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No Free Parking


Oliver was sitting in his bed answering some work emails from his laptop when he heard the door of the apartment open and shut forcefully.  Ben had just gotten home.

“But I don’t want to talk about it!  I didn’t know they would go to your house,” he heard Ben say, clearly on the phone.  Oliver assumed it was a call from Ben’s older brother.  He didn’t know anyone else that caused Benjamin to whine like seven year old.  He tried to re-focus on his computer, but Ben’s voice grabbed his attention again.

“I’m not irresponsible!  I just forgot to pay them.”

Hmm.  Oliver tried to concentrate again, but this time the interruption was a loud thunk against the other side of the bedroom wall.  He raised his eyebrows, shut his laptop, and got out of bed.  He paused in the doorway, looking into the living room and at his boyfriend, who was turned away, looking out the window with his arms crossed and his shoulders tensed.  Oliver took in the black scuff on the white apartment wall, then bent down to pick up the phone from the carpet.  Ben heard the movement and spun around, eyes wide, clearly surprised to not be alone.  Oliver gave his boyfriend an appraising look, then glanced at the phone.  “You’re lucky you have this case.  Looks undamaged.  Your brother is texting you,” he said as he read from the lock-screen previews.  “It says ‘one.'”

“Nooooo,” Ben said, actually stomping his foot as the phone dinged again.  Oliver read it with all the threat he knew it implied: “Two.”

It was like pressing fast-forward on an old VHS tape.  Ben suddenly scrambled across the room, practically snatching the phone from Oliver’s hand and then mashing the buttons to get his brother back on the line.  Ben glared reproachfully at Oliver, as if his boyfriend had anything at all to do with his dilemma, then squeezed his eyes shut as Dan apparently answered.  “I didn’t hang up on you!” he said quickly, and then with a guilty glance at Oliver, “I just dropped the phone.”

Oliver sighed and shook his head, then held out his hand expectantly.  Ben, still trying to talk his way out of trouble with Danny, shook his head.  Oliver snapped his fingers once, loudly, and Ben bit his lip and then said, “Oliver’s here.  He wants the phone.”  He handed it over.

“I’m putting you on speaker phone,” Oliver said briefly before doing so.  He walked toward the living room and set the phone on the glass coffee table.  Ben followed reluctantly, though instead of settling on the couch, he leaned against the wall nearby, arms stubbornly crossed again.

“Hello, Oliver,” came Danny’s voice.  “I was just talking to Benjamin about his fourth parking ticket.  The car is registered to this address and they keep coming here.”

“His fourth ticket?” said Oliver, his voice somehow managing surprised and stern at the same time. “No wonder he threw his phone at the wall.”

“He threw his phone?” said Danny, in a tone that could stop the sap dripping from a tree, then again directly to Benjamin, “You threw your phone?”

The look of betrayal on Ben’s face was almost too much for Oliver.  He felt a little bad about it, but there were no good reasons to hide that information from Danny and too many good reasons not to.  For one, he wasn’t exactly thrilled about the phone throwing, either, and would be discussing it with his boyfriend moments from now.  For another, he could imagine the look on Danny’s face right this minute, and it wasn’t a look he wanted pointed in his direction.  No, thank you.  Not as long as he could avoid it.

There was silence as Ben looked away and refused to speak, then Danny on the line saying, “Could I have a few more minutes of Ben’s time?”  There was an obvious unstated follow-up thought, before you deal with his behavior?

“Sure,” Oliver said, taking the phone off speaker and then bringing it to Ben, who rolled his eyes dramatically before taking it.  “I’m soorrry,” he said into the receiver immediately.  Oliver had reached his absolute limit with that eye roll.  From behind, he put his hands on either side of Ben’s waist and gently pushed him toward the bedroom.  Ben only resisted being guided a little, mostly in an attempt to keep from interrupting Danny’s scolding and land himself in even more trouble.  He found himself facing the corner, and his free arm placed behind his back.  His mouth formed a perfect pout that nobody could see, and he resigned himself to just getting off the phone and away from this lecture as soon as possible.  “Yes, sir,” and “no, sir,” were soon the only responses Oliver could hear from the corner.

When Ben finally hung up the phone, he turned, only to find Oliver with his hand out again.  Ben’s mouth dropped open and he said as he handed over the phone, “But…”

“Turn back around.  You are not finished yet.”

Ben’s shoulders sagged but he did as he was told, though Oliver had to take his hands and return them firmly to the small of his back.  He had only recently begun to use corner time, and Ben knew the position he should be in.  Oliver knew better than to let Ben get away with any small defiance leading up to a spanking– and things were definitely leading up to a spanking– so that cost him his pants and underwear, too.

He let his boyfriend sit for a full five minute of silence before calling him out.  Ben flushed as he turned around, tugging at his button down and shuffling over to the bed, where he sat, looking pitiful.  Oliver crossed his arms and said sternly, “Four parking tickets?  And I haven’t heard about a single one of them?”

“But Ollie…”

“Not okay, Benjamin.  You do not get to hide things from me because you know I’ll be unhappy.”  His fingers slid down to the buckle of his belt, and he undid the clinking metal with one hand.  Ben tried to ignore the sound and the heat rushing up his face as he realized what was about to happen.  If Oliver was going to use his belt, he was also going to make Ben keep himself still.  Ben much preferred to be over his boyfriend’s lap– as much as he could prefer any sort of discipline– where he could kick his feet and have his hand restrained if he needed it.

Oliver was very intentional as he slid the leather from the loops of his jeans.  He doubled it in his hand and then gestured with the other for Ben to turn around and get into position.  The younger man stood and practically flung himself back on the bed, jeans drooping from his ankles. He buried his face in his arms, then kicked his feet fast and hard against the floor, giving voice to his frustrations.  Oliver let it go, knowing it wasn’t a show of resistance so much as a burst of energy that needed to be expelled.

He reached over and adjusted Ben’s clothes somewhat unnecessarily, inching his t-shirt up and his underwear down, making Ben feel more aware than ever of his bared backside.  “I’m not happy with your choices, little boy,” he said as he swung the belt lazily across the waiting bottom, lining himself up just right to do the job properly.  “One parking ticket isn’t a big deal, but four is a problem.” He swung the belt hard and watched it crack against Ben’s backside, watched the moment of impact as the muscles and fat curved and then righted.  “And not telling me is a problem,” he gave the belt another swing, “and throwing a tantrum and throwing your phone when you got caught is a problem.”  He found his rhythm as he lectured, and the belt began to fall rapidly, a steady pattern of sound emerging as it hit its mark over and over.

“Let’s talk about how you got those tickets in the first place.  Do you think the rules don’t apply to you, Benjamin?” –thwack– “That you are exempt?” –thwack–  “I’m afraid that is not the case, little boy.” –thwack– “There is nothing stopping you from leaving ten minutes earlier for class so you can find a legal spot.”

Ben made a frustrated noise into the bedspread, which he had wrapped up in his fists.  It might have been “Okaaaaayyy,” but Oliver ignored it.  He wasn’t looking for verbal responses.  He continued lecturing and spanking for several minutes before a pause, during which he ran his hand lightly across Ben’s slowly swelling backside and across his back.  Ben leaned into the touch, and spent the moment releasing the clutched blanket from his sweaty grasp.  They were re-tangled momentarily as Oliver began again.

“Since when is it okay to lie to me, Benjamin Kendrick?”

“I didn’t lie, Oliver!” Ben whined desperately, and for his trouble he got the next dozen searing swats across the tops of thighs.  “You’re telling me,” Oliver said in a deadly voice, “that you do not understand how lies of omission work?”

Ben shifted under the onslaught and backtracked immediately.  “I do!  I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.  I won’t do it again!”  Oliver moved the belt back up to Ben’s backside, but he put more force behind the swats.  He was not at all happy with that outburst, and Ben could feel a difference in the spanking as his boyfriend scolded him about lying, and then about throwing the phone.

Oliver watched Ben’s hands and feet as he laid down lick after lick with the thick leather belt he wore most days.  He watched Ben grasp the blanket in tight fists, and as he dug his toes deep into the white carpet. He was surprised by how little sympathy he had for Ben, even as the younger man began to babble apologies and screech. He knew it was difficult for his boyfriend to keep his feet down, and he watched his body twist and turn under the onslaught. Ben kept his bottom available and in range, but barely. Oliver was proud of him for that.

He wrapped up the spanking with some especially hard licks to Ben’s sit spots, the lecture finished.  Ben wouldn’t have been able to hear it anyway, as he yelled through them all. When it was over, he was about as sorry as he could be for all of it.  His bottom throbbed along with his heartbeat, and he could feel that it was swollen.  He kicked off his jeans and left his underwear around his knees before curling up around Oliver, who had joined him on the bed.  Ollie kissed the top of his boyfriend’s head and rubbed his back.  He was still firm as he went over some of thing things his boyfriend had agreed to under what was definitely duress but would nonetheless stand.

“When will the tickets be paid?” he asked.

“Before bed tonight,” came Ben’s shaky reply.

“And if you do get another one? Which you better not, but…”

“I’ll tellll you,” Ben said, tucking his face into Oliver’s chest.

“And when is it appropriate to throw phones in this house?”

“Never,” Ben said, his voice muffled.

“Never is right,” Oliver said, and he kissed the top of Ben’s head once more.



No Passing Zone


“Go back! I like that song!” Jade said from the driver’s seat as she and Lisa headed home from a morning spent at the park with friends. Lisa fiddled with the stations, flipping back a few, and asking, “this one?”

“Yeah,” responded Jade, immediately beginning to sing along. Lisa, indifferent to the radio, pulled up Instagram on her phone and was quickly absorbed by the app. She glanced up a minute later, though, startled to feel the car accelerate rapidly. Adrenaline rushed through her as she watched the red cab of an 18 wheeler barreling toward them, seeming to take up most of the front windshield. “Jade!” she yelled, even as she saw that they were passing another huge truck on the right.

The younger woman slid quickly back into her own lane, narrowly dodging both rigs and decelerating to match traffic as the hill they had just sped up tapered off to flat highway again. Both women were quiet for a moment, just the sound of top 40 hits chirping cheerfully at them as they both tried to slow their beating hearts. Finally Jade began, “That was…”

“A no-passing zone!” Lisa cut her off, her voice loud. “That was a no passing zone! What were you thinking?!”

Jade blushed, her own adrenaline tempered by the immediate dread that had settled over her, and said defensively, “it looked clear?”

“It looked clear,” Lisa repeated, letting the words hang in the air.  She let the quiet fill the car, until Jade couldn’t handle it and blurted, “It won’t happen again! Seriously, I know that was dumb. It was like the scariest moment of my life.”

“Get us home, little girl,” Lisa replied ominously. “It’s about to be the second scariest moment of your life.”

~ ~ ~

Jade did her best not to fidget in the corner of the living room where she now stood, hands behind her back and nose nearly touching the wall.  She wasn’t very good at corner time but she needed every ounce of good will she could muster from Lisa.  There were times when the woman’s patience brought to mind images of saints and angels. This was not one of those times. The rest of the ride home had been painfully silent, and the young woman wasn’t sure if she was dreading the spanking or the lecture that would surely accompany it more.

“Come here, young lady,” she heard from behind her. She turned to see Lisa seated on the couch, trusty hairbrush resting on the coffee table, and suddenly she was sure: she was way more scared of the spanking.

This was all too familiar now, though. Jade’s feet felt weighted as she dragged herself slowly to where her mentor sat, her face just as stern as it had been during the silent car ride home. That wasn’t good. Jade was sure she’d been in the corner for a solid 15 minute, which was long for Lisa. And she hadn’t appeared to have calmed down at all. Gulp.

Jade tried to make her face reflect how pitiful she felt right now. She didn’t have a good argument to make, and had kept herself from saying “but I made it” several times. She knew exactly how that would play out, and she liked her thighs the color they were, thanks all the same. And even she knew that it wasn’t a good argument anyway. She had gotten lucky. That was all there was to it.

So, she had her best “I’m sorry” frown in place when she stopped in front of the other woman, and even folded her hands compliantly behind her head without being asked. Lisa didn’t always start by taking Jade’s pants down, but the younger woman had a feeling. It didn’t stop her from shutting her eyes tight when Lisa reached up to undo her belt and unbutton her pants. Jade was startled into opening her eyes when she felt a hand on her hip, looking down to see Lisa grabbing Jade’s belt and pulling, watching it snake through the loops and then dangle there ominously.

Jade’s eyes went wide but she didn’t say anything, probably because Lisa was looking up with a dangerous “I dare you” face. But a voice in her mind yelled, “my belt? My own belt?!” She didn’t have time to contemplate further, though, because then her pants were around her ankles and she was pulled abruptly over Lisa’s lap, her hands leaving her head to catch herself on the couch. Her legs were moved up with infuriating ease, and she felt Lisa’s hand resting on her underwear-clad bottom as she asked, “Do I need to go over what happened today? Do I need to explain why I am about to spank your little backside all sorts of rosy?” Jade gulped again as she murmered, “no ma’am.”

“Good,” came Lisa’s voice, and then her hand was up and landing again, the muffled sound of her palm on the blue cotton underwear filling the room. Jade tried to stay still, but it was always a struggle at the beginning. She knew the spanking was going to get much worse before it got better, but those first swats always made her wiggle, and Lisa was clearly not in the mood for an extended warm up. All too soon, Jade felt her undies being pulled down, with hardly a missed beat between swats. The accompanying sound was much louder, sharp and echoey in the living room, and Jade clutched a pillow helplessly.

By the time Lisa’s hand stopped falling, Jade knew the dark skin of her bottom was a dusky rose shade, and she dreaded the next bit. She felt her body shift as her mentor reached over for the hairbrush, resting the cool wood on her hot bottom. She didn’t resume spanking immediately though, instead rubbing the younger woman’s back and asking, “What does it mean when you see two solid yellow lines on the highway?” Jade answered promptly, “don’t pass.”

“Right,” came Lisa’s response, along with two hard swats with the brush. “Why were there two yellow lines there?”

“So I wouldn’t pass?” Jade said uncertainly, and wasn’t actually surprised by the flurry of swats that came next. It hadn’t felt like the right answer, but she didn’t know what the woman wanted. “I don’t know I don’t know!” she squealed.

“What made them put two yellow lines on that hill?” she asked.

“Oh…” Jade bit her lip. She had a feeling this was the last question for a while, and as much as she hated having to answer, she really didn’t want the hairbrush spanking she knew was about to continue. Still, she answered hesitantly, “Because there was… low… visibility probably?”

“That is exactly right,” Lisa said above her, and as Jade knew would happen, she began using the hairbrush in earnest as she lectured. “You thought you knew something, little girl. Thought you knew better. You didn’t know better; you just knew less. And knowing less put you- and me- at serious risk for no good reason.” Lisa emphasized the last three words with particularly vicious swats to the young woman’s sit spots. She continued spanking and lecturing for several minutes, holding Jade in place when she started to struggle. She knew the girl couldn’t help it, but it didn’t slow her down. By the time she returned the brush to the coffee table, Jade’s bottom was hot and dark pink, every inch flushed with the impact of the spanking. The lecture has faded as the cries of “please” and “I’m sorry!” increased, and now there was only the sounds of Jade’s heavy breathing as Lisa rubbed her back with a gentleness that had not yet crept back into her voice: “We’re almost finished.”

“I learned my lesson!” Jade wailed, knowing her belt was laying on the coffee table, knowing it could only be for one reason, and knowing her protests weren’t going to change a thing. Still, she couldn’t help herself. “I’ll never pass another car as long as I live!”

Lisa patted her bottom, not hard, almost business like. “That’s unreasonable. You will obey the rules, though, or you’ll end up right back here. Stand up.” Jade took a deep breath, then eased herself backward, up on her knees. Lisa stood as Jade slowly planted her own feet on the floor, and guided the younger woman’s few steps over, until she was laying over the arm of the couch. Her tender backside was up in the air, toes just barely on the hardwood floor, keeping her balanced. She reached for a pillow again and she heard the clink of the belt buckle being lifted from the table.

Jade bit her lips, trying to prepare herself, as she felt the cool leather rest on the lower curve of her bottom. Before she could formulate a strategy, though, it was up again and whistling back down, landing across her sitspots. “Owwww!” she yelled, drumming her feet pointlessly on the floor. “Twenty-nine more” came the unsympathetic reply, along with another lick of the belt in the same spot. Jade had a moment where she thought having a number would help, but that moment ended as she quickly lost count of the number of times the black leather made contact with the same spot, kissing the meeting of her thighs and bottom.

At number 26, though Jade couldn’t have said what number they were on, she stood abruptly, hands flying to cover her sore bottom. She looked wide eyed at Lisa’s face, but the woman just raised an eyebrow as she continued to hold the belt, ready to continue. Jade kept eye contact, pleading silently for the end, but the only response she got was a question- “Should we start over?”

That was all Jade needed. She practically flung herself back over the couch arm. Lisa didn’t make her wait long. The next lick landed the moment she was settled, then three more, and then it was over. She felt her underwear being tugged gently up, and then felt Lisa settle herself on the couch, a hand running gently through Jade’s hair. Jade stayed that way for a moment, composing herself, before standing and stepping out if her jeans and easing herself down onto the couch, snuggling into Lisa’s open arms. A few quiet minutes of cuddling later, she said “Sorry, Lisa. It really won’t happen again.”

A kiss was planted firmly on Jade’s head as she heard simply from above her, “I know.” Jade smiled and snuggled closer.

A Weekend Away (Part Two)


This is part two of a birthday story for a friend!  Part one can be found here.

“Caitlyn,” he said, his voice now very stern, “I want an explanation.”

Corrine had a moment of sympathy for the young woman as she watched her fidget.  Not because Caitlyn was about to be spanked again- that Cory had no problem with and was rather looking forward to watching.  No, she knew that Caitlyn wasn’t sure whether Robert wanted her to turn around or talk into the corner, and so instead of doing either, she froze like a scared rabbit.

Robert did not share Corrine’s sympathies.  After a moment’s hesitation, he walked over and pulled Caitlyn back from the corner, putting an arm around her waist and lifting her up so that her toes barely touched the floor.  Her hands came up abruptly as she tried to steady herself against the walls of her freshly vacated corner, and then there was nothing but the sound of Robert’s hand landing hard and fast on her already bared bottom, disrupted only by Caitlyn breathless cries of “Daddy” and “please” and “I’ll explain!”

Corrine noted with some satisfaction that Shelby was squirming in her corner, but making no move to turn and watch.  She smiled, then watched as Robert returned Caitlyn to her feet, turning her to face him.  Caitlyn pouted at the floor, and her daddy reached over gently to tip her chin up to look at him.  She began to explain, reluctantly.  “Well… Corrine was working.  And we were watching TV.”  She bit her lip pitifully, glancing at Cory as if hoping she would take over the narrative.  Corrine merely raised her eyebrows, and Robert shifted his stance slightly, indicating that he didn’t plan to wait much longer for her to get the words out.  Caitlyn said finally, “We were just playing, Daddy.  With some markers that were in the coffee table.  And we got… a little carried away.”

Robert began to pace with his hand on his chin.  “This is usually the part where I would say ‘I see,’ but I don’t understand at all, little girl.  What do you mean, carried away?”

Unable to stand it any more, Shelby blurted into her corner, “We marked all over each other and Corrine made us wash it off in the kitchen.  Sir.” Robert glanced at Corrine, and an unspoken agreement was made as they shared surprise at the little girl’s outburst. Corrine hoped her look conveyed what she felt- If you don’t, I will!

Seconds later, he was spanking Shelby much as he had spanked his own little girl, scolding as he did so.  “I did not ask for your input, young lady.  I know how much you and Caitlyn care for each other, but that is not an excuse to answer questions I did not ask you.  I love how loyal you are to each other, but I don’t think Corrine tolerates that behavior from you, and neither will I.”  He finished the hand spanking, turning her around. Caitlyn glanced in Shelby’s direction, biting her lip nervously, while Shelby’s eyes flew to Corrine’s, even though she knew her Top would not be pleased, either.

Robert moved to the middle of the room, and pointed in front of him.  “Young ladies, I want you both right here.”  Once more, two naughty girls were forced to shuffle across the living room, their faces almost as red as their bottoms.  “As cute as you both are, I do not like to come home to find that you have been misbehaving.  I see Corrine gave you both nice red bottoms, which is the only reason I am not going to get my hairbrush right now.  But Caitlyn knows that when she misbehaves, she gets a whipping on her bare bottom with Daddy’s belt.  Every time.” Caitlyn let out an audible whine, and Shelby tugged on the edge of her dress, embarrassed to be scolded like naughty school girls.

Robert took a step back, unbuckling his belt and pulling it was a satisfying swish from the loops of his jeans.  “You are both very good girls,” he said as he folded it over, “and that is why you are going to get your bare bottoms spanked today until you are both very wiggly little girls, too.  I know you both know how to make good decisions. You are good friends to each other, and Corrine and I are so happy that you found each other.  But there are appropriate ways to behave, and coloring on each other not one of them.”

“Yes, Daddy,” and “yes, sir,” came two little voices, much more subdued than they had been earlier when they had said the same things.  In a matter of minutes, they were both bent over the coffee table, panties around their ankles and hands on the flat wooden surface. Corrine still sat on the arm of the couch, her expression stern as she watched.  The first crack of the belt rang loudly as he began spanking Caitlyn, and more followed as he settled into a steady rhythm.  “Ow, ow, owie, ow” came her soft voice, and the corner of Corrine’s mouth tugged upward when she saw Shelby reach for her friend’s hand.  Before too long, Robert had shifted his focus to the other bare pink bottom, and it was Shelby squeezing Caitlyn’s hand for whatever comfort she could get as the leather met her already sore backside again and again.

He paused and paced behind them, noting two pairs of feet shifting their weight back and forth.  “I am very proud of how you handle yourselves usually.  I love to see how you take care of each other, and to hear you laugh when you are being silly together.  But you know better than to draw all over each other.  That is unacceptable.  And that is why I have to use my belt to make sure that this does not happen again.  We are going to have a nice weekend, with no more marker fights.”

He began to swing his belt again, spanking Caitlyn as he scolded.  “You know better, don’t you little girl?”  “Yes, Daddy, yes Daddy, yes Daddy!” she wailed in response, wiggling her bottom as much as she could without taking her feet off the ground.  When he was satisfied, he turned his attention to Shelby, asking her also as he spanked “Do you know better than this, little girl?”  “Yes sir!” she answered promptly, sucking in her breath sharply and shutting her eyes tightly.  When he was finished, he reached down and tugged her underwear up, then pulled her into a hug.  “I am very glad that you are friends with my little girl.  I take that very seriously.  She is so important to me, and I am glad she has you in her life.” Shelby nodded into his chest, then made her way to the couch to sit by the arm where Corrine was perched.  She snuggled against her Top’s legs, taking comfort in the hands that immediately began stroking her hair.

Robert also walked around the coffee table, setting his belt down and squatting to look Caitlyn in the face; she had been waiting patiently for her hug, but he wasn’t quite finished with her yet.  “I love you very much, little girl.  And I wish we were finished with this spanking.  But Daddy has rules that he expects you to follow.” Caitlyn’s eyes were wide, full of confusion and apprehension.  “How do I expect you to stand in the corner, young lady?”

Comprehension and dread fell on Caitlyn’s face.  “Oooohhh, Daddy no!” Robert stood and walked back around the table, his arms encircling her waist again as he said “I asked you a question.”  He didn’t wait for her to respond before he began to bring his hand down on her sore bottom, harder than he had before and just as fast.  “Daddy ow, Daddy ow!  Bare bottomed, bare bottomed!” she finally squeaked out.  He continued spanking her for another minute, while Shelby buried her face in Corrine’s lap to avoid watching.

When he was finished, he pulled her up into a hug, rubbing her back and talking gently to her, re-assuring her that he was still the proudest Daddy in the world, and more than happy to correct her when she needed it.  When she had calmed down, he allowed her to fix her underwear and skirt before glancing pointedly at Corrine. Caitlyn flushed and walked over to the couch, hands clasped in front of her as she said “I’m sorry for misbehaving while Daddy was away.” Corrine opened her arms and pulled Caitlyn into a hug, one arm around each girl for a moment before letting Caitlyn return to her Daddy’s arms.

A moment later, the quiet was interrupted by a loud rumble, one which came from Corrine’s stomach and made Shelby jump. Corrine laughed easily and said, “Anyone else hungry?  We forgot to make our own dinner plans while Daddy was away,” she said, winking at Caitlyn.  As if on cue, there was a knock at the door.  “Good thing I ordered a pizza during time-out earlier.”

Robert smiled and moved to greet the delivery person while Shelby and Caitlyn both looked at Corrine, mortified.

“What if they had gotten here early?!??”

The Jester


Beth snickered to herself as she donned her brightly colored hat, pinning it securely to her wavy brown hair.  The usually jolly bells that hung from three pronged hat had been silenced with wads of cotton.  For once she needed stealth on her side, not attention.  She gave her head a vigorous nod, pleased at the silence that followed.  She glanced in the mirror, checking that her costume was in place, before stuffing three red juggling balls into the long side pocked of her baggy pants and grabbing her mandolin from its shelf.

She paused at her bedroom door and took a few deep breaths.  A voice in the back of her head screamed at her to stop now, turn around, enjoy having the night off.  A louder, more belligerent voice forced her to open the door and step into the hallway. “Unnecessary,” the voice grumbled. “Too serious.”  I’ll show her too serious.  And really, she thought, wasn’t that the point of a court jester? So that things didn’t get too serious?

Of course, the underlying reasons for Beth’s insistence had nothing to do with the dignity of her position.  She wanted to see the three visiting heads of state.  It was rare for so many monarchs to be together, and they would only be there for the evening.  While King George had arrived several days before and would be visiting for almost a fortnight, Queens Isobel and Marion were both en route to other places, stopping as a courtesy and a gesture of thanks to Queen Coraline for the recent defeat of an ogre horde that had been terrorizing them all.  Beth had seen the arrival of the Queens earlier that day, had witnessed with the rest of the crowd the formal greetings on the palace steps from George and Coraline, but she wanted to be up close to them, to perform for them!  How could Cory deny her this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?!

She couldn’t.  At least, that’s what Beth had convinced herself, even after being given a very firm “no” by the queen earlier.  Her bottom tingled a little as she thought about the outright defiance she was about to commit.  She shrugged it off.  She would deal with the consequences later. For now, she had a show to put on.

She slipped down the hall toward the kitchen, avoiding contact with anyone as long as she possibly could.  No doubt the cook or even the head of the waitstaff would send her straight back to her room, and then she’d still end up in trouble but with nothing to show for it.  She stood by the closest kitchen entrance, observing people walk through the short hallway leading to the smaller dining hall.  She watched a parade of well-dressed servers walk past carrying small plates of beautiful julienne peppers and other colorful vegetables.  Beth took a deep breath- it was now or never!  With grace that belied her silly costume, she twirled the last of the servers around, snatching his plate and turning him antipodal before taking his place in line as they marched into the dining hall.

Beth pranced her way to the table, a giant grinned spread across her face.  The queen– her queen– had her back to the servers from her place at the head of the table in the smaller of the formal dining halls. To her right sat King George, and beside him, his wife Katherine. To her left, Queen Isobel, then Queen Marion, then Marion’s wife June.  The three women to the left were the first to spot her, smiles slowly spreading across their faces at the surprise entertainment.  George and Katherine saw her a moment later, though she noted a hint of confusion on the King’s face.  If she wasn’t good at her job, Beth would have scowled; he must have heard Cory’s conversation with her earlier.  Coraline was starting to turn, curious about the changing expressions on the faces of her company, just as Beth reached around with all the cheer she could muster and placed the Queen’s plate in front of her before backing away slowly with long graceful bows, slickly pulling her mandolin strap so the instrument slid around her torso from her back.

Coraline leveled a glare at her with eyes so stormy and dark that she almost faltered, but she couldn’t stop now.  In for a penny, she thought as she strummed the small instrument.  “And now,” she announced grandly, “I welcome to our humble land with a lesson on recent history!

“There once was an ogre hoard
Whose losses we could not afford
And so the queen said
We’ll kill them all dead!
Even ogres will fall to the sword.”

Beth took another bow with plenty of flourish as the monarchs applauded politely.  She heard the scraping of a chair against stone and she cut the bow short, standing quickly to see the queen rising up from her chair.  “That is quite enough, Elizabeth.”

“Name’s Patches, my queen, Patches Pitches! I’ll leave you in stitches!” Beth said nervously, trying to stay in character as she reached into her pockets for the juggling balls.  It wasn’t a great plan, but it was the only one she had- keep the show going.  She glanced nervously at the guests, who were starting to look confused (except for King George, who looked torn between amusement and sternness).  As the red balls soared upward, time seemed to slow and Beth had time to think about how funny it was to see such powerful people looking confused, and then Coraline’s voice cut through her thoughts. “One.”

She was so startled that she fumbled, catching a ball in her left hand while the other two rolled lazily toward the table, both bouncing softly against King George’s chair.  He picked them up, setting them gently on the table, before turning back to the scene unfolding before them.  Coraline snapped her fingers authoritatively before opening her palm expectantly.  Finally abashed, Beth walked forward and dropped the last red ball silently into her waiting hand.  “Elizabeth Adair, you have made some very poor choices tonight in your quest to have an audience.  It looks like you will get exactly that, though.”  The queen turned her attention to her guests as she continued, “Beth was disappointed to hear that her services would not be required tonight, as I wanted to keep this dinner fairly brief.  Now I must beg your apologies, as she has decided to act the fool and in doing so, acted rather foolishly.”

Beth felt her knees begin to shake involuntarily as she glanced at the table.  The heads of state all had stern expressions on their faces now (save Katherine, who look almost as petrified as she felt) and she quavered under so much scrutiny.  She couldn’t look up for more than a second, preferring instead to keep her head bowed and her eyes on the floor as Coraline continued.  “In doing so, she has not only embarrassed herself, but she has embarrassed me.  If you will excuse me, my dear queens and king, my friends, my guests, I will have to take some time now to indulge this need of hers.  Please feel free to enjoy dinner as best you can; this won’t take too long.”

And with that, she pulled her chair back, just a few feet away from a table full of the most powerful people in several kingdoms, and took a seat.  She looked expectantly at Beth, who stared back, wide-eyed, and whispered “please,” having just enough sense to keep from pleading “Cory” in front of the other royalty.  Her eyes were two brown marbles, large and pitiful as she realized that she was about to be dealt with right there in the dining hall.  She had known there would be consequences, even severe ones, but she’d been unable to keep herself from this destructive plan once she’d gotten it in her head.  She never dreamed that she’d be spanked in front of everyone, though.  It was her nightmare.

Coraline looked at her expectantly.  Beth swallowed hard, willing herself to take the few steps necessary to be right by the queen’s side.  It was no longer defiance that caused her to hesitate, but outright dread.  Still, she knew what was expected of her.  Slowly she made her way to the queen’s side, taking off her mandolin as she did so and holding it out.  Queen Coraline took it with a nod, handing it to Queen Isobel to put on the table, before reaching up to grab Beth’s wrist and tip her unceremoniously across her royal lap.  Beth was actually grateful to be in the position, at least for a moment as the queen adjusted her.  Anything was better than staring into all those disapproving eyes.  Then she felt her baggy jester’s pants being tugged open, right down the split that was supposed to come apart at very specific times in her act.  Her underwear were tugged down immediately afterward, and suddenly her bottom was as cool as her face was hot, and things were so much worse.

And then Cory’s hand started falling on her bottom, loud clear smacks that stung and made Beth wiggle immediately.  Usually the queen lectured when she doled out discipline, but she must have assumed Beth knew exactly why this was happening because she let her hand do all the talking.  Beth was starting to let out little squeaks when she noticed the feet of a server walking passed her head.  She reached up and grabbed the metal bells of her hat, tugging them, mortified– the kitchen staff was seeing her get a bare bottom spanking while they served dinner to a table full of monarchs!  Big tears started to form in her eyes, slowly rolling down her cheeks and dripping onto the stone floor, and her cries became more frantic.  Coraline paused, and Elizabeth felt a shift below her as the queen reached for something.  The next second, Beth felt the hard snap of thick leather across her sore backside, a feeling she wished wasn’t so easy to identify.  She frantically wondered where the queen might have gotten the implement.  With a gasp, she saw Isobel lay the mandolin down gently on the floor by her chair– she had undone the strap! Beth barely had time to be indignant about being spanked with her own mandolin strap, she was so busy concentrating on the grip on her hat and trying not to kick too much.  Kicking only made it worse with Queen Coraline, particularly if there was an audience.  She liked to show off how obedient her subjects were to her, how willingly obedient, and so Beth was making every effort possible to be still and quiet.  She was managing not to outright yell, at least.

And she knew she had broken this cardinal rule, that she had embarrassed Cory, which would make this punishment worse than any she’d had in the recent past.  Because of this, Beth didn’t beg her to stop, though soon her tears were intermingled with “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry ma’am” and “I’ll never be so disrespectful again, not ever.”  Eventually, the queen did stop, through abruptly, without any of the slowing down or gentle touches that usually signified the end of a spanking.

Beth did so quickly, bringing her hands to her head without being told, though she wanted to rub her throbbing bottom and knew her face was streaked with tears.  Coraline stood, grabbing a napkin from the table and using it to wipe Beth’s face.  Next she grabbed the small red ball she’d set down earlier in her right hand, then took Elizabeth’s arm with her right, marching her to the corner of the room.  She placed the ball in the corner, holding it in place with two fingers and looking expectantly at the girl before her, no trace of sympathy in her expression.  With a shuddering breath, Beth moved forward and pressed her forehead against the ball, securing her place in the corner.  She felt the queen grab the sides of her split pants again, jerking them apart, and then Beth’s hands were being placed by her sides and wads of cloth shoved in her hands.  “Keep them just like this,” came a clipped order, and then the queen was gone.

Beth cried silently as she sat in the corner, her bottom feeling twice its usual size, feeling the cool breeze of the occasional wait staff passing her by and listening to the chatter at the table.  Maybe it was awkward for them, but it didn’t seem to be.  Beth could hardly pay attention, though.  Her bottom hurt from the spanking and her face hurt from crying, and she sat in the corner feeling deeply embarrassed and ashamed of her actions that night.  She wasn’t sure how long she stood there, but she was as still as she could manage.  She was there through the entire dinner, and just barely stopped herself from letting out an audible sigh of relief when she heard chairs scraping the floor, signifying the end of the meal.

She listened as the queen bid the others goodnight, sounding as gracious and delightful as she always did, as if she hadn’t taken her naughty fool across her lap an hour ago and spanked her bare bottomed at the supper table.  Finally, Beth felt a hand on her back and she turned, practically flinging herself into the queen’s arms.  Tears that had dried up long ago suddenly appeared again as the girl began to sob harder than she had even during her spanking. “I’m so sorry, Cory.  I didn’t mean to.  I shouldn’t have.  I’m sorry.”  She heard gentle shushing noises as Coraline guided her up the stairs to the royal bedchamber.  Cory hushed her with a kiss on the forehead, and a gentle “It’s okay, Beth.  You’re forgiven.  It’s over now.”  Beth nodded her acknowledgement as her queen, her mentor, and her friend gently undid the buttons and snaps on the jester’s costume, guiding the girl as she undressed her, then pulled one of her own soft night gowns over the girl’s head.  She took another cloth, a cool one that must have been laid out for Cory’s own night time ritual, and dabbed Beth’s face until it was dry and her eyes felt less puffy.  Then she put the girl to bed, lying beside her and rubbing gentle circles on Elizabeth’s back.  Despite her aching bottom, Beth felt very content, and the rebellious feeling she had been battling for days was completely put to rest.

The Drapes Are None of Your Business


Adam paused as he shut the front door of his apartment, eyeing the bob of red hair sticking up over the refrigerator door.  He raised an eyebrow, more curious than alarmed, waiting to see who might pop up.  After a minute, the smiling face of Lilly, his wife, appeared.  “Whatdoya think?” she asked without preamble.

He tilted his head and pretended to contemplate her new hair color.  He knew, of course, that there was only one right answer, but he couldn’t resist teasing her a little bit.  “Don’t we have a rule in this house about drastic hair color changes?” he asked.  She blushed, remembering his reaction to her purple streaks a few months ago.  He had been less than pleased, and had made his disapproval clear by paddling her backside and then dying her hair back himself that very night as she sniffled over the sink.

“This isn’t drastic, Adam.  It’s a natural color!” Her eyes twinkled.  “For all you know, it’s my natural color.”  He chuckled as he loosened his tie and walked over to give her a kiss.  “Oh, I am quite sure it’s not your natural color,” he told her as he ran a suggestive hand over the back of her blue jeans.  “Yeah?” she smirked, “prove it.”

He hesitated only a second before turning her quickly around, so her back was pressed to his front and his hands could work on her belt buckle.  She giggled and shrieked as he kissed her neck and finally pushed down her jeans, revealing a pair of leggings.  He growled softly, aware of the game now, and nipped her ear as she laughed and pressed against him.  He shoved them down impatiently and she all but dissolved into a puddle of mirth at his increasing frustration.

“You are in soooo much trouble, little girl,” he whispered, tugging down a pair of black tights.  He pushed her gently forward; she caught herself on the counter before she could lose her balance.  Her bare feet were tangled in the layers he’d worked through, and her backside was out, displaying a pair of white high-waist underwear. Adam landed a hard swat on her right cheek, not surprised by the amount of padding he felt or her sly little laugh.  He landed a few more smacks before slowly peeling down the underwear, revealing a pair of bright orange hipster cut panties.  He repeated his swats, pleased to see her wince a little bit this time.

Once the orange panties were gone, he found a pair of skimpy white lace bikini cut panties, and again his hand came down.  She let out a squeal but stayed in place, even when she heard him step back to admire the view.  He could see the fresh pink of her otherwise light brown skin through the thin material, and the outline of the thong she wore underneath.  Slowly, his slipped his fingers under the band and slid them down her smooth thighs to join the rest of her discarded clothing.

He felt her tense up, finally nervous, less sure of her game now that it was almost over. Adam took her hand and guided her up and around, now leaning her back against the counter so she could see her blushy face, then pushed his own thigh between hers, pulling her into him and kissing her hard. She reacted immediately, pushing against him as he gripped her warm bare skin, the thong still resting alluringly on her hips.

He lifted, and she pulled her feet free of their trappings to wrap her legs around his waist, holding him tightly, keeping her lips plastered to his as he moved them toward the bedroom.

He lay her on top of the covers, prying her arms from his neck after a minute, mumbling a stern “Lilly” when she resisted, ignoring the pout of her lip as he stepped away.  He’d felt the speed of her heart when it was pressed against his, and he knew she was anxious about what he’d think. “Up.” She squeezed her eyes shut and pushed her middle up.  He patted her left thigh firmly, watching the muscle sway lazily under his hand. He let her sit like that, wondering if she’d drop her pelvis, proud of her when she didn’t, even when her legs began to tremble.  Finally he leaned over her, pulling the skimpy cloth away, revealing her fresh smooth skin.  He left the black panties around her ankles, letting his eye roam up her body, enjoying the blush that crept down her cheeks and past her collar bones as she felt his eyes on her.

He leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of her hips, nudging her knees apart with his arms and gently pushing her back down on the bed with his lips above her navel.   He traced a line down her stomach with the tip of his tongue, ending on tender skin that he’d never seen bare before.  “Do you like it?” she whispered nervously above his head.  He leaned up to kiss her, and she felt the answer clearly as he pressed himself against her.  “I love it,” he whispered back, his voice husky with contained lust.  He saw her eyes light up with confidence, the teasing glint from earlier replacing her momentary self-consciousness.

With an effort, he pulled back, ignoring her surprised protest.  “That wasn’t a very nice trick you played, was it, little miss?”  Lilly’s mouth opened in shock, shutting again as she saw the determined look in his eyes.  She was a master at manipulation, and she had guided every step of their foreplay so far, knowing exactly what he would do and how he would react– until now.  She’d expected him to melt into her, to take her immediately, not to pull back.  The corners of her mouth tugged down at this unplanned shift, even as a deep well erupted in her stomach.  She would never give up control, not willingly, but she relished the occasions when he took it away from her, longed for them to happen, even though it made her anxious.

“Over,” he said, watching her bottom lip begin to shake, knowing that she would hate this as much as she loved it.  She struggled with the decision to obey, fighting to squash the impulse to fight, almost losing, but finally flipping over to lay on her stomach.  When she heard the clink of his belt buckle, she whimpered quietly and gripped the covers with her fingers.  He doubled the leather, tapping it lightly on her pink backside.  “This would be for the jeans,” he said quietly, bringing the belt down hard across her cheeks.  She yelped as he brought it down twice more, felt her palms begin to sweat.”And the sweatpants,” and down came the belt three more times, making dark lines across her skin, “and for the tights.”  He took his time, delivering another set of three licks.  He paused and stepped close to her, laying his palm against her hot skin, checking on her, making sure she was okay.  She made soft noises at his touch, wanting to push against him, but not wanting to grant him the satisfaction of her mixed pleasure.  He smiled, recognizing her defiance, stepping back to finish.  “And all those panties… not nice at all, was it, Lilly?”She braced herself as he brought the belt down again, this time quickly and in the same spot across the top of her backside.  With little pause he struck again, a repeated line just below the first, and her hand flew back as he finished them.  Without missing a beat he began to count, “One.  Two,” and her hand was back in front of her, twisting the blanket fiercely, and a tear escaped down her cheek.

He tapped the belt against his own leg a few times, surprising her when he brought it down again, catching the lower curve of her bottom, causing her whole body to jerk forward.  She released a ragged sigh, and he knew she was scared of the last three swats, that she was cursing the black thong that even now was suspended between her ankles, above feet that were on tiptoe, pushing hard into the carpet.  He didn’t hold back as he delivered the last round to the top of her thighs.  She cried out, and that cost her, he knew it did, and it satisfied him to know he had reached her so quickly.He dropped the belt and went to her, flipping her over gently, kissing the corners of her watering eyes, feeling her cling to him, wanting him.  Yes, most days she plotted and schemed and she did her part to keep things interesting in their little house.  Tonight, though, tonight she was his entirely, to do with as he wanted, and he desperately, definitely, wanted…



“Go to hell, Adam!!!”

The scream came from the behind the locked bathroom door. Adam sat on the edge of their king size bed in the adjoining room. He sighed and ran a tired hand over his face, unhappy at having an argument through the door. After nearly half an hour without any discernible progress, he was quite unhappy to be continuing this argument at all . “Please,” he called imploringly, “can we talk about this when you’ve calmed down?”

He needn’t have worried that his wife’s exile to the bathroom would last long. No sooner had he finished his question but Lilly burst back into the bedroom, yelling and jabbing a finger in his general direction as she paced erratically in front of the bed. “Oh, calm down? You want me to calm down after telling me you’ve changed your mind about something you know, you know is important to me?!”

Her voice cracked at the end, and Adam struggled not to embrace her– while she might look frazzled, he knew any attempts at solace would simply enrage her more. He dropped his head into his hands, replying calmly “I didn’t change my mind, darling. I just said that maybe… well, maybe we aren’t quite ready.”

“‘We’re’ not ready?! So, you mean, I’m not ready? You don’t think can handle being away from home? Is that what you’re trying to say?” The former trace of impending tears was gone now as she let her hurt feelings hide under her anger. With a heavy exhale Adam stood and walked towards the balcony door where she stood. “No, love, it’s not–”

Before he could finish his sentence she stormed past him to the other side of the room, stopping beside the nightstand on the opposite side of the bed, putting as much distance between the two of them as she could in the small space. “Or do you mean you are not ready, Adam? I don’t know why it comes as such a surprise to you. I mean, I only mentioned that I wanted out of here on our fucking first date!!!” She reached blindly toward the little table beside her, grabbing a small vase and hurling it at her bewildered husband.

He ducked as the green glass missed his head and slammed loudly into the wall behind him. They both froze, Adam starring at Lilly with a look of disbelief as she stared with a similar expression at the broken shards now covering the floor, her right hand still raised while the left slowly rose to cover her open mouth. Then several things happened at once. Lilly moved into action, mouth and hands working against each other, apologies spilling through her lips even as her fingers moved to prepare her backside for the spanking she knew was coming. “I am so sorry– please– don’t– I won’t– I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Adam, please– please don’t–” Her entire demeanor shifted. She babbled incoherently while her hands flew to her jeans, undoing the button and zipper and shoving them toward her knees before stumbling at the bed, hands catching her, leaving her bent at the waist and babbling still. In the same instant that Lilly began moving, Adam’s entire countenance shifted. The planes of his face seemed to become sharper, his posture stiffer. His eyes narrowed, replaced the frazzled new-husband look, his expression hardening as he stood and began undoing his brown leather belt. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before folding the belt and walking to Lilly’s side of the room. He stood by her for a moment, listening to her spilled apologies and disjointed pleas. After a moment he placed a warm hand on the small of his wife’s back and her chattering ceased. He rubbed up to her shoulder blades a few times, calming them both, before stepping back. “I’m sorry…” she whispered once more as she felt him move away.

Adam brought his heavy belt down across her backside, a two dozen times at least, quickly, sharp smacking sounds filling the air, turning the skin a bright pink. Lilly’s fingers clutched the bedspread, her elbows locked in place and shaking slightly at the onslaught. When he stopped, he could see the glow of color even through her white underwear.  He pulled them down to her knees and stepped back, preparing for the last bit of the punishment. One, he counted in his head as Lilly let out a small whimper; these strokes were harder, calculated, unlike the steady whipping she’d just received. Two, he thought, bringing the strap down again just below the first lick. Three, and he had found his rhythm, four— he was halfway done. Each stroke made her gasp more audibly–five— though she remained rigid in her position. Although he never announced a number aloud, he made sure to decide beforehand how many stripes he would dole out, lest he be too harsh–six, and she squeaked– or, as he more often wished to be–seven, a hard stroke near her thighs– too lenient. He allowed number eight to fall diagonally across her backside, which glowed red. As the last stroke hit home he dropped the belt on the floor.

Hearing the clank of the buckle hit the carpet, Lilly knew it was over. She turned and plowed into his open arms, sobbing and apologizing and tripping over her jeans. “Shhh, lovey, it’s okay, shhh…” he crooned, stroking her hair and back and hugging her tightly. As she calmed he guided them back to the bed, pulling her gently into his lap, doing his best to keep her weight on her thighs.

As her tears slowed he kissed her wet cheeks, and they rocked slowly back and forth. Eventually she turned her brown eyes upward and he knew she was okay, ready to move on. He set her back on her feet as he stood, gathering his belt as Lilly eased her jeans up over her sore rear end. She slipped on a pair of house shoes as they both stepped gingerly around the broken glass and out to the balcony, settling into the cheap plastic chairs that took up the small space, Lilly sitting down slowly on the white chairs. After a moment Adam said, “You could make a home on the moon if that’s what you wanted. I know that. You know I know that.”

And Adam really believed it was true. Tonight’s spanking had nothing to do with her maturity level or abilities. The session had little (if anything) to do with their heated argument, except as a catalyst for the vase-throwing. Adam and Lilly fought sometimes, as most couples did. Truth be told, Lilly liked to fight sometimes. She liked the yelling, the venting, the energy, the making-up. Spanking had been a part of their relationship from the beginning, both as a playful bit of their sex life and a serious consequence. However, Adam was no more in favor of micro-managing than Lilly was of being managed. Discipline was reserved for things they found mutually unacceptable– throwing vases being one of those things. Usually, spankings were merited because Lilly pushed for them. Before she met Adam, she internalized everything, allowing stress to build and avoiding small problems until they became too large for her to face, sending her into a fresh melt-down every few months.  She knew what she wanted from him, though, and told him from the beginning.  Truthfully, she still internalized most things, but now Adam could read her like a book, could see the subtle signs and the hidden warnings, could coax the stress out on most occasions. Rarely did things get to the point of a mini-tantrum, but when they did Adam dealt with her swiftly, firmly– not because he found such behavior unacceptable, but because she did.

Of course, tonight had been a surprise. He didn’t think she’d planned to throw the vase any more than he’d expected her to.

“I’m sorry,” came her now-quiet voice. “I shouldn’t have jumped down your throat like that. I just felt… personally responsible for your hesitancy.” She reached out for her husband’s hand, resting their entwined fingers in her lap before continuing, “I’m just… I’m so ready to be somewhere new. And I’m ready to experience something new. This maybe be a different place for you, but I’ve never lived anywhere else. I want a change.”

Adam slowly nodded his head and gave her hand a squeeze. “I think you’re right and wrong. You’re right, I have gotten cozy here, and I’m known to drag my feet. I don’t think up and leaving as soon as you get your diploma is the wisest choice.”

It was her turn to nod thoughtfully. “So, a compromise?” Adam smiled and opened the floor for bargaining. “We save for a year and then move.” Lilly’s eyes went wide. “No way, Hose. One month from graduation.”

“In your dreams!” he replied. “Six months.”

“Move in the middle of the holidays? You are out of your mind. How about we stay the summer?”

Adam mulled it over. “End of the summer… okay, but we don’t start packing until the first day of school for the poor saps you’ll be leaving behind at the University.”

She grinned at him, standing and tugging him up as well. “You’ve got a deal,” she said as they embraced. He leaned in for a kiss, lingering afterward before tucking his face in at her shoulder, feeling her soft wavy hair brush his skin. They held each other for a while before unfolding. Lilly cast Adam a serious look before she turned towards the door. “I’m mostly excited to be getting rid of that ugly old garden gnome your aunt sent for Christmas. It will definitely be getting lost in the move.” She bit her lip, trying not to smile as she baited him.

He’d pulled her back from the door and had her leaning over the waist-high balcony railing before she’d finished the sentence; her hair fell in front of her face as she shrieked and giggled and struggled to free the wrist that was now pinned to the small of her back. She reached back with her other hand, only to have it entangled in the same long fingers, one of his big hands now holding both of hers in place. “You spoiled little thing,” he said, close to her head. “My Aunt Sally loved that gnome.” As she giggled he moved his lips to the edge of her ear, his tone changing, whispering, practically growling, in his beautiful voice (and turning her small laughter into a subtle moan), “Silly garden ornaments should be the furthest thing from your mind right now, young lady.”

Her heart fluttered and she felt the familiar chills run down her spine. She bucked backwards against his hands in what she would playfully claim was a move to free herself, though in reality she was providing what she knew would be an irresistible target. And of course the swats came, light and quick, peppering her freshly spanked backside as she shrieked almost silently, acutely aware of the possibly listening neighbors, struggling only because she liked to feel his grip tighten. His hand came down one final time, hard, centered, unexpected in its force, while his other hand released her wrists. She emitted a loud unintentional yelp, which caused her to blush as she turned around indignantly. Before she could gather her thoughts he scooped her up into his lean arms, speaking slowly into her ear as he carried her back inside and deposited her in the bedroom beside the scattered green glass.  “Now… you’ve got a mess to clean up!”