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Summer Flu


Emma scowled at Danny, who stood at the bottom of the stairs. He had his arms crossed, and he was unimpressed with her scowl. He had just ordered her back into bed, but she had no intention of going. She’d been stuck there for five miserable days with the flu, and she was so tired of being tired. So instead of turning around, she looked defiantly down the stairs, hands on her hips and scowl firmly in place… right up until Danny took a step toward her. She turned back around and stomped into the bedroom, slamming the door and furious with herself. What’s he going to do anyway? she grumbled.

Her scowl grew as she thought about this. Worst he would have done was shoo her back in here, considering he thought she was too weak to even walk down the stairs. Thoughts like these chased themselves around her head, and in a matter of minutes, she had worked herself up to getting out of bed again. This time she didn’t try to sneak down the stairs. She walked out of their room and announced over the railing that overlooked their open kitchen and living room, “I am coming downstairs.” As she took the few steps toward the staircase, she grabbed the railing to steady herself. Maybe she was a little bit more woozy than she thought. She looked up a second later, and back into the piercing blue eyes of Daniel Strauss. He had his arms crossed again, and had apparently stepped out of their home office at her announcement just in time to see her stumble at the top of the stairs.

“Emma,” he ground out, but she refused to turn around. Still, she couldn’t quite stand her ground, and so instead she sat down on the top stair. Danny’s eyebrows shot up, and she tried to ignore the way her heart jumped in her chest at his expression. When he started walking up the stairs, she scrambled to stand, but jumping up made her dizzy again and she had to stop and clutch the banister. Danny hurried up the last few steps, wrapping his arms around her and walking them back to the bedroom. “I’m fine!” Emma said, but even she didn’t believe it. She was surprised at how much energy that had taken.

She was far more surprised a second later to find herself horizontal, stomach flat against her boyfriend’s muscled thighs and torso resting on the bed. She shrieked and squinched her face up, preparing herself for the first swat, but it didn’t come. Her whole body stilled, and in the silence she could hear her own breathing, which was much heavier than it should have been for so little activity. She was keenly aware of Danny’s right arm around around her waist, holding her across his lap. His left hand tugged up her large t-shirt, then pulled down her underwear in two swift jerks, one on each side. His hand rested on her bared bottom as he began to speak.

“So you are so stir crazy that you would rather take a spanking than stay in bed. Is that what this is, Emma Grace?” he said quietly, his voice low and stern. She groaned softly and felt her face and neck go hot with embarrassment. Maybe she wasn’t exactly thinking just that, but maybe… maybe she had wanted to provoke some sort of response. Maybe. “Well I have bad news for you, kid. Because I am going to spank you,” he continued, gently running his hand up and down across the cool skin of her bottom, “but it is not going to be now. And it is not going to be tomorrow. You are going to stay in this bed, just like the doctor said, until she says it’s okay to be up.” A growl crept into his voice and Emma found herself whimpering through his lecture. “And the very second she says you are allowed out of bed, I am going to put you across my lap, just like this,” and he patted her bottom, “and I am going to spank your pretty backside until it glows.”

Emma buried her face into the bedspread, her ears burning with embarrassment. She felt her eyes well up with tears and she felt terrible for having provoked him at all, after all he’d done to care of her, and this was how— “Eeep!”

A single sharp swat had landed on her backside, and Danny said “None of that, little girl. I am not mad at you. I understand you are bored and frustrated. But bored and frustrated aren’t excuses.” He patted her bottom, and she jumped even though he was being gentle again. “And believe me when I say that I am looking forward to you being well as much as you are. Maybe more, now.”

And with that he slid her off his lap, situating her back on his thigh but seated, underwear still bunched around her legs and her arms around his neck, a magnificent pout gracing her features. “I don’t want a spanking,” she mumbled, “I just don’t want to be sick any more.”

“Well you are still sick and you are going to be spanked. All you have left to decide is how bad it’s going to be. Keep up this pouting and I’ll take off my belt when the time comes. Let tomorrow be another day like today, and I’ll get the hairbrush. Let me catch you wobbling near those stairs again,” and his eyes glittered dangerously, “and I will spank you every night for a week. Are we clear on that?”

“Yes, sir,” Emma mumbled into his shirt. She couldn’t help that her mouth was still turned into a frown, though she dared not express any further rebelliousness. She didn’t argue when he tucked her back in a few minutes later. It was still early in the evening, but she was drifting to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Danny adjusted the covers around his sleeping girlfriend, then gathered up the small bin full of tissues and replaced the bag, straightening up the room for his patient. She had been so pitiful just three days before, and now she was struggling in a different sort of way. No longer occupied with the worst of the symptoms, she was now mostly just tired and bored. And naughty, Danny thought as he washed his hands for what must have been the thousandth time since she’d gotten sick. He was trying to be patient, but she’d just used up the last of it with that stunt. He suspected Emma might have found herself searching for his limits out of sheer desperation to rid herself of the doldrums. He crossed his arms again as he gazed down at her. Not wise, little girl, he thought to himself. Not wise at all.

~   ~   ~

When Emma woke again, it was almost dark. She noticed immediately that her area was clean again, as it always seemed to be after she dozed. She felt a twinge of guilt at how stubborn she’d been all day, but then she remembered that she was now in trouble, and a nice pout pushed the guilt away and she glared at the plate of saltines that had appeared on her nightstand. A glance at her phone told her it was almost 9pm. She reached for her iPad and began to pull up Netflix, but she hadn’t even gotten to her profile before tossing it gently away again. Emma was tired of watching things. She was tired of reading things. She was really truly and un-ironically tired of sleeping.

The door slowly opened and Danny walked in, carrying a glass of ginger ale. “Good morning,” he said as he placed the ginger ale on the nightstand beside the bed. “It’s not good or morning,” Emma replied grouchily. Danny’s eyebrows raised slowly and she pushed herself back a little, as if the headboard might actually be a secret door. Her boyfriend’s face didn’t look half as pleasant as his greeting had been. He stepped toward her and put his hands flat on the mattress, one on either side of her frame, so that his torso was parallel to hers and their bodies were very close. She pulled the covers up over her nose, but couldn’t seemed to break her wide eyes away from Danny’s. He was calm and unblinking, gazing thoughtfully at her for a moment before leaning down to put his lips against her ear and say quietly, “That’s one.”

“No!” Emma found herself exclaiming as she pulled the covers down from her face, narrowing avoiding hitting his rising body. He replied as he casually walked around to his side of the bed, “Oh yes. That’s one, and if you keep arguing, it will be two. Now sit all the way up.” His voice became more commanding as he let out a string of orders. “Start sipping your ginger ale, and start working on those crackers. I want all of it gone in the next hour, before we go to bed.” He held up a silencing hand before she could protest, “Yes, bed. I don’t think you’ll have any problems sleeping, but if you do, you can spend your time thinking about how you are going to keep from getting to three in the next 24 hours.”

Emma’s mouth dropped open, then shut with a click.  She crossed her arms and fought to make her face passive.  A minute later she reached over and grabbed a cracker and shoved it in her mouth.  She couldn’t see the small smile on Danny’s lips as she fought to chew the dry cracker, but it was there.  He left her alone as he picked up his kindle and glasses; he was quickly absorbed but managed to keep an eye on the clock.  He was happy to see that half of the ginger ale was gone and so were most of the crackers after half an hour, and finished before her time was up.  He quietly put his book down and put his arm around her shoulders.  She had been reading her own book, an actual paperback in her hands.  She leaned into him and he kissed her temple.  “Time for bed, honey.”  She sighed deeply but didn’t argue.  She put her book away and got up just long enough to complete her night time routine.  She was again startled by how quickly she tired, even though her tasks had been simple.

Emma really really did not want to be spanked with a wooden spoon, or the brand new hairbrush Danny had recently acquired.  And even though she didn’t want to go back to sleep, the thought of Danny holding her was now very appealing.  She decided she was all finished being mad at him as she pushed herself up against him in the bed.  He turned obliging, molding his body to hers and kissing the back of her head.  They talked a little, mostly mindless and sweet chatter, and soon they were both fast asleep.

~   ~   ~

The next morning, Emma woke before the sun had risen.  Danny was still asleep, having rolled over in the night to his side of the bed.  She brushed her fingers through his hair gently, and then glanced at the bedroom door, biting her bottom lip.
She really wanted to go downstairs.

She slipped one leg out from under the covers and planted it on the floor, then stilled.  Now that she was contemplating the move, she was very aware of her boyfriend’s body heat in the bed and his rhythmic breathing, indications that he was sleeping soundly.  She wanted it to stay that way, though she kept telling herself that he wouldn’t mind anyway.  She just wanted to eat, really, and that was a good thing!  She hadn’t been hungry in so long, and it meant she was getting better, for sure.

As her other foot made its way to the floor and she lay awkwardly twisted, she felt another twinge of guilt.  Maybe she should wake him up.

Even as she thought it, though, she let her torso slide off the bed, snakelike in her movements until she was planted.  Then she stood, and took a step toward the door.  An overwhelming sense of freedom shot through her and she walked a little faster, until she was at the top of the stairs.  Remembering Danny’s look at her wobbling yesterday, Emma decided to sit, carefully, on the top step, and scoot her way to the bottom.  To hush the voice that told her this was a bad idea, she kept making small compromises, hoping to sooth the warning bells.  She got down the stairs safely.  He would be happy with her for that.  Definitely happy.

She walked over to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and began to rummage for breakfast. The doctor had warned her that her appetite would return much faster than her ability to eat without being sick. At the moment she didn’t care, and she poured herself a large glass of orange juice and put a bagel in the toaster. She grabbed cream cheese, and container of berries, and some yogurt. She almost grabbed the granola, but her arms were full, so she turned to put everything down on the table…

…and found herself looking directly into a pair of very unhappy blue eyes. Emma almost dropped the food in her arms, but caught herself. “Hi,” she said meekly.

“Three,” Danny replied, his voice deep and gravelly from sleep. He wore plaid white and grey pajama pants, the drawstring dangling loosely. His chest and feet were bare and his hair was still mussed. That much authority shouldn’t have been possible from someone who had been asleep just minutes ago, but the air around him seemed to crackle with it. Or perhaps that was Emma projecting— her stomach knotted and she struggled to defend herself in the face of his stern gaze.

“You were asleep, though…” she said, trying to sound confident but hearing the confession in her almost-whisper. And then the actual word he had said caught up with her brain and she dropped everything on the counter to exclaim, “Wait, three?! You were only at one before! You can’t skip—”

“I can. I did. Go back upstairs.”

“But I—”


Emma paused, feeling overwhelmed. She couldn’t move, wanting so badly to argue but also knowing that it wouldn’t do anything but get her in more trouble. And now he was going to use his hairbrush tomorrow, and she knew that’s what he would use, it’s what he always used when she was intentionally naughty, and she hated the hairbrush. One quick glance at this face told her she was seconds away from being carried up the stairs. She heard the toaster pop, her bagel was ready, and it was somehow the signal her brain needed. She glanced back at the slices longingly for a second, and then walked around the kitchen island toward the stairs, where Danny stood, still watching her.

As her right foot landed on the bottom step, a wave of heat rush up her body. She realized that he was hovering nearby so he could walk her up them, and it made her feel small to have him in step behind her. Any argument died on her lips, though, and she forced her left foot up, onto the next one. When they got to the bedroom, she couldn’t help but cast an imploring look up at her boyfriend. She wanted to be anywhere, anywhere, besides back in this bed. She said quietly, “I feel a lot better today, though, I promise.”

Danny nodded, lifted the covers, and he said, “Good. I’m glad to hear it,” and she realized in an instant that this wasn’t about her being sick, not this particular small detail. He probably would have let her get out of bed once he woke up, if she had just asked him, if she had just waited for him to or woken him up herself. This was now a battle of wills. She had done exactly what she’d been told not to do, and she was suddenly sure that she’d be regretting that choice in more ways than one. Her shoulders sagged, because she knew, too, that Danny didn’t choose his battles unwisely. He would win. He always did.

And so, she climbed under the blankets and allowed herself to be tucked in, once again. “I’ll be back up in just a minute,” Danny said before kissing her forehead and leaving the room. And he was, with half bagel on a plate, a small glass of orange juice, and a large glass of water. She gave him a shy smile and sat up in the bed, blushing faintly but also a little pleased as he spread a napkin over her lap. He wasn’t too mad at her if he was pampering her, she thought happily. Not that he ever really got mad at her. Danny more just had… expectations. And consequences for not meeting those expectations. He was surprisingly good at dealing with chaos, and would have been described by their friends as laid-back or easy going. He’d told Emma once that it wasn’t that he minded not being in control; he just was or he wasn’t. So if it was his job, or his problem, or someone who belonged to him— like me, Emma thought, smiling— he was fully involved.

She immediately frowned again, because for her, fully involved meant that he was going to spank her tomorrow.  She hated even thinking the word, even though a small voice reminded her that she would feel much better afterwards.  She released a small sigh.  No use thinking about it now.  She picked up the bagel and had a bite.

~   ~   ~

The rest of the day passed almost without incident.  Danny did let her go downstairs in the afternoon, and they watched a movie together.  She didn’t start to nod off until the end, and then she took a nap on the sofa.  She was able to eat soup for dinner without any problems.  There were a few times where she began to protest his ministrations, but then she’d watch his eyes grow dark and she’d back down immediately.  Mostly, she was able to push thoughts of tomorrow aside.  The agitation at not working– Emma’s friends would not have described her as laid-back or easy going– even subsided, partially thanks to Danny’s efforts to keep her distracted.  She suspected he might have pushed off some of his own work obligations, but she didn’t even feel bad about it.  Mostly.

Emma only brushed up against Danny’s limits once more, when it was close to bed and she wanted to shower.  “Bath,” he’d said back to her when she’d mentioned it.  “I don’t want to take a bath,” she’d said back.  “I just want a quick shower.”

“Sorry, love.  Not tonight.  I watched you stumble up the stairs, and you probably should have been in bed an hour ago.  Take a bath tonight, and I’ll sit with you.”

“I said I don’t want to take a bath!” she had said back, with more force than she had intended.

“That’s one,” Danny had replied calmly, even as he went into their bathroom and turned on the tub’s faucet.  She felt a sharp intake of breath as she stared as his back.  What’s he going to do at three this time?! she’d wondered, this time with none of the challenge that had led to her very first big act of defiance yesterday.  This time the question was scary.  She had suspected that he was only half concerned with her falling, and half trying to prove a point.  She had suspected that he wouldn’t be interested in hearing that argument.  She had undressed, and climbed into the bath.

~   ~   ~

It was afternoon before Danny decided to address her punishment.  She spent the morning on edge, not wanting to ask and also wanting badly to know.  Now the moment had arrived.  She was in their office on the desktop, sorting through emails she’d missed or not had the energy to answer before, when he appeared in the doorway.  He leaned against the frame, arms and ankles casually crossed and said, “We need to talk, my girl.”

A small sound of disappointment escaped her, but she quickly got to a stopping point in her work and stood, walking hesitantly from behind the desk to take her boyfriend’s now proffered hand.  He raised her knuckles to his lips and kissed them gently, then pulled her past him and out the door, planting a swat on her backside with his other hand.  “Upstairs and find a corner,” he said, and she did exactly that.

About ten minutes later, Emma heard the soft sound of Danny sitting on the bed behind her.  She clenched her bottom involuntarily as she waited for him to call her out of the corner.  He didn’t make her wait long.  Soon she was standing in front of him, slightly between his spread knees, anxiously pulling at the fabric of her shorts and bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet.  It was like all of the energy she’d been lacking all week suddenly returned in an explosion of nerves.  In comparison, Danny seemed perfectly at ease, but then didn’t he always? she thought.  The hairbrush was already sitting on the bed beside him, and that didn’t seem like a good sign.  Daniel Strauss had large, hard hands and a powerful swing, and when he did use implements, he typically sent her to fetch them near the end of her punishment.

There were times when she was made to explain whatever incident had lead up to the spanking, times when Danny wasn’t exactly sure about the details but was pretty sure she was guilty.  There was even one time when she had successfully explained herself and he had nodded thoughtfully before deciding not to spank her at all.  This time, though, there was no good explanation and they both knew it.  He’d still ask her plenty of questions, she knew he would, but not until she was already sore and sorry and on the brink of begging for him to stop.

He reached out and tugged on the bottoms of her shorts, which slipped off her hips to fall limply on the floor.  They were stuck around her left foot a second later as Danny pulled her forward and across his right knee.  He reached down to pick her up by the torso, swinging her legs up and making her, for the second time that week, horizontal and reaching for the blankets.  His easy maneuvering of her body made her feel especially vulnerable, and she was acutely aware that this time there would be no last minute reprieve.

She buried her face as his right hand pulled her more snugly against his body, and then the first swat fell and she wasn’t thinking about anything except the sharp sting of his palm on her backside.  Danny’s broad hand found it’s target over and over again, and though her underwear were still up, it didn’t do much to save the round curves of her bottom or the tender skin of her thighs.  He spanked her steadily, turning his hand into a metronome, not losing his rhythm even when she began to squirm, or later when she began to kick.  The only pause came after several minutes, when he decided it was time to lower her white panties.  She moaned into her arms; she always did.  It wasn’t the nudity itself but the lack of autonomy, the voteless decision to strip her of the smallest garment she wore, that made her flush with embarrassment.

There were times when he lingered at this moment, rubbing her back and observing his handiwork, but today he resumed the spanking with a sense of purpose that even in her vulnerable position, Emma recognized.  The echoey cadence of the spanking was interrupted by the noises escaping her, which were happening more and more frequently.  She had always been easy to bring to tears, but usually she did little more than squeak until the end of a spanking, when apologies would come spilling out of mouth.  She knew it was way too early for that, but her bottom already hurt so much!  Her hands, too, couldn’t be contained, though Danny was used to pinning one hand to her side or back.  Emma didn’t like to have them restrained, and so always fought to keep them forward.  At this moment they were both pressed against Danny’s thigh and she was pushing so hard that her back arched and only his strong grip around her waist held her there.

“Please, Danny!” she finally said, and to her surprise and against all precedent, he slowed down.  She relaxed her upper body as best she could, bring her hands in front of her to grab the blankets again.  As the swats slowly faded into gentle caresses, he began to speak.  “I know it has been a very hard week for you, little girl,” he said as his fingertips gently slid up and down her hot bottom and the tops of her thighs, circling the edges of her punished skin, “but I am not currently accepting ‘the flu’ as an excuse for bad behavior.”  He landed a tremendous swat at the end of his statement, then continued over her yelp, “I know it is very trying for you to not be working, and that the boredom probably felt like a punishment.  It wasn’t.”  She groaned as she felt him reach for the hairbrush, but he didn’t pause his lecture.  “By the time I’m finished with you, you will understand the difference.”

He placed the smooth wooden back of the brush against the hot skin of her backside, and pulled her body closer to his, so her side was plastered snugly against his stomach.  He reached up and placed his right hand on her right shoulder, letting it slide down her bicep so that he could untangle her arm and align it with her body, his grip settling firmly on her wrist.  She gave a little kick at this, then said pitifully, “But I’ve been good!”

She couldn’t see the brief affectionate smile on his face, but it was there.  “You have been good about your hands.  And I’m sure now that you will continue being good until I’m finished.  I’m afraid there’s no chance of it otherwise.”

Emma heard the threat in those words and began to scramble when she felt the brush lift a second later.  “No don’t don’t don’t I’m already sorry!  I’m already sorry, Danny!”

Her voice went up an octave at the last word; the brush crashed down and even though Danny knew they weren’t anywhere near the intensity of his usual “finishing” hairbrush swats, Emma was too overwhelmed to tell the difference.  For his part, Danny wanted to make good on his promise– the promise he felt was implicit when he counted to three.  Three promised consequences.  Three promised regret.

He brought the hairbrush down again and again, unfazed by her apologies or her tears or her wildly kicking legs.  Soon all of her words were lost, her entire vocabulary erased save his name, which she repeated with increasing desperation.  Eventually, even that was lost, and all that was left was the sound. Swat. After swat. after swat.

~   ~   ~

When Danny finally ended the spanking, Emma’s bottom was swollen and her breathing ragged.  He knew that it wasn’t the worst spanking he had ever given, but she was delicate now and he felt that as he held her.  Her body was worn and her emotions drained, though she had the strength to cling to his shirt and mumble into his chest, quiet “I’m sorry, sir, I’m so sorry,” while he mumbled his own “It’s okay, baby.  It’s okay,” over her.

She napped without complaint that evening.  He stayed in bed with her, reading while she slept.  When she woke, he massaged her back and rubbed lotion gently over her tender backside.  Emma pouted where she could get away with it, but generally after being spanked she felt small and doting.  She did as she was told, and he lavished praise on her for every small detail.  She even managed to keep from working one more full day.  It helped that she couldn’t bare to sit at the desk.





No Passing Zone


“Go back! I like that song!” Jade said from the driver’s seat as she and Lisa headed home from a morning spent at the park with friends. Lisa fiddled with the stations, flipping back a few, and asking, “this one?”

“Yeah,” responded Jade, immediately beginning to sing along. Lisa, indifferent to the radio, pulled up Instagram on her phone and was quickly absorbed by the app. She glanced up a minute later, though, startled to feel the car accelerate rapidly. Adrenaline rushed through her as she watched the red cab of an 18 wheeler barreling toward them, seeming to take up most of the front windshield. “Jade!” she yelled, even as she saw that they were passing another huge truck on the right.

The younger woman slid quickly back into her own lane, narrowly dodging both rigs and decelerating to match traffic as the hill they had just sped up tapered off to flat highway again. Both women were quiet for a moment, just the sound of top 40 hits chirping cheerfully at them as they both tried to slow their beating hearts. Finally Jade began, “That was…”

“A no-passing zone!” Lisa cut her off, her voice loud. “That was a no passing zone! What were you thinking?!”

Jade blushed, her own adrenaline tempered by the immediate dread that had settled over her, and said defensively, “it looked clear?”

“It looked clear,” Lisa repeated, letting the words hang in the air.  She let the quiet fill the car, until Jade couldn’t handle it and blurted, “It won’t happen again! Seriously, I know that was dumb. It was like the scariest moment of my life.”

“Get us home, little girl,” Lisa replied ominously. “It’s about to be the second scariest moment of your life.”

~ ~ ~

Jade did her best not to fidget in the corner of the living room where she now stood, hands behind her back and nose nearly touching the wall.  She wasn’t very good at corner time but she needed every ounce of good will she could muster from Lisa.  There were times when the woman’s patience brought to mind images of saints and angels. This was not one of those times. The rest of the ride home had been painfully silent, and the young woman wasn’t sure if she was dreading the spanking or the lecture that would surely accompany it more.

“Come here, young lady,” she heard from behind her. She turned to see Lisa seated on the couch, trusty hairbrush resting on the coffee table, and suddenly she was sure: she was way more scared of the spanking.

This was all too familiar now, though. Jade’s feet felt weighted as she dragged herself slowly to where her mentor sat, her face just as stern as it had been during the silent car ride home. That wasn’t good. Jade was sure she’d been in the corner for a solid 15 minute, which was long for Lisa. And she hadn’t appeared to have calmed down at all. Gulp.

Jade tried to make her face reflect how pitiful she felt right now. She didn’t have a good argument to make, and had kept herself from saying “but I made it” several times. She knew exactly how that would play out, and she liked her thighs the color they were, thanks all the same. And even she knew that it wasn’t a good argument anyway. She had gotten lucky. That was all there was to it.

So, she had her best “I’m sorry” frown in place when she stopped in front of the other woman, and even folded her hands compliantly behind her head without being asked. Lisa didn’t always start by taking Jade’s pants down, but the younger woman had a feeling. It didn’t stop her from shutting her eyes tight when Lisa reached up to undo her belt and unbutton her pants. Jade was startled into opening her eyes when she felt a hand on her hip, looking down to see Lisa grabbing Jade’s belt and pulling, watching it snake through the loops and then dangle there ominously.

Jade’s eyes went wide but she didn’t say anything, probably because Lisa was looking up with a dangerous “I dare you” face. But a voice in her mind yelled, “my belt? My own belt?!” She didn’t have time to contemplate further, though, because then her pants were around her ankles and she was pulled abruptly over Lisa’s lap, her hands leaving her head to catch herself on the couch. Her legs were moved up with infuriating ease, and she felt Lisa’s hand resting on her underwear-clad bottom as she asked, “Do I need to go over what happened today? Do I need to explain why I am about to spank your little backside all sorts of rosy?” Jade gulped again as she murmered, “no ma’am.”

“Good,” came Lisa’s voice, and then her hand was up and landing again, the muffled sound of her palm on the blue cotton underwear filling the room. Jade tried to stay still, but it was always a struggle at the beginning. She knew the spanking was going to get much worse before it got better, but those first swats always made her wiggle, and Lisa was clearly not in the mood for an extended warm up. All too soon, Jade felt her undies being pulled down, with hardly a missed beat between swats. The accompanying sound was much louder, sharp and echoey in the living room, and Jade clutched a pillow helplessly.

By the time Lisa’s hand stopped falling, Jade knew the dark skin of her bottom was a dusky rose shade, and she dreaded the next bit. She felt her body shift as her mentor reached over for the hairbrush, resting the cool wood on her hot bottom. She didn’t resume spanking immediately though, instead rubbing the younger woman’s back and asking, “What does it mean when you see two solid yellow lines on the highway?” Jade answered promptly, “don’t pass.”

“Right,” came Lisa’s response, along with two hard swats with the brush. “Why were there two yellow lines there?”

“So I wouldn’t pass?” Jade said uncertainly, and wasn’t actually surprised by the flurry of swats that came next. It hadn’t felt like the right answer, but she didn’t know what the woman wanted. “I don’t know I don’t know!” she squealed.

“What made them put two yellow lines on that hill?” she asked.

“Oh…” Jade bit her lip. She had a feeling this was the last question for a while, and as much as she hated having to answer, she really didn’t want the hairbrush spanking she knew was about to continue. Still, she answered hesitantly, “Because there was… low… visibility probably?”

“That is exactly right,” Lisa said above her, and as Jade knew would happen, she began using the hairbrush in earnest as she lectured. “You thought you knew something, little girl. Thought you knew better. You didn’t know better; you just knew less. And knowing less put you- and me- at serious risk for no good reason.” Lisa emphasized the last three words with particularly vicious swats to the young woman’s sit spots. She continued spanking and lecturing for several minutes, holding Jade in place when she started to struggle. She knew the girl couldn’t help it, but it didn’t slow her down. By the time she returned the brush to the coffee table, Jade’s bottom was hot and dark pink, every inch flushed with the impact of the spanking. The lecture has faded as the cries of “please” and “I’m sorry!” increased, and now there was only the sounds of Jade’s heavy breathing as Lisa rubbed her back with a gentleness that had not yet crept back into her voice: “We’re almost finished.”

“I learned my lesson!” Jade wailed, knowing her belt was laying on the coffee table, knowing it could only be for one reason, and knowing her protests weren’t going to change a thing. Still, she couldn’t help herself. “I’ll never pass another car as long as I live!”

Lisa patted her bottom, not hard, almost business like. “That’s unreasonable. You will obey the rules, though, or you’ll end up right back here. Stand up.” Jade took a deep breath, then eased herself backward, up on her knees. Lisa stood as Jade slowly planted her own feet on the floor, and guided the younger woman’s few steps over, until she was laying over the arm of the couch. Her tender backside was up in the air, toes just barely on the hardwood floor, keeping her balanced. She reached for a pillow again and she heard the clink of the belt buckle being lifted from the table.

Jade bit her lips, trying to prepare herself, as she felt the cool leather rest on the lower curve of her bottom. Before she could formulate a strategy, though, it was up again and whistling back down, landing across her sitspots. “Owwww!” she yelled, drumming her feet pointlessly on the floor. “Twenty-nine more” came the unsympathetic reply, along with another lick of the belt in the same spot. Jade had a moment where she thought having a number would help, but that moment ended as she quickly lost count of the number of times the black leather made contact with the same spot, kissing the meeting of her thighs and bottom.

At number 26, though Jade couldn’t have said what number they were on, she stood abruptly, hands flying to cover her sore bottom. She looked wide eyed at Lisa’s face, but the woman just raised an eyebrow as she continued to hold the belt, ready to continue. Jade kept eye contact, pleading silently for the end, but the only response she got was a question- “Should we start over?”

That was all Jade needed. She practically flung herself back over the couch arm. Lisa didn’t make her wait long. The next lick landed the moment she was settled, then three more, and then it was over. She felt her underwear being tugged gently up, and then felt Lisa settle herself on the couch, a hand running gently through Jade’s hair. Jade stayed that way for a moment, composing herself, before standing and stepping out if her jeans and easing herself down onto the couch, snuggling into Lisa’s open arms. A few quiet minutes of cuddling later, she said “Sorry, Lisa. It really won’t happen again.”

A kiss was planted firmly on Jade’s head as she heard simply from above her, “I know.” Jade smiled and snuggled closer.

That’s a Good Mutual Friend


David was not a confrontational man. He wasn’t prone to raising his voice. He never interrupted others, even when they insisted on yelling. He didn’t need to. When David had something he needed to say, people listened. Sometimes, it took a look. Sometimes, a gentle clearing of his throat. Occasionally, a loud “Excuse me.” People listened, of course, excluding Emily Anne.

She had waltzed into his life like a gentle tornado several months ago, a date set up by a mutual friend. He found her charming and charismatic, endearing and endlessly frustrating at the same time. And though he knew there was really no such thing as a gentle tornado, he found himself falling for her just the same.

Emily didn’t need to fight to make herself heard, either. She was fiercly independent, the kind of woman who did not ask permission and did so unapologetically. She found David steady and kind, intriguing and genuine, and above all, trustworthy. She was falling for him as well.

When they had their first fight, David was unprepared. It was over such a small thing… he had come to pick her up for a date, and her front door was unlocked, keys dangling from the beneath the handle. He’d grabbed them and let himself in to her apartment with a knock. “Emily?” he had called. He gave her a reproving look as he handed them over. “Be careful, babe. You left these in the door.” Instead of a thank you, she had rolled her eyes as she took them, dismissing him with a flippant “oh I do that all the time.”

“You leave your keys in the door? All the time?” he had asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Not a big deal. Where are we going for dinner?” she answered, brushing him off.

“I think it is a big deal, young lady,” he said, followed by a pause as he tried to mask his own surprise. Young lady? Where had that come from? He continued though, “This is not the worst neighborhood, but keeping your door locked is an effortless way to keep yourself a little safer.” His second surprise came when she didn’t argue or agree, but huffed at him. She huffed!

For her part, Emily had no idea where the huffing came from either. She just felt herself give in to some small unreasonable voice that rarely escaped. In restropect, she recognized that David was the first man she had ever trusted enough to hear that voice, but in the moment she just felt confused, and instead of backing down, she picked a bigger fight. They both got mad. Dinner was cancelled.

A week later, laying in bed at his apartment and both feeling the warmth from a now empty bottle of wine, Emily let the little voice take over again. Playfully she walked her fingers up his bare chest, smiling mischievously until…

“OW!” David yelled.

Emily snuggled closer to him as he covered his freshly pinched nipple. “Oops,” she said. A minute later, her fingers crept back up to his chest, this time taking only a few tiny steps before they were captured in his much larger hand. Leaning his head down close to hers, he said in a scary and quiet voice, “if you pinch me again, I will spank that little backside of yours until you can’t sit still.”

Butterflies errupted in her stomach and she jerked her hand back, tucking her mischievous fingers between their bodies and hiding her face in the crook of his arm. He smiled, though she couldn’t see it. The wine had made him bold, but he had listened to his instincts, and been prepared to apologize if he had read her wrong. It seemed to have paid off.

Two days later, it was date night again. As David climbed the steps to her apartment door, a bit of metal glinted in the evening sun. His expression darkened. Surely not.

Her keys again hung from the door. David grabbed them and walked inside, calling out. “Emily Anne?” though he expected no answer this time; he could hear a hair dryer running in the bathroom. When he appeared in the mirror behind her, she jumped and shrieked. “David! You scared me!”

“That is not all I plan to do,” he said, reaching over to unplug the hair dryer before taking it from her hands and setting it on the closed toilet lid. “You have some thinking to do.” With that, her grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the bedroom, steering her directly into the one unoccupied corner by the bed. Her outfit for the evening was laid out neatly, but for now she wore only her underwear and a blue tank top. “Why?!” she said as he arranged her hands behind her back, and he was pleased and affirmed in his choice by the faint whine he heard there, what he recognized now as a secret and rare glimpse of her most free self.

“Because a certain little girl left her keys in the door. Again.”

Emily made to turn around, and he knew she was rolling her eyes. A sharp thwack rang out, and Emily practically flung herself back into the corner. He had swatted her! And it hurt! She felt her face begin to burn with embarrassment. This was what she wanted, she thought. She had danced around it from practically the beginning of the relationship; it was perhaps the only thing in her life for which she had never directly asked.

David stepped back and watched the handprint bloom on the undercurve of her left cheek, faint fingerprints reaching out from beneath her peach colored underwear. If David had not been David, she would have eventually been forced to have one of those direct and difficult conversations. But perhaps their mutual friend knew more than they gave her credit for, because David suspected exactly what she wanted, and now he felt more confident than ever.

When he was sure that his girlfriend would stay put, at least for the time being, he walked back to the restroom and grabbed the sturdy wooden hairbrush she’d been using when he arrived. He returned quickly, set the hairbrush on the bed and moved her outfit to her dresser. Then he made himself comfortable, sitting on the bed’s edge and watching Emily shift her weight from foot to foot for a moment before he began to speak. “Stop fidgeting,” he began sternly. “You have landed yourself in trouble, and from now on, that is going to include corner time, so I suggest you get used to this position.” She groaned and leaned her head forward, letting it softly thunk into the joint of the walls.

“And when you are finished with your time-out, I am going to put you across my lap and spank your bare bottom.”

“David!!!” she wailed, having been unprepared to actually hear those words, and her hands jumped to cover her backside. He had expected something like this, and easily took the two steps from the bed to her corner and planted a matching swat on her right cheek, more pink fingerprints blooming. He smirked to himself as she went rigidly back into position. She wasn’t the only one who knew how to push buttons. He was thoroughly enjoying this.

He settled himself back on the bed and began to scold her. “I believe I was very clear about my feelings on you leaving your door unlocked, much less having your keys left there for the taking. And I understand that accidents happen, and we all have our moments. But you did not take me seriously the first time I showed concern, so you are going to take me seriously now.” She had begun to shift again as he lectured, and this time he let her. Her time in the corner was going to be over soon. He let her stand for several minutes in silence for good measure, though.

When he said “come here,” she jumped and pushed herself farther into the corner. He kept quiet, and was proud to see her ease herself out a moment later and shuffle to his side. She looked down at him pitifully, her mouth curved in a pout. “Do we have to?” she said softly.

“No,” he replied thoughtfully, taking her hands in his and squeezing them reassuringly, “but we’re going to.” And he pulled her gently to his side and then across his lap. She settled herself, would have even called it comfortable if she hadn’t been so nervous. David didn’t make her wait long. He pulled her in close with his left arm and said, “I think this is long overdue, little love. When I’m finished, you are going to have a very sore bottom, and a new motivation for keeping track of your keys. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” she said into her arms, and though it was muffled, he felt a second surge of pride. Not wanting to make her wait any longer, her raised his right hand and began to spank her. She remained still as his hand bounced on her quickly warming backside, absorbing each swat stoically. He smiled as he spanked her, unsurprised. His instinct to grab the hairbrush had been right; she had never been entry-level at anything, and spanking was no exception for his exceptional girl. He paused and hooked his fingers under the elastic of her underwear, ready with his free hand when she did react with a squeak and a frantic attempt to stop him. He paused, his left hand around her wrist as she clutched the thin fabric with her right hand. “What kind of spanking did I say this would be?”

She jerked her hand free and pulled it back under her, attempting to get out of the question by showing compliance, but he had no plans to let her get away with it. “Emily Anne,” he said sternly, and he could feel her body tense in resistance. Alright, he thought, and he resumed spanking her, underwear still up but his hand now much further down, softer swats because that’s all it took when one spanked a pair of naughty thighs. Emily didn’t think they felt softer at all, and now her feet did kick and she finally yelled “bare.”

He stopped, resting his hand on her bottom again, and asking in the silence, “how?”

She screwed up her face and her courage and said again, quickly but clearly, “on my bare bottom.”

“Good girl,” he said, and then she felt the cool air hit her hot bottom and she attempted to bury her face under the bedspread. David resumed spanking her, a little surprised to see that she still remained fairly still. That wouldn’t last long, he thought, glancing at the hairbrush. A moment later, he paused to grab it, gripping her tighter before resting the smooth wood on her bottom to prepare her. Again her muscles constricted, this time in anticipation, and he proved to be right about her stoicism as he brought it crashing down.

“David! Please!” she yelled, keeping her hands away but moving her backside and legs this way and that in a vain attempt to escape the dreadful sting of the wood on her bottom. “I won’t do it again!”

“Oh, you might do it again. And we will deal with that if and when the time comes,” David said as he continued his steady assault on her backside. “What you will not do is ignore me when I express concern for you, not without facing consequences. Also,” he said, as if it were an afterthought, “no more pinching.”

“Okay! Yes sir. Yes sir. Okay!” she replied. He swatted her a few more times, then set the brush aside and asked, “Are you going to behave yourself for the rest of the evening?”

She nodded meekly, and he swatted her thighs. “Ouch! Yes sir!”

“Good,” he said smiling. He pulled her underwear up and allowed her to stand; she immediately began rubbing her bottom, her bottom lip trapped by her teeth as she hopped up and down. “That really hurt!” she said accusingly, but her expression was more pitiful than challenging. He smiled and opened his arms, whispering gently into her ear a moment later, “Spankings are supposed to hurt. The next one will hurt, too. And the one after that.”

And though she knew it was supposed to be a threat, she smiled into his chest, feeling content and happy, and very very sore.

Helmets Not Optional


Lisa dropped her purse on the counter and headed to the fridge, while Jessie made herself comfortable at the kitchen island. “I wish a water main break would shut down our offices,” she said as she watched Lisa put together a couple of gin and tonics. It was fast approaching fall, but it was still hot in the early afternoon hours. Lisa had called when she’d found out she’d be working a half day, and Jessie, who only worked until noon on Fridays, immediately agreed to meet at Jessie’s house for an afternoon of porch sitting.

Lisa smiled, handing her friend an icy drink and heading outside. “The kids always think they are the most excited, but I swear someone popped a bottle of champagne in the teacher’s lounge. It’s amazing what a few unexpected hours of freedom will do for one’s mood.” Jessie had followed, and now the women made themselves comfortable in the two big rocking chairs that dominated the front porch.

There was a cool breeze to temper the afternoon sun, and they were content after a few minutes to sit in silence with each other, sipping their drinks and listening to the birds chattering. It was the kind of peace that didn’t need commenting on, until-

“What the hell was that?” Jessie asked, opening her momentarily closed eyes at the sudden deafening noise of an engine, one which was already fading again. Lisa looked irate, as she gestured at the road. “Some jackass on a motorcycle who doesn’t understand that this is a neighborhood, not a highway.”

They both grumbled a moment, but it wasn’t enough to spoil their peace. When the rumble grew close again, though, they both perked up much earlier, two sets of eyes peering down the street at the rapidly approaching bike. When it blew by this time, both women sat frozen, Lisa with her glass halfway to her mouth, which hung open. Jessie’s lips formed a hard line and her eyes looked like they might bulge out of their sockets. Lisa found her voice and said with obvious disbelief, “Was that…?”

“Yes,” came Lisa’s terse response. She stood, hands on her hips, still glowering at the now empty road. “And without helmets. I’m gonna kill her.”

Lisa knew the her to which Jessie referred was Harper, whose dark locks had been unmistakeable on the back of the motorcycle. Lisa stood now, too, thinking a similar threat about the short haired woman who had been driving. She felt her position mirror that of her friend’s, and it was a very different silence now as they waited for the bike to make its third pass.

When it did, there was no mistaking that the two joyriders had spotted the women on the porch. The red of two small brake lights appeared immediately, though they were much too far past the house to stop.  They watched the bike slow and take an early right turn, making its way around the block. It took several minutes. Jessie was sure there had been a fierce discussion about whether to come back at all, and was glad this time for the putter of the engine as it neared the house once again.  They hadn’t even stopped before Jessie was off the porch, marching furiously toward the bike and its nervous riders.

Harper took in the look on Jessie’s face moments before she reached them, and immediately panicked, scrambling backwards off her seat as she yelled “Jessie don’t!”

It was too late. Jessie easily moved around the bike and the moment Harper’s sneakers hit the pavement, she was bent forcibly back over the leather seat, and Jessie’s hand was coming down hard and fast on the seat of her jeans.  Jade felt the color drain out of her face as she automatically held her stance, keeping the bike steady. It felt like a betrayal to her hapless friend, but she didn’t know was else to do. Her heart was pounding as she tried to tune out the very public spanking that was happening inches behind her. She risked a glance toward the house and toward Lisa, half-terrified that it was about to be her turn over the motorcycle.  Lisa was still on the porch, but Jade didn’t have time to be thankful.  She felt the balance of weight shift again and she adjusted automatically, and then the sharp “off, now.”

The second the bike was steady, there was a sharp pain in her right ear, and she found herself being dragged across the lawn.  A small part of her brain registered a flustered sob from a few feet away, from poor Harper who was held captive by her left ear on Jessie’s other side. She was released at the porch steps, where Lisa looked especially intimidating as she towered above her.  She took a quick step away from Jessie, looking at the ground and rubbing her ear furiously. A quick glance upward revealed Harper’s flaming red face, freckles hidden in her furious blush.

“I am so sorry to be leaving in such a rush,” Jessie said, and Lisa shrugged and smiled humorlessly back at her. “Call me tomorrow?” Jessie nodded, shot a quick glare in Jade’s direction, and turn toward the driveway.  To Jade’s surprise, Harper didn’t glance back at all.  She moved in close to Jessie, who wrapped her arm around the mortified girl.  Jade found this surprising. She was mad at Jessie for embarassing her friend like that. But Harper didn’t seem angry.

“Natalie Jade,” came Lisa’s voice, and she was snapped out of her contemplation, “what do you have to say for yourself?”  Jade mumbled something unintelligible.  Lisa was not lowering her voice in the slightest, and while it may not be as bad as finding oneself bent over a motorcycle and spanked on the street, being lectured like a 15-year-old in the front yard came with its fair share of embarrassment. “Speak up,” Lisa prompted.

“I didn’t think you’d be home,” she said, digging the toe of her right sneaker into the grass at her feet, dislodging a late blooming  dandelion.

Apparently, this inadequate answer used the last of Lisa’s patience. She turned, gathered the glasses from earlier, and stormed into the house. Jade hesitated only a moment before scrambling up herself, half afraid that if she didn’t, she’d be dragged again by her ear. Once had been plenty.

As she closed the door, she heard Lisa’s voice from the kitchen, above the clutter of dishes being moved around in the sink. “Corner!”  Jade had never been sent to the corner before, but she didn’t ask for further explanation. She glanced toward her room, then of the living room, unsure which Jessie wanted. It was still fairly early, and the blinds were open in the living room.  Jade dashed toward her bedroom, shoving some dirty clothes out of a mostly empty corner and standing there, placing her hands awkwardly on her head, then crossing them, then finally settling with them neatly clasped behind her back.

When she heard Lisa enter the room close to 10 minutes later, she looked over automatically. Seeing the brush in her hand, Jade immediately turned, jamming her backside into the corner where she had been standing, hands out defensively as she said “you don’t need that!”

Lisa didn’t bother answering her. She went over to the bed and made herself comfortable, sitting by the pillows and leaning against the backboard, legs straight in front of her. “Get over here.”  Jade couldn’t help but glance at the bedroom door, but she did it she was told. As soon as she was in reach of the bed, Jesse reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her close enough that she could lean over and undo the button of Jade’s jeans.  She left them up, for now, and pulled Jade across her lap. She took a moment to make sure the girl was settled, and then began to spank her with her hand on the seat of her jeans.

“I should not have to tell you that a helmet is required when you are riding that thing! You are an adult woman, with a brain that works just fine.  So you better start using it!” Even through her jeans, Lisa’s hand was stingy, and she didn’t neglect Jade’s sit spots or the tops of her thighs.   She paused her lecture only to pick up the brush, which she began to apply with just as much vigor. “And what on earth were you doing joy riding around the neighborhood? There are plenty of country roads and more than enough highways around here for you to go play on.”

The use of the hairbrush had Jade wiggling a little now, but she managed to say “I didn’t want to take Harper on the highway!”   She would have said anything to pause the onslaught. She could handle the brush over denim, but her brain was in overdrive thinking about the next logical step in this spanking. She was terrified.

As if reading her thoughts, Lisa set the brush down and grabbed the waist of Jade’s pants, tugging them down well below her bottom. The younger woman wore black and red boy cut underwear, under which peeked a dark blush of pink.  “Oh,” said Jessie as she began spanking Jade again with her hand, “so now you’re concerned about Harper’s safety? I am not sure if that girl has ever been on a motorcycle, and she should know better herself, but it’s your machine and you were driving the thing. It is your responsibility to make sure that she is wearing a helmet, too.”

“I’m sorry!” Jade wailed. She wasn’t sure why she kept talking. Everything she said just got her in more trouble.  “Lisaaaa, nooo,” she whined minutes later as the other woman yanked Jade’s underwear down. Jade felt the cool  wood of the hairbrush against her hot bare skin and kicked her legs into the bed.  “No, no, no!” Lisa merely wrapped her free arm around the younger woman’s waist.  “My patience for temper-tantrums is low on a good day, little girl.  Take a guess at how much patience I have for you today?” And then the brush was falling, interrupting Jade’s groan of frustration.

Her feet began to kick again immediately, but not the big dramatic show from before.  Now her legs made small, desperate movements, which matched the small desperate noises she was making.  Lisa didn’t stop until Jade was out of breath and her bottom was swollen and red.  When Jessie was finished, it was usually abrupt.  This time was no exception.  “C’mere,” she said as she set the brush down.

Jade scrambled up, laying on her side and throwing her arms around her mentor and best friend, not caring that her pants and undies were still around her knees.  She clung to her as Lisa ran her fingers through her hair and occasionally planted kisses on the top of her head.  When Jade had calmed down, Lisa looked down and tipped the girl’s chin upward. “Never again.  Or you will sell that bike and I will spank you every day it’s on the market.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jade gulped. She buried her face again, and reached a hand down tentatively to rub her sore bottom. At least at this moment, she wasn’t sure she’d ever want to sit on a motorcycle again!

Temper Tantrum


“Give it BACK!”

Shayla stopped at these words, one hand on the knob of the bedroom door, and took a deep breath… then one more, for good measure. She turned around slowly to look at her girlfriend, the one who had yelled this demand, the one who was still standing in the corner but not facing it like she was supposed to be. Oh no, instead she was standing with her arms crossed, shoulders back, and a mutinous look on her face.

“Jaynie…” Shayla said, her voice low and full of warning.

“It’s my phone,” Jaynie said, her brow furrowing even more, her mouth in a hard line. Shayla had to resist the urge to let her mouth drop open. This was out of character for Jaynie, even on her naughtiest days. She slowly crossed her arms as she contemplated the situation, staring right back into the face of her rebellious girl. She’d thought she was being generous with corner time and a few warning swats. She’d thought it was reasonable to confiscate the phone for the evening, after Jaynie threw it across the room in frustration when a picture wasn’t loading fast enough for her. She’d thought it was going to be a quiet night.

Well well. Plans had changed.

What she wanted to do was grab Jaynie by the arm and start spanking. Instead she brought herself up to her full height, reached into her pocket, and pulled out the phone in question. “Jaynie Michelle, you take a good long look at this phone,” she said, holding it up. “And you start getting used to the idea that you won’t be using it for anything but work until I say otherwise.” As she talked, she opened the top drawer of the dresser beside her, placing the phone inside, her eyes never leaving Jaynie’s. “I’m not going to hide it. I’m not going to keep it on me at all times. I am going to leave it in this drawer, and you will ask me for permission any time you want to check it.” She shut the drawer firmly with one hand, and began to slowly walk toward the corner as she talked. “I don’t know what has gotten into you, young lady, that makes you think it’s okay to behave this way, or to talk to me like that. I do know that you are going to feel very differently by the time we’re finished here.” She kept her steps slow and her voice even, moving closer and closer to Jaynie, who was trying very hard to maintain her defiant posture. Shayla wasn’t falling for it, though. She saw the nervous glance Jaynie cast at the closet where they kept the Mean Paddle. She saw way her fingers clenched and un-clenched around the fabric of her shirt.

“You can’t…” came Jaynie’s voice as she summoned the last of her bravado, but it was too late. Shayla way right next her now, the Look on her girlfriend’s face mere inches from hers as Shayla interrupted her. “Oh, but I can.”

And with that she reached out and grabbed Jaynie’s ear, pulling her toward the bed. Jaynie tried to pulled back, screeching “you’re hurting me!”

“It wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t resist,” came the unsympathetic reply. “You won’t be thinking about your ear for much longer anyway.” With that she plopped down on the bed, putting one leg up and using the other to anchor herself on the floor. In no time, Jaynie was across her lap, her sweatpants a puddle around her ankles as Shayla pulled the girl in closer to her own body and reached for the hem of her underwear. “No no no no no!” yelled Jaynie, reaching back and trying to stop the inevitable. Shayla merely snatched up the girl’s hand along with her panties, pulling both up to the small of Jaynie’s back, leaving the young woman bare cheeked and very uncomfortable. “No!!!” came another useless wail, accompanied by feet kicking the ground hard.

Shayla watched the girl struggle, her eyebrows raised, surprised at the brazenness of the girly over her lap. Jaynie had accepted that she was about to be punished, but she had in no way accepted the punishment itself. That was fine with Shayla. She was more than ready to spank the defiance right out of her bratty girlfriend. She raised her hand and brought it down with a loud crack on the girl’s left cheek, then the right, then again and again and again, without pause. Usually she didn’t start with fast swats, mostly because she liked watching the color grow and her hand prints appear, and then slowly disappear into the reddening canvas. There was nothing fun about this spanking, though. Not for either of them.

A grim smile appeared on her face. Fun, no. Satisfying? Absolutely. She increased the force of her swats as she remembered the phone bouncing off the bed and onto the floor earlier, starting this entire thing. Even that wasn’t entirely true. In all honesty, Jaynie had been snappy and rude since she had gotten home from work that afternoon. Nothing outright– she knew better than that– but certainly uncalled for. As Shayla thought about every eyeroll she’d pretended not to notice, every snide remark she had ignored, she moved her hand down, concentrating on the barely pink crease between Jaynie’s thighs and bottom. The girl’s wiggling increased as Shayla found her target over and over again, letting her palm meld into the shape of Jaynie’s sit spots, spanking them and then even spanking beneath them, purposefully targeting the tops of the woman’s thighs in a way she only ever did during punishment spankings.

Jaynie kicked through the entire thing, once kicking so high that Shayla stopped spanking, but only long enough to bend down and say quietly into her ear, “if you kick me in the face, I will repeat this spanking from beginning to end every night for a week, little girl, so I suggest you get your little feet under control.” In response she got something close to a growl as Jaynie turned her face away and buried it in the blankets. She kept her kicking, lower, though, even if she wasn’t ready to acknowledge her obedience.

By the time Jaynie’s backside and thighs were a uniform dusky dark pink, Shayla’s hand was starting to hurt. Good timing, she thought, as she released the younger woman with the short command to stand. She stood, but Shayla noticed the hard glare still in her eyes as she looked down, and noted that she didn’t reach back to rub her bottom (though she must have wanted to desperately). That was okay with Shayla. It didn’t happen often, but she’d been here with her girlfriend before. It was a marathon, not a sprint. “Get the paddle,” she said firmly, not leaving her spot on the bed. Jaynie stepped out of her pants and walked toward her closet. “The one in my closet,” Shayla said pointedly. She watched her girlfriend hesitate, then do as she was told. Discipline or not, she couldn’t help but appreciate the beautiful glowing rear end as she watched Jaynie walk toward the closet and get the dreaded mean paddle, a slim dark wooden implement they’d stopped using in play early on.

Jaynie held it away from her, like it was a poisonous snake, but brought it back without any fuss. She held it out to her older girlfriend, who didn’t immediately take it. Instead she reached out and swiftly swept Jaynie’s panties down from their high perch, until they were pooled around her ankles. Caught by surprise, Jaynie squeaked and made a very delayed grab for her them, which quickly turned into a useless attempt at covering herself. A blush crept up her chest, and in seconds her face was flaming with embarrassment. Shayla didn’t try to hide her satisfaction as she scolded, “you certainly haven’t been bashful the rest of the afternoon, young lady. I don’t know why you’d start now. You have been acting like a spoiled brat, and brats in this house don’t get any modesty.” And with that she grabbed the paddle with her right hand, then hauled Jaynie back over her lap with her right.

This time she start without much strength behind her swats. She didn’t need it. Even the lightest spanked made Jaynie jump, and soon little squeals were escaping from the girl’s mouth at every swat. Shayla wasn’t after squeals, though. She ignored the pitiful noises and gradually increased the force spanking, letting the paddle speak for her. She knew the sensation was shifting from sharp and stingy to deeply painful; the girl’s bottom was burning brighter with every round of swats. Soon Jaynie was kicking again, but these weren’t the angry rebellious kicks from earlier. No, these she couldn’t help if she tried. Shayla paused long enough to wrap her legs around the young woman’s, hoisting her up so she had full access to every pink bit of her bottom and thighs. She slowed her pace as she began to lecture again, punctuating her words with painful paddle swats.

“We do not throw phones in this house, little girl. You know better. And if you do decide to have yourself a tantrum, then you accept the consequences like a big girl. You earned yourself a few minutes of corner time. You earned it, Jaynie Michelle. And that means you keep your nose pointed at the wall and your mouth shut until you are called out. Instead, you decided to yell at me. You decided that you were going to make the rules. But that is not how things work for you. Maybe you forgot. You won’t be forgetting again soon, though. That is a promise.”

With that she brought the paddle up high, bringing it crashing almost immediately back down on Jaynie’s swollen bottom. The girl might have been able to handle the hard spanking or the scolding, but both together were too much. “I’m sorry” she wailed into the covers, still struggling fruitlessly to escape the brutal swats that kept landing on her bottom and thighs. “I’m sorry, too, but sorry doesn’t cut it,” came Shayla’s heartless reply.

She really wasn’t heartless, but she was determined to make sure they didn’t have a repeat of tonight’s attitude any time soon. If she stopped too early, before Jaynie was really and truly sorry, they’d be here again before the week’s end. And Jaynie would hate every minute of it– not just the spanking, but she would hate the spiteful words that would come from her mouth, hate the mean attitude she’d fling in Shayla’s direction. But she wouldn’t be able to stop it. Oh yes, they had been down this road before.

And so despite the wails that were starting to sound a bit like crying, she kept right on paddling Jaynie’s backside, deliberately hard and deliberately fast, not influenced at all by the bucking girl’s imminent tears as she lay there trapped between Shayla’s legs. “Please baby, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” Her cries fell on deaf ears, though. With the skill of an experienced spanker, Shayla shifted her legs, bringing the girl’s bottom up and forcing her little cheeks to spread slightly so that she could spank every single inch of her naughty backside. Soon the apologies and begging stopped, and there was only the sound of spanking and crying in the small bedroom. Shayla finally slowed her hand, completing one last circuit around the very red, very swollen bottom before ending with a dozen swats that were harder than any of the rest. She tossed the paddled aside, using the punishing hand gently now, running her fingers lightly around the edges of the girl’s poor bottom as she let her cry over her lap. Her left hand massaged Jaynie’s back, occasionally running her fingers up through her hair, twining them delicately through the girl’s curls and back out. After a few minutes, she firmly tugged the young woman’s shoulders, and Jaynie slid effortlessly down to the ground, kneeling at her girlfriend’s feet and burying her head in Shayla’s lap, soaking up every comforting touch and caress.

Shayla took one more deep breath as she ran her thumb along Jaynie’s cheek and slipped a hand under her chin, forcing her to look up. “You owe me ten minutes, little one,” she said, not unkindly. Fresh tears filled the big pitiful eyes below her, spilling immediately onto Jaynie’s already wet face. Slowly, wincing, and with a little help from her girlfriend, Jaynie stood, stepping out of her long forgotten underwear and not in the least self-conscious now. She made her way into the corner, arms folded obediently behind her, still sniffling. A few seconds later, Shayla gently wiped her face with a tissue, then planted a kiss on the girl’s temple before leaving her to finish her time.

Ten minutes later… well maybe closer to 8, but Shayla made the rules in the first place, so she could change them if she wanted! Jaynie was called out of the corner. Shayla lay on the bed, arms open and ready, as her girlfriend practically dove on top of her, snuggling in close and burying her face into her girlfriend’s chest. Shayla’s lips found Jaynie’s forehead and rested there, occasionally lifting to whisper soft “I love yous” and “you are such a good girl.” For the most part, though, they were quiet, finding the comfort they both needed.

Puppy Problems


Jaynie reached blindly toward the nightstand, intent on shutting up the buzzing alarm clock. It stopped the noise making all by itself, though, so she snuggled back against her pillow… for all of five seconds before she felt the covers jerked away. “Shayla…” she whined, throwing a stuffed bear aimlessly over her head before curling up into a tight ball, clutching the pillow.

Shayla knelt gingerly on the bed, gently nudging Jaynie over, belly-down, and straddling her waist. Jaynie relaxed some as she felt her hair being brushed gently to the side. “Jaynie Michelle…” and Jaynie’s sleep-addled brain didn’t pick up on the use of her middle name, more distracted by the kiss that followed, a soft peck on the nape of her neck.

“That is the third”– the kisses began to trail down her spine– “time” –and the corners of her mouth inched upward– “your alarm” –Jaynie’s eyes fluttered beneath her lids– “has gone off.”

Goosebumps slowly covered her arms as Shayla’s soft lips reached the edge of the blue panties Jaynie had worn to bed. Shayla let her lips wander back up, ending with a soft nip and a rumbly growl in her girlfriend’s ear. “I’m going to start the coffee. If you’re not up when I get back, I am going to spank your pretty little backside. Capisce?”

And with that Shayla bounded up off the bed, ignoring Jaynie’s disgruntled moan of protest and heading downstairs to the kitchen.

~   ~   ~

Half an hour later Jaynie stepped out of the bathroom, freshly showered and wrapped in a towel. She froze when she saw Shayla sitting on the wooden chest by the foot of their bed, softly tapping a big wooden spoon against her thigh. Jaynie took a step backward, her hand going automatically to cover her backside. “I got up!” she said
defensively, eyes glued to the spoon. Shayla raise her other hand, and Jaynie’s eyes got wide as her girlfriend dropped the chewed remains of a lap top cord to the floor. “Oh, shit…” Jaynie closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

“‘Oh, shit,’ is right, Jaynie Michelle. I reminded you twice to put my computer up before you came to bed. And now your puppy has chewed through two chargers.” Jaynie bit her bottom lip guiltily. Shit, shit, shit, she thought as her eyes kept flicking back to the slowly thudding spoon her girlfriend still wielded. She clutched her towel, knuckles turning white with nerves. “I’m sooorrrryyyy, it won’t happen again, you don’t have to…” her voice trailed off and she fidgeted, beginning to cringe a little as the spoon dropped over and over.

“I know it’s not going to happen again. To insure that, you’re grounded for a week, little girl. And yes, you are most certainly getting a spanking. You’re grounded to prevent mishaps in the future. This spanking is for the mistake you have already made. March your little self on over here.”

“Aww, Shay, please, it was just an accident… the phone rang, and then when I got off I was tired and came up to bed, and then I just forgot about it…” Even as she attempted to make her case, she was shuffling slowly toward the chest where Shayla sat waiting. In truth, it wasn’t the forgetfulness that was landing her in trouble.  It was that Shayla was right.  She had reminded Jaynie twice, and both times Jaynie had blown her off.  So there was no getting out of this one.

As soon as her girlfriend was near enough, Shayla leaned forward and grabbed her arm, pulling the young woman forward and across her waiting knee. “It was an accident!” Jaynie whined, wiggling and trying to reach back and keep her towel from falling off her backside.

Shayla wrapped one arm around her girlfriend’s waist and delivered a pair of sharp smacks just below the towel’s edge. “Move ’em, sister.” Jaynie squealed but moved her hands forward as Shayla flipped open the edges of the towel, creating an open flap over Jaynie’s rear. Without further scolding she began to apply the spoon, snapping it down crisply all over the hapless girl’s wet backside. Jaynie’s hands reached back several times, but she managed to keep them out of the way, leaving them fluttering but not interfering. Shayla didn’t waste any time, keeping a steady rhythm, ignoring the squeaks and protests and promises pouring from Jaynie’s mouth. Soon the pleas began to run together into a constant stream of wordless nonsense. Shayla kept the same pace but upped the strength of her swats, concentrating on one spot at a time, feeling Jaynie buck underneath her.

The women played often; spanking was a part of their daily lives.  This was Trouble, though, and for Jaynie that meant no warm up.  No panties.  No breaks.  Shayla laid into pale skin, watching her own brown hand flash over and over again across an increasingly bright bottom.

She slowed down as abruptly as she’d begun, and as soon as Jaynie heard the spoon being set on the chest her waiting hand finally landed on her now scorched bottom, rubbing furiously. Shayla pulled her up, standing as well, and propelled her toward the corner with a solid swat. Sniffling, Jaynie leaned her head against the wall and folded her hands up in front of her, keeping the towel up loosely and shifting her weight from foot to foot.

She heard the bedroom door open as Shayla left, then again when she walked back in fifteen minutes later, and she heard whimpers in a key not unlike her own minutes ago. She looked back over her shoulder, blushing as she made eye contact with Shayla, but she didn’t turn back toward the corner. Shayla was smiling softly, so Jaynie knew she wasn’t in trouble for looking this time. Shayla gave Jaynie an upward nod, signaling for her to come forward. She was holding a brown lab puppy, which was scrambling madly to get down and run to his sniffly owner. Shayla set him on the floor and watched as Jaynie dropped her towel while she scooped up the little dog and rubbed her damp cheek against the puppy’s soft fur, then walked blindly into her girlfriend’s waiting arms. Shayla cuddled them close, smiling at the mixing scents of puppy breath and washed hair, happily holding her little family.

Just Do It


Sometimes he wished she’d just ask for it.

He watched her from the hotel bed, saw the subtle shifting of her weight from foot to foot as she stood there, her nose toward the corner and her hands worrying her shirt tail. She had been grouchy all evening; she knew it, too, which made things worse. She’d get snappy, realize how hateful she sounded, apologize quickly and become quiet, only to repeat the cycle a few minutes later. He knew she was tired, knew she was stressed, and he did his best to be understanding.

She didn’t need his sympathy, though, and he had really known that all along. It was still so new to them both, and he wanted to be sure before he acted. He was sure now. As soon as they’d walked through the door he had taken her bags and pulled her jeans and panties down, sending her with a smack to her current location. She hadn’t protested, which comforted him in some ways, reassuring him that this was what she needed. It annoyed him in others, though, and he berated himself for not trusting his first instincts.

He put away their bags, poured himself a glass of water, contemplated getting the hairbrush from her suitcase and deciding against it. Eventually he set his glass down and took a seat on the edge of the bed. “Come here. Leave those,” he said, watching her step out of the clothes piled around her ankles and walk hesitantly to his side, her bottom lip out as she slipped her hand into his outstretched one. She resisted only a little when he tugged her forward, and she fell easily across his lap. He pulled her tee shirt up, resting his left hand on the small of her back while he ran his right hand over the cool skin of her bottom.

“You’ve been a very bad girlie today, haven’t you?” he scolded, patting the curve of her bare backside, feeling her flinch beneath him. She didn’t answer, only tensed her muscles and buried her face in the blankets. “You most certainly have, little girl. Very naughty. You’ve been practically begging for a spanking all day.” She made a sound of dissent, like he knew she would, and he brought his hand down hard, then went back to caressing her. “Don’t you argue with me. You have behaved badly, and now you are in for a red backside and an early bedtime. Is that clear?” A small whimper escaped her, not a yes, not a no, but enough for now.

He brought his hand down sharply, not just once this time, but over and over again, watching her skin become pink under his assault, not being gentle with her, not yet. She began to wiggle and he spanked her harder, and she squealed. When her legs began to kick he shifted his focus, pelting the tops of her thighs, listening to her uneven breathing. She threw a hand back, and he stopped spanking her. “Move it.”

“Please,” she asked, spreading her fingers across her hot skin, covering as much as she could.


“Pleasepleasepleaseplease, I’ll be good, I’ll be so good,” she begged, her entire body tense.


With a wail she moved her hand and he brought his palm crashing down the second her fingers were out of the way, harder now, faster, not giving her a chance to think about anything but the pain and the noise and keeping her hands in front of her.

After what she felt was an eternity and what he knew to be only about a minute, he slowed, until he had stopped spanking her and was running his hand across her freshly punished bottom. He slid his hands under her and lifted, turning her to sit in his lap now, and she draped her right arm around him, her other hand finding his in her lap and twining their fingers. He lifted their hands together, used his thumb to wipe a tear from her cheek. “Better?” he asked, and she nodded and hiccuped, glancing up at him briefly.

He moved their hands behind her back, transferring hers from his red right hand to his still cool left, bringing his right hand to sit on her lap again. When he nudged her knees, she spread them obediently, though a blush rose from her collarbones to her cheeks. He slid his fingers up her thigh, whispering as he did so, “Are you going to be good for me now?” She shuddered as his fingers brushed against her, a “yes sir” falling from her lips.

Her body language was so different now, so malleable, so submissive and so his. He pressed his hot palm against her, pushing lightly, watching her bite her bottom lip at the tingles he now controlled. The tip of his middle finger dipped into her, and he felt a pool of warm liquid waiting. “It wasn’t all bad, was it?” he asked, and she glanced away, smiling.

“Look at me,” he told her as he pushed his fingers into her, and she complied, no more hesitations left. He felt her breathe in sharply at his touch, watched her mouth open slightly, and he pushed harder, farther in. She whimpered as he slipped out, a different sort of sound than her earlier cries, but she didn’t protest otherwise. He brought his hand to her face, ran his thumb around the curve of her lips. She opened her mouth, eager to have any part of him, sucking his fingers when he let her, moving to kiss his palm when his fingers were clean. She nipped at his thumb and he swatted her with his other hand, a light but effective spank on her swollen ass.

She jumped and her eyes widened and she kissed his hand again, the muscles of her stomach quivering and her breath shaky as she tried not to direct him. He smacked her again and she moaned, her legs falling open wider. She looked at him pleadingly, and he moved his hand back down to rest on her thigh. The heat from her skin pulsed through the fabric of his pants, and his erection pushed against the back of her legs. She shifted slightly, her fingers going to the button of his pants, her eyes looking to his for permission.

He moved his knees apart and she slid down to the floor, kneeling on the carpet, tugging his pants and underwear down and off. He pulled her shirt over her head, and as soon as she was free she ran her tongue up the length of him, sucking the pre-cum off his tip as greedily as she had sucked her own wetness from his fingertips moments ago. He watched as her head moved up and down, his eyes following the arch of her spine, down to the curve of her bottom. Her skin was red and lightly bruised, and though her thighs were pulled under her, he knew they matched, that they were covered with defined impressions of his hands, and that tomorrow she would be pink and purple and happy, much happier than she had been today.

She giggled lightly as she felt him begin to shudder, and her pleasure at his pleasure almost pushed him over the edge. He suddenly wanted to be inside her more than anything, and he reached for her waist, pulling her up urgently. She opened her legs obligingly and settled across his lap, this time sitting, facing him. Her ass met his thighs and he was all the way in her, cumming immediately, gripping her thighs to keep them both steady as she rocketed into her own orgasm moments later.

He kissed her as they finished, ran his hands from her shoulders to her knees, finding her hands and holding them in his as he leaned back on the bed, looking up at her, still straddling him and breathing heavily, breasts heaving in her lacy bra. He brought her hands to his lips and kissed them, then sat up again, rolling her onto her back and gently sliding out and away from her, still holding her hands for a moment, then letting go and patting her side, so she rolled over on her belly. He unsnapped her bra, slid it out from under her, leaned in to kiss her ear. She shivered and turned her head toward him, whispered “thank you,” as her eyes began to shut, and he supposed he didn’t mind having to guess what she needed after all…