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If You Play With Fire


“Fuck. Fuck.  A thousand times fuck.”

“I don’t think that’s how the saying goes.”

“A thousand times fuck off, Caleb.  How’s that?”

“Better.  What are we going to do?”

Jade looked around at the backyard, which was currently more ash than grass.  Lisa was out of town, and Jade had had some friends over to sit around the fire pit in the mild winter weather.  That in itself wasn’t a problem; Jade was an adult, and plenty old enough to have a contained party at her house.  This meant that she was too old to forget to put the fire out before she had gone inside and fallen into a deep sleep in the wee hours.  Her best friend, Caleb, had slept over and felt partially responsible.  He had convinced her to drag out the fire pit in the first place, and had gone to sleep after she had.  Unfortunately, he was also just as much at a loss over what to do now.  It a total fluke that the grass had caught fire, but a very avoidable fluke if they had just made sure to put the cover on and the flames out.

“I can fix this.  I can fix this.  I can fix this,” Jade was mumbling to herself as she walked around the backyard.  Caleb looked doubtful, but ready to do whatever he could to help.  Unfortunately, it was at that moment that he heard a car pull up in the driveway.  His eyebrows knit together worriedly as he said cautiously, “Hey Jade…”

She looked up, then followed his gaze toward the driveway.  Her view was obstructed by the house, but she read the signs.  Caleb turned to see her shoulders visibly sag.  He couldn’t blame her.  He’d had Miss Harley in high school, and she could be scary when she wanted to be.  He shivered a little as he remembered the only time he’d ever been in trouble with her, and the telling-off he’d received.  He’d seen her again since Jade had moved in here, but it was always brief hellos and goodbyes.

“You gotta go, man.”

He looked at Jade as he heard the car door shut.  Miss Harley would be walking into the house now.  Jade was making her way toward the back door.  She had her time-to-face-the-music face on.  He followed her, but she turned to him as she reached for the metal handle of the screen door and repeated herself, “You gotta go.  Just go around the house.”

“I have to get my wallet and keys.  Besides, if you’re gonna get yelled at, I should get yelled at, too.”

Jade snorted.  “Okay, tough guy.”

He rolled his eyes and followed her inside.  Lisa was putting her purse down at the kitchen counter and looking confused.  “Hey guys,” she said.  “Why does it smell like smoke?  Is someone burning leaves?  It’s kinda late in the year for that.”

Jade took a deep breath, walked over to the window facing the backyard, and yanked open the blinds.  Caleb watched Miss Harley’s eyes go wide and she walked quickly over to stand next to Jade and look out the window.  “What the hell happened?” she asked, taking in the large, vaguely circular patch of burnt grass covering her usually nice little backyard.

“I had some friends over and we got the fire pit out, and it got really windy later, and I guess some of the dried leaves in the pile blew out and…” She made a sweeping motion with her hand.

“It burned this much before you could stop it?” Lisa’s eyes were still wide with disbelief, confusion, and worry.  Jade glanced at Caleb, then said to the older woman, “Can I say goodbye to him first?”

Caleb saw Miss Harley’s features shift, as she put on her impassive teacher face and said, “Of course.”  But Caleb didn’t want Jade getting yelled at by herself, not when he had been just as dumb.  “It wasn’t her fault,” he blurted out.  “I went to bed later than she did and I should have doused it.  It was mostly just embers but still, it was my bad.  I’ll pay for the damage.”

Jade closed her eyes in frustration and brought both her hands to her forehead as she sighed, “Caaleeebbb.” Miss Harley’s attention all on the younger woman, and she spoke through her teeth now.  “You went to bed with a fire still going?”

Caleb started to interject again but Lisa held up a silencing hand without even looking in his direction, her eyes still on Jade, who slowly cracked her eyes open and said, “Yes, ma’am.”  Caleb felt compelled to look out for his best friend and couldn’t stop himself from interrupting. “I said I would put it out though.  It’s my fault, Miss Harley.”

Lisa’s eyes snapped over to look at the young man in her kitchen, and he took an involuntary step back, though she hadn’t moved an inch in his direction.  “Her house, her responsibility Caleb.  You need to leave.”

“I’m not leaving!  I’ll help… clean it up,” he said uncertainly.

Jade gave him a frustrated look and said “There’s no more fire, nothing we can do right now.  Just go.”

“I’m not going,” he said stubbornly.  He wasn’t sure why he felt so sure that he needed to stay, but he did.  He wasn’t the best guy who ever walked the earth but he was loyal to a fault, and something about this felt like trouble, though he couldn’t figure out what exactly he was afraid was going to happen.  Lisa threw her hands up, saying to Jade as she walked away, “Work it out.  I’ll be back down in thirty minutes.”  And she grabbed her small rolling suitcase and walked down the hall toward the stairs and up to her room.

As soon as they heard the first stair creak, Jade pulled the blinds shut and walked over to Caleb, grabbing his wallet from the small dining table and shoving it into his chest before physically pushing him toward the front door.  “Bye, Caleb.”

He dug his feet in, pushing back against her.  He was several inches taller than her and lanky, and easily turned around to avoid being herded.  “I’m not going!  What is she gonna do to you?  She can do it to me, too.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.  Just go home, Caleb!”

“No,” he said, crossing his arms stubbornly and planting his feet.  “I’m staying.”

“You know what, fine.  Stay.  Enjoy being a hero.  It’s not gonna make my ass feel better tomorrow, though, I bet you that.”  She stomped down the hall and yelled up the steps, “We’re ready, Lisa!” in an irritated voice, though barely five minutes had passed.  She stomped back into the living room and sat on the couch, arms crossed, adding a quick, “Come on, Caleb.  Come sit.  Let’s wait on the grand finale together.”  He made his way nervously toward the couch and did sit next to her.  After a few minutes of silent fuming, she even uncrossed her arms and leaned against him.  He didn’t speak, but watched the ticking second hand of the clock on the wall.

A few minutes later Lisa did come downstairs; they heard her walk through the kitchen and rummage for something before she entered the living room. Jade groaned as she saw the wooden spoon in her mentor’s hand, and Caleb’s eyes were glued to it.

“He’s still here?” Lisa asked Jade.

“He’s too stubborn for his own good.”

“And you’re okay with it?”

“It’s not my favorite thing but I just want to get it over with.”

“And does he–”

“I’m right here!” Caleb interjected indignantly, though as both women turned their full attention on him, he suddenly wished he was anywhere else.  Lisa contemplated him for a moment, then pointed at a chair behind her. “Sit,” she said, pointing. Caleb looked over at Jade, who made her eyes wide as if to say “what are you waiting for?!” So, Caleb got up from the couch and moved to the chair, and Lisa took his spot.

She put her arm around Jade and said, “Do I need to go over why you are about to be spanked?” The younger woman felt her face begin to burn with embarrassment. Now that the moment was here, having Caleb around seemed like the worst possible idea.  She resisted the urge to glance in his direction and just nodded.  Lisa must have been feeling sympathetic, because she accepted the nonverbal response.  But of course, Caleb wasn’t finished yet.

“You can’t do this!  You can’t… spank her.  She’s 27 years old!”

This time it was Jade who exploded, leaning forward and shaking her hands in Caleb’s direction.  “You see any handcuffs?  Does this place look like a prison to you?  I told you to leave.  You stayed.  So shut the fuck up, Caleb.  It’s bad enough that you’re here without you talking. Besides, you’ll get your turn,” she added caustically. “Fair’s fair, right?”

And before anything else could be said, she flung herself across Lisa’s lap.  The teacher rubbed her back for a moment as she shared a silent exchange with Caleb.  He had finally been startled into silence, and she felt confident he would remain that way for a while.  She leaned down, running her fingers through Jade’s hair and whispering things he could not hear, though he noticed Jade seemed to scoot even closer to Miss Harley’s body and her right arm curled around the woman’s left ankle.  When the first swat landed, he jumped at the noise, though Jade didn’t seem fazed.  The soft thud of a hand on denim didn’t last long.  Soon the girl’s pants were around her ankles, and Caleb watched as his friend’s brown skin began to turn pink around the edges of her underwear.  He winced with every swat.

Jade was being unusually stoic.  For all her bravado, she usually spent her time over Lisa’s lap whining and kicking, sometimes arguing about how unfair things were and sometimes promising the moon if she thought that’s what Lisa wanted from her.  Today, though, she felt guilty, angry, and embarrassed.  So she didn’t do much wiggling… at first.

Soon after Jade’s body began to shift, Lisa broke her steady rhythm and reached over to grab the spoon.  She clutched it firmly in her hand and leaned down again to talk in Jade’s ear.  Caleb was transfixed; he was mortified to be watching and equally unable to look away.  He heard his friend groan into the pillow, her fist coming down in front of her to bang the couch.  Then he watched as Lisa slowly pulled down the black and white striped underwear she wore, revealing a bottom that was already a dusky shade of pink.  Soon the spanking had resumed and this time it was a wooden spoon landing on bare skin.  The sound was distinctly different and his mouth was hanging open as he watched white oval patches appear and disappear.  Jade was making lots of noises and moving all over Lisa’s lap by the time the woman finished.  Caleb seemed not to exist as the older woman rubbed Jade’s back and bottom, then fixed her underwear and pulled her up into a hug before sending her with a push toward the corner of the living room.  She didn’t even glance in Caleb’s direction.

Miss Harley, however, shifted her full attention to the young man sitting in her living room.  “Well?” she asked.  “Are you ready to go home now?”

“No,” he replied immediately, though his voice sounded much higher than it normally did.

“You are going to take the same consequences as Jade?”

“Yes,” he said, and then at her raised eyebrow, “…ma’am.  Yes, ma’am.”

“Good,” she replied, “because I happen to agree with you.  You deserve a spanking almost as much as she did.  Come here.”

Caleb rose, and walked unsteadily to the side of the couch where his former teacher still sat.  She gestured at his belt and jeans.  “Undo those, please.”  He did so, fumbling and blushing the entire time, and then took the hand she offered him.  She guided him down over her lap, and adjusted his body until she felt comfortable.  She wrapped her left arm around his waist, then rested her right hand on his denim clad bottom for only a moment before she brought it up and back down.  Caleb’s eyes darted back and forth as he thought about what was happening.  It stung, though barely.  But she was spanking him.  It was really happening.

He was almost comfortable, and he began to wonder if maybe she would leave his jeans up because it was his first time.  No such luck– she pulled them down without so much as a warning, and when her palm landed on the thin cloth of his blue boxers, he heard himself yelp.  There was suddenly nothing comfortable about this position, and he tensed his arms in an effort not to reach back.  Before he could analyze his thoughts on this second phase of the spanking, she began to scold him.

“You know, I think Jade is fully aware of what went wrong last night, Caleb. I think that you think you’re getting spanked because you stuck around. Because you’re still here. Well let me make something very clear to you,” Miss Harley said, picking up the pace and adding some strength to her swats, “you are being spanked because you made poor choices. Under no circumstances should either one of you have gone into the house for the night, much less crawled into bed, with a fire still burning.”

Caleb was unable to control his rear, though no amount of wiggling seemed to keep the teacher’s hand from landing on his quickly reddening behind. He made constant noises, little grunts of pain, and felt his blush intensify at her scolding.

“And it’s not because I’m upset, or just because there are physical consequences for girls and boys who misbehave in this house. It’s not because of the damage to my property, though I am not particularly thrilled about that.” Her hand seemed to be finding the meeting of his thigh and bottom more and more often at this  point in the lecture. “You put people needlessly in danger. It may have felt like a low risk, but it was also low reward, young man. You are lucky the fire just burnt a big hole in my yard. What if the wind had carried those escaped leaves further? To my house? To the neighbors’ houses?”

“I’m sorry!” Caleb said, straining to stay still.

“No,” Miss Harley replied, “sorry comes next.” She stopped spanking, and the young man took several deep breaths; his backside burned! She rubbed his back and bottom as she spoke, though not to him. “Jade, come over and have a seat.”


“I’m not asking, I’m telling.” Caleb heard the chair he had vacated scoot a little, then a hiss from his friend as she sat. He didn’t turn his head to see, instead becoming engrossed in the floral pattern of the sofa.  Miss Harley began talking to him again, saying “We’re almost finished, Caleb. I wish it was over now, but this was a big deal. Very big.” And the next thing he knew, his boxers has been whisked down to his knees. He reached back with his right hand, grabbing for them and turning his head without thinking.  He made eye contact with Jade, squeaked and jerked his hand back as he turned toward the couch again.

“Give me that hand,” he heard the voice above him say firmly, and he reluctantly did as he was told, slowly reaching his right hand back and having it grasped around the wrist.  The next thing he knew, pain was exploding on his already sore bottom and he completely forgot about Jade, and being embarrassed, and anything that existed in the whole wide world besides the awful smack of the wooden spoon on his hot bare skin.

Thankfully, it seemed to be finished almost as soon as it was started. The throbbing ache in his bottom continued, and she let go of his hand, rubbed his back and his hair.  He leaned into her comforting touch, needing it more than he had realized he would. Soon, he felt his underwear and jeans being pulled up, though he could have done without the jeans. He sat up and felt himself being hugged, and he hugged her back hard. He felt like he should say something, but he had no idea what. He opened his mouth, and all that came out was “ouch.”

Both women burst into laughter, and he peeked up to see Jade smiling at him. “You’re an idiot for staying,” she said affectionately. He grinned back at her. Maybe she was right, but not all the way right. His bottom hurt and his pride was bruised, but he wasn’t worried or anxious like he had been all morning. He felt like he had just joined a secret club, one with high dues, but totally worth the cost.

A Promise Kept


Andrew looked up sharply from his laptop to his front door, where someone had just delivered several forceful knocks. “BRB” he typed quickly to a friend as he pushed back his chair and went to check the door. He looked through the peephole to see a woman with long curly brown hair standing with her arms crossed and her face tilted down. He didn’t know her, but she looked unintimidating, so he flipped the lock and turned the handle. He turned out to be wrong on both assessments.

She looked up as the door opened and he recognized her now, although he’d never before seen her in real life. She was shorter than he’d imagined, and less… smiley. In fact, her mouth was set in a hard line which belied most of the pictures she’d sent. “Hi,” he said, too shocked to say anything else. “Are you going to let me in?” she asked, moving her hands to her hips. He nodded mutely, stepping back and shutting the door behind them.

“You were supposed to call me,” she said, her back to him as she took her coat off and laid it on a nearby chair. Her eyes swept over his living room, assessing the surroundings. Andrew tried to reply, but he was still struggling to figure out exactly what was happening. She moved as if she knew this place, though he knew she’d never been to his state before, much less his apartment. Finally he settled on another nod, his mind concentrating on the immediate toll her presence was taking on him. His face was flushed, surely red, and he could feel the heat rising up from the collar of his shirt. His palms were sweaty and he pressed them against his pants in an attempt to stave off the clamminess.

“I got tired of waiting,” she continued, “and if I’m not mistaken, you have a paddle around here some place. Get it.” Andrew felt unable to do anything but obey. He walked to his room, staring blankly at his collection of spanking implements for a moment before grabbing the smallish wooden paddle and the longer fraternity style one. When he came back to the living room she had removed her heels and rolled up the sleeves of her white blouse, so she resembled a stern librarian-turned-barefoot-hippy, although there was no sign of peace and love in her expression. She gestured at the coffee table as she took a seat on the sofa, straightening her long skirt and then patting her lap.

Andrew walked obediently to her side, setting the paddles where she’d indicated and taking his place by her knee. She briskly undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants, whisking them down around his ankles before tugging his hand gently down. He slowly laid his long frame across her waiting lap, bracing his hands on the floor and feeling his legs hanging awkwardly in the air as she pushed his body forward, adjusting him to her satisfaction.

He felt her hand rest on his backside, felt the heat from her palm through the thin material of his boxers, thought about how that heat would soon be coming from his skin, not hers, and shivered nervously. “So your evenings have become so packed that you can’t call a friend to say hello?” she asked, patting his bottom firmly. “You can’t spare 30 minutes to check in these days?” Her hand came down harder, still not quite hurting, just making her presence known, keeping him aware that she was in control of the situation, of the spanking, of him. His muscles twitched as she continued scolding him, and he felt his ears begin to burn. “You can take time to send me a few short emails, just enough to make me curious, to make me a little worried, to promise a real conversation, but you can’t take the time to actually talk to me?” and this time she brought her hand down with real force behind it, and he grunted in surprise. She continued her hard smacks for a few minutes, and he tried to get outside of himself, to analyze what was happening, to not think about how he was upended over the lap of a near stranger.

He looked for patterns in the carpet, noticed his lost remote under the couch, saw that her toenails were painted a fresh bright blue. It was hard to stay distracted when he felt a breath of cool air on his bottom as she pulled his underwear down. She tapped his hip and he lifted as best he could, so that she could pull them all the way past his knees. Without a pause she resumed the spanking, her hand coming down over and over on his exposed skin. Andrew thought that her hand must be stinging as much as his backside, just as she stopped and reached over his body for one of the paddles.

The wood felt cool as she tapped it against his bare bottom, getting a feel for the implement, and he knew it was the smaller of the two. The spanking began again, and whatever hopes he’d had of maintaining his poise vanished after a few minutes of the relentless strokes. He heard small sounds escape his lips and he was powerless to keep them in. His left hand lifted from the floor several times, though he resisted the urge to reach back. Eventually the paddle slowed, and she began to talk again, accenting her words with hard swats to his bottom. “Do you think it’s a good idea not to keep in touch with me, Andrew?” He took a shuddery breath and managed a weak “no,” followed immediately by a volley of spanks to the tops of this thighs. “No?” came her voice above his head. “No ma’am no ma’am no ma’am,” he replied quickly, exhaling heavily and feeling drops of sweat bead at his temples.

“Do you think it’s very courteous to make promises and not keep them?”

“No ma’am!”

“And do you think some time in the corner might help you remember to call your friends when you say you will?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Good boy,” she said, and he heard the paddle being set on the table and then felt her fingers pulling at his shoulders. He scrambled up to stand beside her. She moved his hands to his head and pointing him toward the corner by the window, planting a firm swat on his bright pink backside as he shuffled over.
He stood there with his nose by the wall, the real shock of everything that just happened settling over him. His muscles clenched involuntarily as he replayed the events of the last half hour, their aching heat the only thing that convinced him this wasn’t a dream. He had just been spanked, bare bottomed and over the knee. He heard her moving around his house, wondered what she could be doing, and found some comfort in knowing he could trust her in his home.

Just as his arms began to tense from their upward positioning, she called his name, and he turned, lowering his hands at her nod. Her shoes were back on and she held her coat over one arm. He took a few tentative steps in her direction and she met him halfway, reaching a hand up to brush his cheek and making pointed eye contact, making sure that he was okay, that they were okay. She took his arm and half turned him so she could admire her handwork, pressing her palm to his hot skin, assessing the damage and finding herself pleased. She pulled his boxers up, then tapped his shin to make him step out of his pants.

He watched as she folded them and placed them on the table with the paddles and a note she must have written while he waited in time-out. “This is my hotel address and the number there. I’m here for a week,” she said, tapping the paper with a fingernail. “You’ll call tomorrow and we’ll go eat somewhere. We’ll talk.” Her eyes had taken on a bit of a twinkle and he thought she might be working hard to conceal a grin at the absurdity of their first meeting, at her boldness, at his continued blush. “Right now, you will go to bed, and I will meet the taxi that has been here for a good ten minutes. Okay?”

He nodded, and suddenly she was in front of him, hugging him fiercely. She looked up at him and smiled brightly. “It’s so good to meet you. And you behaved very well for your very first spanking.” He hugged her back, feeling a smile on his own face. She turned then, stopping as she twisted the door handle, looking back to say only “bed, Andrew,” and then she was gone. He shook his head, trying to sort his thoughts, then went about his nighttime routine, turning off the computer, locking the door, brushing his teeth. He winced as he climbed into bed, rolling quickly over to lay on his stomach, reaching a tentative hand back to feel his tender skin.

He fell asleep with dreams about tomorrow, and all the tomorrows, and quite sure that this first spanking wouldn’t be his last.