, and two pairs of guilty eyes tore themselves from the floor to look at her face.  “What happens when we behave like naughty girls in this house?”

Simultaneously, Caitlyn whispered “No!” as Shelby said “But Cory…” The Top merely put her hands on her hips and looked from one young woman to the other.  “I’m waiting. Shelby? What happens?” Shelby’s face fell into a spectacular pout as she finally blurted out, “They get spanked.”

“And how do they get spanked, Caitlyn?”

Caitlyn couldn’t keep her eyes up as she reluctantly answered, “On their bare bottoms.  But Cory-”

“Absolutely not. No excuses. Both of you march your little heinies back into the living room. Caitlyn, you find yourself a corner. Shelby, beside the couch.  Scoot.”

Both young women did as they were told. Corrine made herself comfortable on the couch, taking her time as Shelby fidgeted nervously beside her, up until the moment she was tugged down across her Top’s lap.  As Corrine adjusted the girl’s skirt, she looked over to the little one in the corner.  “Is that how Daddy expects corner time, Caitlyn?” She said sharply.

Caitlyn bent her knees a little in embarrassment as she whined quietly, “but Daddy’s not here.”

Caitlyn heard the distinct click of a phone camera, a useless vestige from a pre-digital world that told her everything she needed to know about what was going on behind her.  “Wait no, I’ll fix it!” she said, scrambling to lift her skirt.  She heard Corrine talking as she typed, “Dear Robert, something seems to be wrong with this picture.  I just can’t seem to pinpoint it.”

A moment later, the ding of a response echoed in the room and Corrine read aloud, “Well that’s funny. Daddy says that you should have your ‘skirt up,’ and since you must be feeling stubborn, your ‘panties down.'”  Both Shelby and Caitlyn groaned, and Caitlyn’s did as she was told this time, slipping her lacy underwear down to rest on her ankles and rearranging her hands behind her back.  “Much better,” Corrine said before turning her attention to the little girl across her lap.  “Now, time to give you the spanking you are so clearly in need of.  “But I’m not!” Shelby protested, but then Corrine’s hand was falling on her panty-clad bottom and she didn’t have the words to protest any more for several minutes.  In no time at all, Shelby found her feet kicking a little and she was having trouble keeping her bottom from clenching up. Corrine stopped spanking, but only long enough to pulled the girl’s underwear down below her knees, shifting the young woman on her lap, not allowing her to help on her own.  When her hand found the bare skin of Shelby’s bottom, the girl really began to wiggle, but Corrine was just getting started.  Her hand was nothing to scoff at, and she was using it to cover every inch of the young woman’s bottom.  She eyed Caitlyn occasionally, watch the girl in the corner’s bottom jump ever so slightly when a swat landed particularly well, twitching in nervous anticipation.

When Corrine was satisfied that Shelby’s stay in the corner would be a very uncomfortable one, she stopped spanking and rubbed the girl’s bottom as she finished up her lecture from earlier.  “This is a nice trip, little girl.  I do not expect you to do any more ‘art’ on any more people.  Is that understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” came the swift reply.

“And I certainly do not expect you to continue instigating for the rest of this weekend.  Is that understood?”

“But how do you know…”

Her rebuttal was cut off as Corrine quickly and without warning began spanking again, just as hard and fast as she left off.  “Are you telling me that you didn’t start it?” she asked.

“No! I did, but-”

“Then do not waste my time with silly questions like that, little girl.”  She began spanking even harder, which Shelby hadn’t realized was possible.  “Now back to my original question.  You will not be causing more trouble on this trip.  Are we clear?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Good,” Corrine said with a final swat.  “Then you need to walk your little tush over to the corner and trade places with your friend.” Shelby stood, letting her dress fall down and looking at Corrine pleadingly for permission to pull her underwear up.  She received an unsympathetic look back, and turned with a frown to take Caitlyn’s place in the corner.  “Pull down your skirt and make your way, Caitlyn.”  The two girls glanced at each other pitifully, both waddling in different directions with their undies inhibiting their steps.  When Caitlyn reached Corrine’s side, she hesitated and glanced at the front door of the house.  “Cory…” she said nervously, wringing her hands together.  “Yes?” said the Top with a raise of her eyebrows.  “Daddy…” Caitlyn began again, but again she couldn’t finished. Corrine had a fair idea of what was bothering her, though.

“What, Caitlyn?  Are you worried about Daddy’s rules?  Are you worried that you’ll receive another spanking when he gets home?  Because I bet you’re absolutely right.  If you are spanked when he’s away, you’ll be spanked again when he’s home.  If you are looking for sympathy, you are looking in the wrong place.”  And with that she held out her hand expectantly.  With a quiet whimper, Caitlyn took the proffered hand and allowed herself to be pulled over Corrine’s lap, and soon her skirt was back up and she was receiving a spanking very similar to the one Shelby had received moments ago, except Caitlyn’s spanking started on her bare bottom. Corrine’s left arm was wrapped securely around Caitlyn’s waist, and she didn’t stop or even slow down when the woman began to wiggle and apologize a few minutes into the spanking.  Her bottom soon shifted with every swat, but again, Corrine continued until every inch of the naughty girl’s bottom was a deep red.

As she finished up, the questions began.  “Am I going to have to deal with this sort of naughtiness every time your daddy steps out of the room, young lady?”

“No ma’am!”

“I should hope not.  You are not going to let yourself be dragged along into any more shenanigans this weekend, little girl.  Not if you want to sit comfortably again this trip.  Is that clear?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Good.”  And with that, Corrine slowed down the spanking and stopped, pulling the young lady’s skirt back into position and helping her up.  She gave her a hug, then led her to a vacant corner.  This time, Corrine was the one to adjust Caitlyn’s skirt and underwear, making sure her red bottom was perfectly on display.  Once she was satisfied, she moved over to Shelby, adjusting her dress and underwear as well, more to make a point than to actually fix any issue.  She rubbed the girl’s shoulders briefly, offering just a moment of comfort before moving back to the couch to admire the view of two very pretty spanked ladies.

The girls were just starting to fidget ten minutes later, when they heard the jingle of keys in the door.  Caitlyn whimpered again, and Shelby’s bottom clenched.  She had a feeling that if Caitlyn was in double jeopardy, so was she.  The girls always seemed to find trouble together, and she knew that tonight was no exception.  If she was honest with herself, she knew she deserved it, too.  She had been the first to write on Caitlyn, even if her friend had barely hesitated to join in the game.

A smiled played on Corrine’s lips as she noticed how still both girls became as Robert walked in the door.  “Well, looks like you’ve done some redecorating,” he said to Corrine as he walked into the living room, hands finding their way to his hips. Corrine stood and then leaned against the arm of the couch.  “Turns out,” she said, “that I had a few extra naughty girls on my hands.  I’ve always thought naughty girls looked best placed in the corners of a room.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”  The young women in the corners couldn’t see it, but Robert’s body language changed as he stopped the banter with Cory and turned around.  “Caitlyn,” he said, his voice now very stern, “I want an explanation.”

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Helmets Not Optional


Lisa dropped her purse on the counter and headed to the fridge, while Jessie made herself comfortable at the kitchen island. “I wish a water main break would shut down our offices,” she said as she watched Lisa put together a couple of gin and tonics. It was fast approaching fall, but it was still hot in the early afternoon hours. Lisa had called when she’d found out she’d be working a half day, and Jessie, who only worked until noon on Fridays, immediately agreed to meet at Jessie’s house for an afternoon of porch sitting.

Lisa smiled, handing her friend an icy drink and heading outside. “The kids always think they are the most excited, but I swear someone popped a bottle of champagne in the teacher’s lounge. It’s amazing what a few unexpected hours of freedom will do for one’s mood.” Jessie had followed, and now the women made themselves comfortable in the two big rocking chairs that dominated the front porch.

There was a cool breeze to temper the afternoon sun, and they were content after a few minutes to sit in silence with each other, sipping their drinks and listening to the birds chattering. It was the kind of peace that didn’t need commenting on, until-

“What the hell was that?” Jessie asked, opening her momentarily closed eyes at the sudden deafening noise of an engine, one which was already fading again. Lisa looked irate, as she gestured at the road. “Some jackass on a motorcycle who doesn’t understand that this is a neighborhood, not a highway.”

They both grumbled a moment, but it wasn’t enough to spoil their peace. When the rumble grew close again, though, they both perked up much earlier, two sets of eyes peering down the street at the rapidly approaching bike. When it blew by this time, both women sat frozen, Lisa with her glass halfway to her mouth, which hung open. Jessie’s lips formed a hard line and her eyes looked like they might bulge out of their sockets. Lisa found her voice and said with obvious disbelief, “Was that…?”

“Yes,” came Lisa’s terse response. She stood, hands on her hips, still glowering at the now empty road. “And without helmets. I’m gonna kill her.”

Lisa knew the her to which Jessie referred was Harper, whose dark locks had been unmistakeable on the back of the motorcycle. Lisa stood now, too, thinking a similar threat about the short haired woman who had been driving. She felt her position mirror that of her friend’s, and it was a very different silence now as they waited for the bike to make its third pass.

When it did, there was no mistaking that the two joyriders had spotted the women on the porch. The red of two small brake lights appeared immediately, though they were much too far past the house to stop.  They watched the bike slow and take an early right turn, making its way around the block. It took several minutes. Jessie was sure there had been a fierce discussion about whether to come back at all, and was glad this time for the putter of the engine as it neared the house once again.  They hadn’t even stopped before Jessie was off the porch, marching furiously toward the bike and its nervous riders.

Harper took in the look on Jessie’s face moments before she reached them, and immediately panicked, scrambling backwards off her seat as she yelled “Jessie don’t!”

It was too late. Jessie easily moved around the bike and the moment Harper’s sneakers hit the pavement, she was bent forcibly back over the leather seat, and Jessie’s hand was coming down hard and fast on the seat of her jeans.  Jade felt the color drain out of her face as she automatically held her stance, keeping the bike steady. It felt like a betrayal to her hapless friend, but she didn’t know was else to do. Her heart was pounding as she tried to tune out the very public spanking that was happening inches behind her. She risked a glance toward the house and toward Lisa, half-terrified that it was about to be her turn over the motorcycle.  Lisa was still on the porch, but Jade didn’t have time to be thankful.  She felt the balance of weight shift again and she adjusted automatically, and then the sharp “off, now.”

The second the bike was steady, there was a sharp pain in her right ear, and she found herself being dragged across the lawn.  A small part of her brain registered a flustered sob from a few feet away, from poor Harper who was held captive by her left ear on Jessie’s other side. She was released at the porch steps, where Lisa looked especially intimidating as she towered above her.  She took a quick step away from Jessie, looking at the ground and rubbing her ear furiously. A quick glance upward revealed Harper’s flaming red face, freckles hidden in her furious blush.

“I am so sorry to be leaving in such a rush,” Jessie said, and Lisa shrugged and smiled humorlessly back at her. “Call me tomorrow?” Jessie nodded, shot a quick glare in Jade’s direction, and turn toward the driveway.  To Jade’s surprise, Harper didn’t glance back at all.  She moved in close to Jessie, who wrapped her arm around the mortified girl.  Jade found this surprising. She was mad at Jessie for embarassing her friend like that. But Harper didn’t seem angry.

“Natalie Jade,” came Lisa’s voice, and she was snapped out of her contemplation, “what do you have to say for yourself?”  Jade mumbled something unintelligible.  Lisa was not lowering her voice in the slightest, and while it may not be as bad as finding oneself bent over a motorcycle and spanked on the street, being lectured like a 15-year-old in the front yard came with its fair share of embarrassment. “Speak up,” Lisa prompted.

“I didn’t think you’d be home,” she said, digging the toe of her right sneaker into the grass at her feet, dislodging a late blooming  dandelion.

Apparently, this inadequate answer used the last of Lisa’s patience. She turned, gathered the glasses from earlier, and stormed into the house. Jade hesitated only a moment before scrambling up herself, half afraid that if she didn’t, she’d be dragged again by her ear. Once had been plenty.

As she closed the door, she heard Lisa’s voice from the kitchen, above the clutter of dishes being moved around in the sink. “Corner!”  Jade had never been sent to the corner before, but she didn’t ask for further explanation. She glanced toward her room, then of the living room, unsure which Jessie wanted. It was still fairly early, and the blinds were open in the living room.  Jade dashed toward her bedroom, shoving some dirty clothes out of a mostly empty corner and standing there, placing her hands awkwardly on her head, then crossing them, then finally settling with them neatly clasped behind her back.

When she heard Lisa enter the room close to 10 minutes later, she looked over automatically. Seeing the brush in her hand, Jade immediately turned, jamming her backside into the corner where she had been standing, hands out defensively as she said “you don’t need that!”

Lisa didn’t bother answering her. She went over to the bed and made herself comfortable, sitting by the pillows and leaning against the backboard, legs straight in front of her. “Get over here.”  Jade couldn’t help but glance at the bedroom door, but she did it she was told. As soon as she was in reach of the bed, Jesse reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her close enough that she could lean over and undo the button of Jade’s jeans.  She left them up, for now, and pulled Jade across her lap. She took a moment to make sure the girl was settled, and then began to spank her with her hand on the seat of her jeans.

“I should not have to tell you that a helmet is required when you are riding that thing! You are an adult woman, with a brain that works just fine.  So you better start using it!” Even through her jeans, Lisa’s hand was stingy, and she didn’t neglect Jade’s sit spots or the tops of her thighs.   She paused her lecture only to pick up the brush, which she began to apply with just as much vigor. “And what on earth were you doing joy riding around the neighborhood? There are plenty of country roads and more than enough highways around here for you to go play on.”

The use of the hairbrush had Jade wiggling a little now, but she managed to say “I didn’t want to take Harper on the highway!”   She would have said anything to pause the onslaught. She could handle the brush over denim, but her brain was in overdrive thinking about the next logical step in this spanking. She was terrified.

As if reading her thoughts, Lisa set the brush down and grabbed the waist of Jade’s pants, tugging them down well below her bottom. The younger woman wore black and red boy cut underwear, under which peeked a dark blush of pink.  “Oh,” said Jessie as she began spanking Jade again with her hand, “so now you’re concerned about Harper’s safety? I am not sure if that girl has ever been on a motorcycle, and she should know better herself, but it’s your machine and you were driving the thing. It is your responsibility to make sure that she is wearing a helmet, too.”

“I’m sorry!” Jade wailed. She wasn’t sure why she kept talking. Everything she said just got her in more trouble.  “Lisaaaa, nooo,” she whined minutes later as the other woman yanked Jade’s underwear down. Jade felt the cool  wood of the hairbrush against her hot bare skin and kicked her legs into the bed.  “No, no, no!” Lisa merely wrapped her free arm around the younger woman’s waist.  “My patience for temper-tantrums is low on a good day, little girl.  Take a guess at how much patience I have for you today?” And then the brush was falling, interrupting Jade’s groan of frustration.

Her feet began to kick again immediately, but not the big dramatic show from before.  Now her legs made small, desperate movements, which matched the small desperate noises she was making.  Lisa didn’t stop until Jade was out of breath and her bottom was swollen and red.  When Jessie was finished, it was usually abrupt.  This time was no exception.  “C’mere,” she said as she set the brush down.

Jade scrambled up, laying on her side and throwing her arms around her mentor and best friend, not caring that her pants and undies were still around her knees.  She clung to her as Lisa ran her fingers through her hair and occasionally planted kisses on the top of her head.  When Jade had calmed down, Lisa looked down and tipped the girl’s chin upward. “Never again.  Or you will sell that bike and I will spank you every day it’s on the market.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jade gulped. She buried her face again, and reached a hand down tentatively to rub her sore bottom. At least at this moment, she wasn’t sure she’d ever want to sit on a motorcycle again!

With Big Brother’s Approval


Ben couldn’t stay still.  He sat on the couch.  He stood up again.  He sat on the loveseat.  He stood up again.  He sat at the dining room table.  He almost stood up again.  He heard keys in the door.  He froze.

Oliver walked in, oblivious to his boyfriend’s severe case of jitters.  He walked over to kiss Ben on the cheek, then headed straight for the fridge.  “Hey, babe.  How was your day?” he said, pulling a bottle of water out and going to join Ben at the table.  He finally looked at his boyfriend’s face as he sat down, and immediately his own face reflected concern.  “Hey hey, what’s wrong?”

“I did something really dumb, Ollie.”  Oliver’s eyebrows knit together.  Ben only ever called him “Ollie” when he felt scared or guilty.  “What’d you do, honey?”

“I forgot about a big project.  Like, really big.  For microeconomics.  It counts for a lot.  I don’t know how I forgot.  It just slipped my mind.”

Oliver, at 24, had graduated not long ago.  He gave his 22 year old boyfriend an appraising look, then asked “Was it in your planner?”

Benjamin bit his lip, glancing up and back down. “No.”  Oliver rolled his eyes in frustration- this had been an ongoing point of contention- then said, “Okay, well did you talk to your professor after class?”

Again Ben could barely bring himself to glance upward before he replied with another quiet “no.”  Oliver sighed, then said “okay, well have you called Dan?  He’ll tell you what to do.  He can’t fix it, but he can tell you the best way to approach your professor.”

Ben’s usually tan complexion visibly paled.  “I cannot tell Danny.”

Oliver’s eyebrows shot up at that.  “Your brother is a professor.  You are absolutely going to call him and see what he has to say.”

“I can’t, Ollie!” Ben cried, looking up.  “He’ll murder me.”

Oliver rolled his eyes again.  “You’re being dramatic.”

“You don’t know him.  He’d probably show up here after a phone call like that.”  Ben’s lip was between his teeth again, and Oliver watched as the young man shifted uncomfortably in his chair.  He’d noticed this before, other times when Ben felt guilty, or even occasionally when he was actually on the phone with Danny, though Oliver could never hear what was being said on the other end of the line.  Oliver had never met Ben’s older brother, but he’d heard plenty about him and “met” him through video chat.  His curiosity made him push.

“Let’s say Dan does catch a red-eye.  Let’s say he shows up tomorrow morning.  Then what?”

Ben shifted again and stared at the floor.  “Just nothing.  Forget it.”

Oliver wasn’t dumb; he had his suspicions.  He reached over and tilted Ben’s face up, forcing him to make eye contact.  “I will not.  What would Danny do, Benjamin?”

A pout began to take over Ben’s expression as he pulled his face away, staring silently off toward the living room, refusing to speak.  Oliver moved his hands to his boyfriend’s knees, deciding to take Ben’s silence as affirmation and making the leap.  “I know what I would do if my little sister called me, young man.”

Ben crossed his arms over his chest, risking a quick look at his boyfriend’s face before glaring defiantly back away.  It wasn’t that he’d never heard a note of authority in Oliver’s voice before, but this wasn’t a note- it was the whole damn orchestra.  His stomach was in knots as Oliver continued.  “What I would do, and what I have done, is make sure she had a hard time sitting comfortably for the next evening or two.  I would give her a solid reminder about why we have rules- for instance, why I made you buy a planner- as well as a good incentive to pay attention to them next time.  And I think,” and he turned Ben’s face toward him again, “that your big brother would do the same for you.  Am I right?” he asked, not unkindly.

Ben left his face in Oliver’s hand but his eyes were downcast as he whined, “Ollie…”

“Am I right?” he asked, more firmly.

Ben took a deep breath and then nodded, turning his wide blue eyes up to meet Oliver’s dark black ones.  Oliver nodded his head slowly and thoughtfully, reminding Ben so much of his brother that he automatically rolled his eyes.  That was a mistake.  Oliver’s eyebrows shot up immediately and Ben could practically see him make a decision.  Too late, he tried to stop the clear path they were on.  “Ollie don’t!  I’ll call Danny!  I’ll ask him what to do!”

Oliver, in the meantime, stood and moved his chair a bit away from the dining room table.  “Oh you’ll call Dan, alright.  You’ll call him as soon as I’ve finished giving you your spanking.”  Ben cringed at the word, but Oliver seemed unfazed as he held out his hand, palm up.  His boyfriend looked up, desperation written all over his face, but Oliver kept his expression expectant and after a minute, Ben reached out and gave him his hand.  Oliver held him for a beat, making sure that the pride he felt at his boyfriend’s acceptance was written on his own face, then gently tugged him up.  He took a seat, and though Ben seemed ready to dive across his lap, he stopped him.  “I don’t think so, sweetheart,” he said, guiding the younger man by his hips until he was standing in front of the chair.  Oliver began to undo the button on his boyfriend’s shorts, and soon they were in a puddle on the floor, one which Ben compliantly stepped out of, his cheeks blazing with embarrassment but his actions resigned.

Seconds later, Ben was across Oliver’s lap, feeling his boyfriend readjust his position to his satisfaction.  Oliver smoothed the cloth of Ben’s blue checkered boxers, then wrapped an arm around his boyfriend’s lanky frame.  He rested his right hand on the boy’s backside, just for a moment, as he contemplated his next move.  This felt right.  He’d always had a dominant streak, and it was something that worked well in their relationship.  Spanking and discipline seemed the next logical addition, at least to him.  He knew Ben agreed, or he wouldn’t be here now.  Benjamin wasn’t weak-willed by any stretch of the imagination.  He wanted this, too.

No, the real question in Oliver’s mind was not whether this was okay, but how to go about it.  He thought briefly about Dan, wondering if he should do his best to imitate the disciplinary experiences Ben had had so far.  He just as quickly discarded the idea.  They would figure the details out later, but trying to imitate Danny would just be setting himself up for failure.  Oliver hadn’t been exaggerating when he’d mentioned his little sister… sisters, actually.  He had two, both younger, and while their parents were attentive and present in their lives, they had also allowed their children to get away with anything and everything.  Oliver had the fortune (though he wouldn’t have called it that at the time) of experiencing firm guidance at the hands of his grandparents, immigrants who were as strict as they were loving.  They had passed away before his sisters were old enough to remember them.

But he remembered their lessons well, and assuming responsibility for his little sisters’ discipline had come as naturally as… well… as naturally as having his boyfriend across his lap now.  As that realization landed, he let go of the last of his hesitations.  He lifted his right hand and brought it forcefully down on Ben’s boxer-clad backside.  He did so again.  He quickly found himself getting into the familiar rhythm of spanking, alternating cheeks and thoroughly warming up his boyfriend’s bottom before pausing to gently tug his underwear down below his knees.  He was pleased at Ben’s compliance, and paused to rub his back and freshly bared rear end.  A moment later, though, he hugged his boyfriend’s body close and resumed spanking him, this time accompanying his swats with a lecture.

“We have talked about writing everything down, Ben.  Everything.  You have a million things going on, and it would be ridiculous to expect you to remember every project and date.  But that is why we got you a planner.  That is why I got you a planner, actually.  Which I expect you to use.  Because mistakes like this?  They are 100% avoidable.  So I expect you to avoid them.  Is that clear?”

Ben had begun to grunt and wiggle, particularly when Oliver used harder swats to emphasize some of the points he was making.  “Yes sir!” he said, sucking in his breath, struggling to keep his hands out of the way.  Just as his left foot kicked out, the spanking stopped.  Ben felt Oliver’s hand run up and down his back, and wondered if it was over.  His breath came out in a low moan when a second later he heard “Stand up for a minute, little one.”  He blushed hard at the moniker, standing and immediately covering himself as he felt his underwear drop from their perch on his knees to the floor.

Oliver walked into the kitchen, shuffled briefly through one of the drawers, and returned with a thick wooden spoon which made Ben immediately begin chewing his lower lip again.  He didn’t argue, though.  As sore as his bottom already was, he knew he’d earned more than a hand spanking for this.  Oliver had gone out of his way to help keep him organized, and Benjamin had ignored his advice one too many times.  He lay quickly back across his boyfriend’s lap when asked to do so.  He felt the smooth wood resting on his hot backside and then the sharp sting of it coming down, immediately resuming the same rhythm that Oliver’s hand had been in.

Ben’s feet kicked and little yelps escaped from his mouth, though he tried to stay still.  Danny tended to use implements to drive a point home at the end of a spanking, using the wood to make sure a lesson stuck around for a day or two.  Oliver wasn’t putting all of his strength behind these swats but they were so stingy and so fast that Ben couldn’t think about anything except how much it hurt.

He was breathing heavily when the spanking finally stopped, and gratefully clambered onto his boyfriend’s lap when he felt himself being tugged up.  Danny offered him plenty of comfort after a spanking, but he found himself reacting differently in the arms of his boyfriend.  He clung to him, arms wrapped around his neck and face buried in his shoulder as Oliver held him tightly in their awkward spot on the dining room chair.  A few minutes later, Ben unwound himself and looked expectantly into his boyfriend’s face, waiting for his next command.  Oliver reached a hand behind Ben’s neck and pulled him forward, kissing him, then slid his hand down to pat the boy’s bottom gently.  “Time for you to make a phone call, cariño.”

Ben let his face fall into a pout, and Oliver couldn’t help but to let himself be delighted in it.  He found this side of Ben so charming and sweet that he almost regretted not having discovered it earlier.  He smiled, but made to stand, which forced his boyfriend up as well.  He watched the younger man pick up his boxers and slip them on, grinning even more broadly at the grimace on the poor boy’s face.  He went into the kitchen with the spoon, intending to wash it.  He cocked his head as he changed his mind, decided instead to place it in their bedroom.  He had a feeling this would not be the last time it would be repurposed.

After pulling his underwear up, Ben made his way into the living room, seeking the comfort of their big white couch.  He pulled a floral cushion onto his lap, then fiddled with his phone until he heard Oliver re-enter the living room.  He couldn’t help glancing up one last pleading time, but Oliver just raised his eyebrows expectantly.  Ben sighed and hit the video call button on his phone.  He tried not to look unhappy when his brother answered after just a few seconds, smiling from behind his office desk.  “Hey kiddo!  What’s up?  How are you?”

Ben smiled back; he couldn’t help it.  He loved his brother.  “I’m great!  Things are good.  Really good,” he said, before hearing the distinct sound of his boyfriend clearing his throat across the room.  He gulped and frowned, then said hesitantly, “well mostly good.”  He could see the concern wash over his brother’s face as Dan stopped shuffling papers and gave Ben his full attention.  “Hey, what’s going on?  Are you okay?”  Ben’s face went an even deeper shade of red as he stammered, “I’m fine.  Oliver’s fine.  I just… I have this little… not little… I have this thing at school…”

When he finally got through his explanation, his brother was eyeing him sternly.  He had to resist the urge to move his face away from the screen.  He could see Danny working himself up into full lecture mode, and he looked desperately over at Oliver, who looked back unsympathetically.  He didn’t want to be in trouble twice!  His boyfriend merely pointed at the phone in his hand.  Ben rolled his eyes, then remembered that he was face to face with Daniel, whose eyes looked ready to bulge out of his head. “No!  Danny no, I wasn’t rolling my eyes at you!!!” he nearly yelled.  “Oliver’s just…” and he groaned in frustration.  He made his eyes wide and tried to convey everything he wanted Dan to know in a look, but his big brother just stared back, waiting for an explanation.

Benjamin spared a quick glare in his boyfriend’s direction; Oliver was flat out grinning, amused by his boyfriend’s squirming.  Ben took a deep breath and then said quietly to the camera, “I already got in trouble.”

“You what?  At school?”

“Noooo… at home.  With Oliver.”  Ben didn’t know how he got the words out; he had never been so embarrassed in his life.  Danny scrutinized him a moment, then understanding dawned on his face.  “Ohhh, I see.  Oliver spanked you?” he asked, as if he were asking about a trip to the grocery store.  Benjamin nodded, then mumbled “yessir” when it became apparent that Dan wanted a verbal affirmation.  His brother nodded at this information, then said shortly, “good.”

From his spot in the love seat nearby, Oliver let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.  He was glad to hear the approval in Daniel’s voice.  He liked the man, a lot, and knew how much his boyfriend adored him.  He was also pleased to hear Dan move on immediately to advice and potential solutions to Oliver’s school issues.  No more scolding or fussing.  He felt very validated.  As the conversation wrapped up some thirty minutes later, the boys having moved on to other topics, Ben summoned him over with an open arm to say hello, having seemingly forgotten about any awkwardness from earlier.  Oliver hadn’t, though he tried his best to be nonchalant as he sat on the couch next to his boyfriend and smiled at Danny.

Daniel gave him an appraising look through, one so brief that he wouldn’t have caught it if he wasn’t looking.  Then a nod- Ben was right, the man nodded at everything- and a smile, and the conversation continued as normal.  Oliver relaxed into his boyfriend’s embrace, happy to be exactly where he was.

The Dent


Danny pulled into the driveway of the small split-level home he shared with his girlfriend, Emma.  Instead of shutting off the engine, though, he put the car into reverse and backed up slowly, until the rear of his car was almost in the road again.  He put the car in park.  He let his hands rest on the dash as he leaned forward.  He stared at the blue Pontiac by which he had been briefly parked.

The back driver side bumper had a soccer ball sized dent in it now, one which certainly hadn’t been there this morning when he’d left for work.  One which shouldn’t be there now, because a certain girlfriend of his was supposed to be grounded.

He slowly pulled back up, this time parking as usual and stepping out of his own car.  He walked casually back around, surveying the damage closely.  Cosmetic, he decided.  That was good.  His girl wasn’t hurt.  He figured as much.  He was certain he would have gotten a phone call.  Danny felt his face harden as he slipped his hands into his pockets and circled the blue car, checking for any other damage.  He should have gotten a phone call regardless.

Satisfied that he had gleaned all he could from the car, he grabbed his briefcase from the backseat of his own vehicle and headed toward the front door.  He set his briefcase and keys on the kitchen table, and walked back toward their bedroom, loosening his tie on the way.  His steps into the room were slow and deliberate.  He paused by the bed, turned, sat, and waited.

It took almost four minutes of silence before he heard a soft voice from underneath the bed.  “Are you mad at me?”

He wondered briefly how long she’d been there this time, feeling guilty as she listened for the jangle of his keys in the door.  Not too long, he hoped.  She hated to feel like he was upset with her.  Especially when she deserved it.  “I’m not mad at you, sweetheart.  But you better believe that I’m not happy.  Come out here and talk to me.”

“I can’t!” she said emphatically, and he heard her scoot farther back, away from the edge of the bed.  His mouth became a hard straight line, and he decided immediately that he would not be as patient with her nervousness as he usually was.  “One,” he said sternly, and he both heard and felt her scramble beneath him.

“Danny don’t!!!”

“Two,” he said, unaffected by her pitiful cry.  He watched as her hands appeared, flung outward to lay flat on floor as she pulled herself out from under the bed, sliding ungracefully across the wood.  “Three,” he said as she began to stand, and suddenly she was being hauled across his lap as she yelled “Danny wait!”  He kept her flailing hands at bay with his right hand as he began to spank her with his left, putting plenty of force behind it as swats landed one after another on her dark blue jean shorts.  “Danny, please!”

He stopped as abruptly as he’d started, pulling her up and sliding her over to stand directly in front of him.  Her hands went immediately to her backside, but he raised his eyebrows at her and she jerked them forward again as if her hot bottom had burned her fingertips.  She let her hands linger at her sides, clearly desperate to rub the sting away but smart enough not to.  She shifted her weight from foot to foot as she waited for him to speak.  He looked so serene that it was almost out of place, even in his professional clothing: his tie loose, his shirt collar unbuttoned, his posture relaxed as he leaned forward and rested his hands on his thighs.


Emma’s eyes welled with tears that she rapidly and unsuccessfully tried to blink away.  “I can’t,” she finally whispered.

Danny’s face looked briefly surprised, but his next words felt almost like a dare.  “You can’t?”

“I don’t… there isn’t a good explanation.”

“Explain it anyway.”

She rung her hands and looked at him pleadingly, but she received only his cool gaze looking back at her.  She could practically see the clock counting down behind his brown eyes.  He wouldn’t wait forever, and her bottom already hurt from the brief but harsh spanking a moment ago.  Finally she managed, “I had to return some books to the library.”

It hadn’t been enough.  His arm snaked out to grab hers and once again she found herself upended, his hard hand landing on her already pink bottom.  She shrieked as he spanked her, but he was immune to her cries.  When he finished this time, she was breathing heavily, and he didn’t let her up.  Instead he rested his dominant hand on her throbbing bottom and his right hand casually across her back, fingers dangling alongside her waist.  “You seem to be having a lot of trouble recalling some of the details of your afternoon, Emma Grace, so I am going to help you get through this explanation.  But it is going to cost you.”

He reached beneath her, fumbling at the button of her jeans for just a moment before freeing it, and then her, of their trappings.  She shifted her body and helped as best she could, though she dreaded the loss of the thick denim.  She tried not to protest as her underwear followed, but a small moan of embarrassment escaped her.  Danny returned his arms to their previous spots; he let his left hand glide gently across her hot bottom now, a tender gesture that happened absentmindedly when he held her in this position.

“Are you supposed to leave the house today?”

“No sir,” she replied miserably.


“Because I’m grounded.”


She shut her eyes at this question.  She hated being grounded, hated having to talk about it, and especially hated having to go over it again after the lecture she had already received.  She knew better than to push her luck, though, and despite the redoubled throb of her bottom, Danny had been right– she found it easier to speak in this position.  “I’m grounded because I volunteered to take extra shifts at work when I already had a busy week scheduled and because I haven’t been getting enough sleep as it is.”

He nodded thoughtfully above her head, though she couldn’t see it.  “So there is no confusion about how today should have gone, Emma?”  She sighed miserably.  “No sir.  I just didn’t think.  I had some books that were due and I just jumped in the car.  I realized it before I even buckled my seat belt.  But then…”

Danny could hear the shame of her decision to disobey him pouring out of her, and he knew that tears were making their ways down her pretty cheeks, even if he couldn’t see them.  He gave her bottom an unsympathetic squeeze.  “Keep going.”

“It’s just a few minutes away…” she began, and he felt the slight offer of an excuse.  His hand on her bottom stilled, and then lifted.  She tensed and yelled “it wasn’t a good reason it wasn’t a good reason it wasn’t–” and then the spanking had resumed, and his hand was bouncing, thudding rapidly, delivering hard swats that propelled her small body forward upon every impact.  He didn’t scold her.  He didn’t need to.  His hand did all the talking, at least until he stopped spanking and moved her legs, letting her body slide down so she was kneeling between his knees.  She let her hands dance around her swollen backside but didn’t touch it this time.  She kept herself from resting on the heels of her feet; her thighs hurt with the exertion after only a minute, but it was better than letting her bottom come in contact with anything right this moment.

Danny took her chin, brushing some wayward tears away with his thumb.  “In a few minutes, you are going to walk over there and get the hairbrush from your dresser drawer.”  He let that sink in for a moment, watching her eyes squeeze shut and reopen.  “First, I want to know about the dent.”  She took a shuddering breath and looked up at him, eyes round and fearful and innocent.

“It happened while I was in the library.  It was only for a few minutes, but a man was walking to the car beside mine when I got there.  I think he hit it.  It was a blue truck.  I don’t remember the model.  They have security cameras and the police are going to be in touch later.  I left my contact information.”

For the first time since he’d gotten home, Dan smiled.  And even with her sore fanny, her wet cheeks, and the promise of more to come, his smile made Emma smile.  “Good girl,” he said.  “Very good.  Those are all the right steps.”  He leaned down to kiss her forehead, and she wrapped her arms around his waist.  She used to balk when he praised her for doing normal adult things on her own– “Everyone has to deal with this stuff, Danny.  You don’t get a reward for being a grown-up.  You just do it.” — but after a particularly harrowing afternoon at the DMV of all places, he’d finally gotten her to see that he wasn’t being condescending.  He pointed to several people they’d watched struggle through the tedium of license renewals and car registrations and tax forms.  “Look, sweetheart… she deserves a cheerleader.  So does he.  So does that guy.  So does that woman running customer service.”  She’d leaned against him, listening to his quiet voice amid the crowd.  “We all have to do it, yes, but it’s a daily miracle that we get through it.  So let me be proud of you.  Okay?”

Now, he leaned back, untangled her arms, and raised his eyebrows expectantly.  She closed her eyes for a brief second, then stood, stepping out of her underwear and walking past the shorts she had long since kicked off, to grab the wooden hairbrush from its spot in her dresser.  She brought it back quickly, eyes downcast, and held it to out Danny.  He let her stand there for a minute as he unbuttoned the cuff of his sleeve, rolling it up slowly.  Then he took the brush with his left hand and took her wrist with his right, pulling her across one knee, letting her torso rest on the bed while her legs draped around his thigh.  She immediately grabbed the comforter, thinking briefly that it was more aptly name that most people realized.  She felt his arms encircle her waist and then a blaze of pain erupted on her right sit-spot.  Emma screamed, but the next swat was just as hard and in the exact same spot.  Next came two on her left sit-spot.  Repeat.  Repeat again.  At the twelfth spank, she heard him toss the brush on the bed, and finally she was pulled up into his arms.

The rest of the evening passed with forehead kisses, back rubs, and the occasional squeak whenever Emma’s backside happened to make contact with anything.  She felt better, though.  Better than she had since the moment she’d heard the click of her seat belt, better than the entire short-lived disaster of an errand, better than the time she’d spent worried and nervous under the bed.  Everything was okay now, and though she would never say it aloud, a sore bottom seemed a small price to pay for this sort of happiness.

Those Missing Hours


Jessie looked up from the desk in her living room when she heard a knock on the door.  She pushed the glasses she only wore in the evenings or on lazy Saturdays- like today- up from the tip of her nose back to the bridge where they belonged, then rose to answer it.  She had the house to herself today, and had been enjoying the quiet.  She was surprised to hear anyone at the door, but it was a pleasant surprise to find her friend Lisa standing there.  “Well hey there!” she said as she let her in, greeting her friend with a hug.  As they finished their embrace, though, she didn’t quite let Lisa move away.  Instead she held her by the shoulders at arm’s length as she scanned her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Jade,” came the simply reply, and that coupled with the lost look on Lisa’s face was enough to make Jessie pull her right back in for another hug as she said sympathetically, “oh, honey.”

Not too much later, the women sat in the living room, next to each other on the couch and both sipping hot tea as Lisa explained that she had just come from getting her oil changed, where she had run in to her long lost student.

“I just don’t know what to do, Jessie.  I told her I wanted to catch up.  I even looked at her schedule; when I left I felt so positive.  But do I even have the right to force myself back into her life?”

“Of course you have the right.  You love the kid.”

“She’s 27 years old now.  Not exactly a kid.”

“She’s a 27 year old brat is what she is.  After all the grief she put you through and then leaving like that?  She’s lucky it wasn’t me that rolled up into that auto shop.”

Lisa rolled her eyes.  “And what exactly would you have done?”

“I would have given her a piece of my mind, for starters,” Jessie said, her face hardening.  She and Lisa had been friends for years, and she knew all about Jade, had even met her a few times.  The two women had both been starting new careers when they’d met, not too long before Jade had come along, actually.  Lisa was like family to Jessie and her sister, though Jade had been so stubborn about being a loner that Lisa had only ever met her in passing.  Still, she’d heard all about her– the trouble she caused, the progress she was making, and, eventually, the hurt she had caused when she’d disappeared.  “And that is just for starters.”

“Well what am I supposed to do now?  Take her for dinner?  Act like nothing happened?”

“Do what you should have done in the first place.”

Lisa scoffed this time.  “I can’t spank her.  She’s a grown woman.”

Jessie raised an eyebrow as she replied, “You sure can.  Ask Candace.  Ask Harper.”

Lisa blushed a little at this.  She had been around long enough to know how Jessie handled discipline, and was well aware that she hadn’t changed a single thing as the girls had entered adulthood.  “That’s different.  They’re yours.”

“And Jade’s not yours?”

“It’s not the same.”

“Bullshit.  If I just had Candace around, you might have a point, but I’ve got my own little delinquent.  Are you saying Harper isn’t mine?”

“Well no, but…”

“No buts.  I have had my share of misgivings about Jade– don’t get defensive,” Jessie said, raising her hands in a show of surrender, “but it doesn’t matter.  You love her and you want to help her.  So give her what she needs.”

“You make it sound so easy.”

“It is easy.”

“It isn’t!”

Jessie made a decision in a split-second, reaching out to grab her friend’s arm as she replied, “How about I give you a demonstration?”

Lisa was too surprised to even struggled as she suddenly found herself face-down across Jessie’s lap, but it didn’t take her long to recover and start trying to right herself. “Very funny, Jessie!  Now let me up!”

Jessie easily held her in place with an arm secured around her teacher-friend’s waist, despite the woman’s demands. “No, I don’t think I will.  Not just yet.”

“I am not a child!”

“No, but you are acting like one.  And I am tired of hearing ‘I can’t.’  It looks to me like I can.”  And with that, she brought her hand down hard on Lisa’s backside. “See?  Easy.”

“Let me up!”

“I will, when I am ready.  If you keep fighting, I’m going to take down your jeans.  Is that the direction you want this spanking to go?”

Lisa didn’t answer, but she stopped struggling.  Jessie was using that tone, one Lisa often used herself, that brooked no arguing.  For her part, Jessie wasted no time.  Now that Lisa was still, she used her free hand to pull her jeans taut as she layered spank after spank on the pretty round backside of her friend as she continued talking.  “I told you to go after her before and you didn’t listen. You are going to listen now.  You need her, and I’d bet money that she needs you, too.  So this time, you’re going to listen to me.  You’ll be there when she gets off work, just like you planned.  And you call her out for the shit she put you through.  And for whatever she’s been up to in the mean time, which I’m sure she’ll fill you in on.  You do what you’re good at.  You talk to her.  You love her.  You let her back in.”

And with that she pulled Lisa back up to sit next to her on the couch.  Lisa glared at her as she tilted her body over so she could rub her stinging backside.  “I can’t believe you just spanked me.”

“Believe it.”

“Alright.  Point made.  But if I’m going to spank her, I’m not leaving her jeans up.  That probably hurt your hand as much as it hurt my butt.”

Jessie grinned and shook her hand out dramatically.  “You’re probably right!  I suspect she’ll survive whatever you do to her.  Probably be all the better for it. I’d probably paddle her, myself.”

“Hm, I don’t have a paddle.  I bet I can figure something out.  I guess I need to go.  She’ll be getting off soon, and I want to get my thoughts together.”  The women stood, making their way toward the door.  They hugged again, Jessie looking all too pleased with herself as she let Lisa out.

“You’re awful when you’re right.  I don’t know how the girls stand it.”

“Oh me, either.  I actually feel bad for them occasionally.  Call me tomorrow.  Let me know how it goes.”

“Will do.  And… thanks.”

Jessie gave her a wink.  “Any time, darlin’.  Any time.”



“Just call Lisa.”

“NO. N. O. No.  She’ll murder me.”

“She’ll murder you more if you don’t call her.”

Jade rolled her eyes, “Fine, give me to Harper.”

The voice on the other end of the line gave a sharp laugh as she replied, “Yeah, hate to break it to you, but that’s a dead end.”

“Candace! Just give her the phone.”

“Fine,” came the reply, and Jade heard a shuffle as Candace handed the phone over to their friend. “Hellllooooo?” came Harper’s voice a second later.

“Dude, you have to come get me.”

“Yeah, sure.  Maybe Jessie will let me borrow her car.”


“No, you dummy, and I couldn’t sit for an hour long drive; have you lost your mind?  I can’t sneeze without permission right now.”

“But Lisa–”

“I heard.  You’re loud.  I’m with Candace on this one.  Just call her.”

“But she’ll–”

“Yep, probably.”

“Fuck.  Give me back to Candace.”

Jade lit a cigarette as she heard the phone being passed between the girls again.  “Hey.”


“Listen, you have to call her.  She’ll be mad, but she’ll get over it.”

“I can’t!  I’m supposed to be at a job fair, not a freaking music festival.”

“Career fair, not job fair.  And yeah, your friends are terrible.”

“Yo, your friends are so shitty!” she heard Harper say in the background.

“It is what it is, though,” Candace continued.  “It’s redneck festival and your friends are douche bags.  You know we’d come get you if we could, but there’s no way.  You’re gonna have to suck it up and call her.  Everyone else we know is working or doesn’t like you enough to drive that far.”

“Jeez, thanks.”

“Besides, you’re right.  You shouldn’t be there.  I told you not to go.”

Jade scowled as she took another pull of her cigarette.  She hated when Candace got scoldy.  She got enough of that from Lisa, especially since she’d moved in, and Candace was like four years younger than her anyway.  Ugh.

“Fine.  Whatever.  Bye.”  She hung up the phone without waiting for response, then finished her cigarette as she watched people slowly make their way toward the exits.  Bands were still on the main stages, but things were winding down.  It was the last night anyway, and it was mostly local bands. She’d ridden there with some people from high school, kinda friends, she guessed, and they’d gotten separated a couple of hours ago, and then they wouldn’t answer their phones.  When they finally did, they were halfway home and stoned out of their minds.  Idiots.

She scrolled down to Lisa’s number, sighing as she put her cigarette out and stuffed it in the little black receptacle. At least she didn’t get in the car with those degenerates.  Maybe that would earn her some points.  Maybe.  Which would put her… yeah, still in the negative.  She thought about her options one more fruitless time: there were no buses, cabs were too expensive, and she’d called everyone she could think of.  Time to face the music, she thought, groaning at her own bad choice of phrasing.  Music.  Yeah.  Great.

An hour later, Jade clamored into the passenger seat of Lisa’s car.  The woman didn’t even glance at her, didn’t wait for her to finish buckling, before she put her foot back on the gas pedal and began the journey home.  Jade wasn’t sure what to do.  Should she talk?  Break the silence?  Apologize now?  She probably should go ahead and apologize, but she was also afraid of unleashing the lecture she knew was coming.  She realized her arms were crossed and she’d slouched down so her toes were poking the angled meeting place of the dashboard and the floor.  How did Miss Harley always make her feel like such a kid?! she thought, then corrected herself with a firmly thought Lisa. How does Lisa make me feel like such a kid?  The shift in names had come easily, once they had reconnected.  Jade had officially moved in just a month ago, so she could afford to take at least a few classes and cut back on her hours at the auto shop, though she’d been sleeping there and practically living there for much longer.  But every time Jade found herself on the receiving end of a look from her former teacher, she seemed to revert back to Miss Harley.

She uncrossed her arms, inhaled deeply, and decided to go for it. “I’m really sorry.”

After a moment of silence she glanced up through her lashes at the woman in the driver’s seat, but she hadn’t so much as loosened her white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel.  Maybe she didn’t hear me? Jade thought miserably.  But she knew that wasn’t the case.  She never in a million years thought she’d want Lisa to yell at her, but it would be better than the silence.  “Lisa…” she began again, tentatively.

“Not right now.”

Jade’s mouth snapped shut.  It was going to be a long drive home.

An hour later, the 27-year-old stood in her doorway, looking at least as pitiful as she felt, still waiting for Lisa to say something.  She looked left, watching her turn off the front porch light and check that the door was locked. Jade was not even trying to hide the desperate need for some sort of affirmation that it was going to be okay.  Lisa paused as she approached, needing to pass Jade’s door to go to her own room upstairs.  Her expression softened for the first time since she’d gotten the phone call, and she put a hand up to Jade’s worried face, gently cupping her cheek as she made eye contact.  “Honey.  It’s going to be okay.  I just…” and in the pause Jade filled in all the worst things she could think of– am so disappointed, feel unable to trust you, need you to pack your bags– “I’m really mad, honey.  I was already in bed, and I have to be up for work in five hours.  Let me get some sleep.  I’ll be more rational in the morning.  Okay?”

Jade gave a slight nod and a shadow of a smile. “Okay.”

Lisa leaned over and kissed the girl on the forehead.  “Get some sleep.”

“Yes  ma’am.  Goodnight, Miss Harley.”

And this finally got a smile from the older woman.  “Goodnight, honey.”

Jade shot up from a deep sleep the next morning, awoken abruptly by loud banging on her door and a yell through the thin wood, “Rise and shine, Natalie Jade!” The girl buried her face in her pillow and groaned.  What kind of new torture was this? Another round of banging.  “Breakfast in five!”

“Noooooo,” Jade groaned again, but quietly.  She was off today.  Totally off.  No school, no work, no time she had to be anywhere.  Didn’t Lisa understand… and then last night came crashing back, and she thought she heard footsteps heading back in the direction of her room, and she jumped up so fast that she made herself dizzy.  “Coming!” she called as she steadied herself, blinking her eyes rapidly and trying to wake up.  “I’m coming!”

A few minutes later she was seated at the kitchen island while Lisa set a bowl of cereal in front of her before fixing her own breakfast of yogurt and granola to go with her coffee.  Jade eyed the fully dressed woman warily as she took a bite, still unsure what to do with this apparently happy version of the same angry woman from last night.  A moment later, though, Lisa grabbed the magnetic notepad from the refrigerator and wrote several things down before tearing the top sheet off and setting it next to Jade. “Chores.  For you.  To be finished before I get home from school.”

Jade put her arms on the counter and dropped her head.  She resisted the urge to whine about how tired she was, instead lifting her head up to glance at the list.  Dusting, vacuuming, mopping… just a list of household chores.  Nothing fun, but nothing miserable.  If she really worked fast, she could be done in a couple hours, and she’d have time to lay down before–

“No sleeping.  If you finish, work ahead on school stuff.  Check your syllabuses.  Syllabi.  Whatever.  Check them.  They’ll have assignments for the weeks coming up.”

“Lisssaaaaaaa!” Jade couldn’t help it, but she didn’t get any sympathy.

“Nope.  No whining.  I’m going to have to get through my day smiling, and so are you.  And this is not the end of the conversation.  But we’ll talk more when I get home.  Behave yourself.”  And with a quick kiss planted on the back of Jade’s head, Lisa grabbed her teacher’s bag and walked out to her car.

Jade ignored the knots that formed in her stomach over what the rest of the conversation might look like.  She finished her cereal, picked up the list, and got to work.

Jade looked up from the book she was reading on the couch.  Trying to read, at least.  She’d finished the housework not long after noon, with a generous lunch break included.  She’s also taken a long shower afterwards, but she’d done everything on the list and then some.  The house was spotless.

Knowing that didn’t stop her from feeling nervous as she heard Lisa’s car door shut.  She had been thinking on and off about what tonight was going to look like, and she just couldn’t gauge how bad it was going to be.  She was going to get spanked- she knew that.  Apparently that was a line there was no uncrossing, or so she had learned since that first trip across her former teacher’s lap.

But she had chores all day, so that should help.  And surely having to get up with the sun would count for something.  Maybe she would just use her hand.  She hadn’t used the spoon since that first time, but she also hadn’t been as mad as she was last night.  She’d threatened her hairbrush more than once, but Jade was sure she was kidding about that.  Pretty sure.  Like, 95% sure.

Maybe 85%.

The front door opened, interrupting her contemplation.  She guessed she was about to find out one way or another.  “Hi, honey,” Lisa said as she walked into the living room, “the house looks fantastic.”  She turned, taking the in the room and what she could see of the hallways and kitchen, inhaling and then continuing “and it smells amazing.  So fresh and clean.  Thank you.”

Jade smiled at the praise, resisting the urge to point out that she didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter.  She still felt warm and happy, hearing the obvious pleasure in the other woman’s voice.  She’d sat up on the couch, and Lisa plopped down beside her, putting an arm over her shoulder.  Jade smiled and leaned into her, feeling warm and safe in a way that she hadn’t for most her life.  Guilt overcame her, though, as she thought about how she might have threatened that last night.  Lisa must have noticed the change in her posture, because she gave her a squeeze and said “do you want to talk about last night?”

Jade picked at a thread on her shirt as she mumbled, “yeah, I guess.”

“You start.”

“Miss Harleeeyyy….”

“Don’t Miss-Harley me.  You’ve had a full day to think about what you did wrong, even though I think you knew full well before you even did it.  So start talking.”

Despite her best intentions, Jade crossed her arms as her face became a stubborn mask.  She couldn’t help it.  She hated this, and no matter how guilty she felt, she couldn’t make herself speak.  Lisa nudged her.  She looked away.  They both knew what she did wrong and there was no point in talking about it, and nothing Lisa could do was going to change that.

“I’m sorry!  Lisa!  Lisa!  Just stop!  Stop for one minute!”  Jade kicked her legs and pounded her fists on the couch, but nothing slowed the spanking down.  She hadn’t even warned the girl- she’d taken one look at her hard-headed charge’s face and bodily hauled her up and over, sliding her thin sweats down and laying into her panty-clad backside without so much as a how-do-you-do.

“You’re ready to talk now, huh?” Lisa said from above her, still landing swat after swat on the hapless girl’s bottom.

“I aaammmmm!!!” Jade wailed dramatically.

“Well it’s a shame things don’t run on your schedule, isn’t it?  You had an opportunity and you passed it up.  Your next shot will be coming up momentarily.”

“That. is so. MEAN!” yelled Jade, but she might as well have saved her breath.  Lisa knew all about that stubborn feeling, and she wasn’t about to let Jade get away with it.  Not after last night.  So she kept spanking, steady, medium swats right across the fullest part of the young woman’s backside until her pretty brown skin had turned a vibrant shade of pink.  Only then did she slow her swats, though she didn’t stop them.

“Now, Miss Jade, let’s talk about yesterday.  Where were you supposed to be?”

“At the job fair!  Over at GU, I was supposed to be there at job fair.”

“Career fair,” Lisa corrected. “Where were you instead?”

“At that stupid music festival!  Which wasn’t even fun, for the record!”

Lisa couldn’t help but smile at Jade’s sassy answers, glad that the young woman couldn’t see her, though it didn’t stop her from putting a little more force behind her swats as she continued her line of questioning.  “And why is this… problematic?”

“Because I lied to you!  Because I skipped out on something I needed to do something I wanted!  And I went with people I couldn’t depend on!”

“Oh, I forgot about that.  Yes, those ‘friends’ of yours,” Lisa said, bringing her hand down hard at the crease of Jade’s thighs and backside.  “I don’t put limits on who you hang out with because you are a twenty seven year old woman, but I do expect you to use your common sense!”  She accented her words with particularly hard swats before resuming her slower swats on the girls bottom.

Jade screeched, throwing her hand back but immediately bringing it back in front of her, before Lisa could grab her wrist.  “You forgot!  That isn’t fair!”

Lisa stopped spanking as she asked in a flat voice, “Fair?  Would you like to talk about fair now?”

Jade backtracked immediately, practically yelling “No!  No ma’am!  I don’t!  It’s fair.  It’s plenty fair.  I’m the one who wasn’t fair.”  Lisa didn’t say anything, and she hadn’t started spanking again, so Jade scrambled for more words.  “I um, I wasn’t fair to you… because… because you had to get out of bed, and be tired all day, and drive an hour, and I can pay you back for gas by the way, and I’m sorry!  Did I mention I was sorry?  I’m really really sorry.”

Lisa smiled as she rested her hand lightly on the hot bottom in front of her, using her other hand to rub small circles on the younger woman’s back.  “I know, honey.  It’s okay.  I’m glad you called me.  You made a lot of bad choices yesterday, but calling me wasn’t one of them, even if I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.”  She patted Jade’s backside and girl flinched, but it was just a pat before she continued.  “You’re going to make some decisions that I don’t like.  They aren’t all going to end with you in trouble, sweetheart.  But lying to me will always end just like this, except next time I’m going to send you for the hairbrush and maybe a bar of soap.”

Jade shuddered, not entirely sure which of those scared her more, then mumbled “yes ma’am.”  She quickly relaxed again, though, lulled by the hand on her back  and in her hair, and the comfort of the sun from the second story windows shining down, despite her throbbing backside.  Still dozy from yesterday and the lack of sleep, she started drifting off, mumbling as she did, “And here I thought I was going to spend today packing my bags.”

Lisa’s hand still immediately, and even in her drowsy state, Jade couldn’t miss the sudden clipped tone of her former teacher as she said “You thought what?”

Jade herself became very still, feeling a bit like a rabbit that has just spotted a coyote.  She wanted to take it back, but she wasn’t sure what she’d said wrong, so she answered tentatively “I thought… you know… I just thought you might want me gone…”

“Of all the half-cocked, insane…” and then words must have failed her because Lisa stopped talking and Jade was abruptly awake for the second time that day.  She had a half a second to prepare as she felt her body being pulled in tight against the woman and then Lisa’s hand was crashing down on Jade’s already thoroughly spanked backside with a ferocity that made Jade howl immediately.  This time she couldn’t control her hand, and as she’d feared, it was captured almost immediately, held by her side as she tried desperately to cover her backside.  How is she so strong?!

Jade’s legs kicked the couch and her free hand clutched a pillow, but Lisa ignored it all, concentrating on nothing but the stark outline of her hand appearing and re-appearing on the scorched backside in front of her.  If Jade had thought she was being spanked before, she knew better now.  That was nothing.  Noooothing.  She managed to eek out the occasional “please” and more than one “why” and several “I’m sorry!-s,” but for the most part she just yelled.  When Lisa started attacking the tops of her thighs, she lost it and burst into tears, something she hadn’t done since that first spanking.  At that, Lisa did pause, but only to jerk the girl’s underwear down to her knees, and then she kept right on spanking, apparently oblivious to Jade’s tears and unperturbed by the writhing hand she held captive.

When every bit of the young woman’s backside was a hot burning red, not to mention halfway down thighs, she stopped as abruptly as she’d started, yanking Jade’s underwear up before pulling the girl’s body up, too, ignoring the yelp that came from her mouth when her backside hit the couch cushion.  Lisa stood, still looking thoroughly unhappy, and began to pace in front of Jade, who sat on the couch wide-eyed and bewildered with tears streaming down her face and dripping off the tip of her nose, occasionally hiccuping but not daring to say a word.

Lisa turned and looked down, one hand on her hip as the other tipped Jade’s chin up, forcing them to look eye-to-eye.  “If you think, for one second, that I found you after all those years of wondering and worrying, just to lose you again… if you think that there is anything in this world you could do to make me disappear, then you have got some more thinking to do, little girl.  You’re home now.  Forever.  Whether you live here or not is your choice, but you will always have a place here.  Or wherever I am.  That should have been clear.  Apparently it wasn’t.  Is it clear now?”

Jade nodded tearfully, and was surprised to find herself smiling, too.

“Out loud.”

“It’s clear,” she answered shakily.

“Good,” Lisa replied, sitting on the couch again and throwing her arm back over Jade’s shoulders.  Jade burrowed into her, smiling as her former teacher let out an exasperated sigh.  She knew that sigh.  Lisa wasn’t mad any more.  And Jade was home.  It had a nice ring to it.

“Hey.  You get murdered yet?”

“Yep.  Most definitely.”

“Sucks to suck!” Jade heard Harper yell in the background.

“Ignore her,” Candace said. “She’s literally trying to figure out if she can sit long enough to play Mario Kart with me.”

Jade heard a scuffle as she assumed Candace attempted to fend off an attack from Harper, and then the youngest of the girls was on the phone. “Ignore her.”

“You have nothing but sympathy from me right now.  I’ll tease you when I can sit again.”

“But you’re okay?”

“Yeah,” Jade said, and even though the girls couldn’t see it, she smiled. “I’m okay.”