Parent/Teacher Conference

Mr. Benson looked up from his desk at the knock on his door– it was his 7pm appointment, right on time and his last of the day. “Come in,” he said, standing and reaching out to shake the hand of the woman who entered. “Shelley Jones?” “Tyreek Benson,” she said back to him, completing their … Continue reading Parent/Teacher Conference

Frozen Lake

Cecilia had been warned about the lake. Her older brother James was adamant– adamant– that she not venture onto it, even here in February, even when she was sure it was frozen a good six inches deep. At least, that is what she’d overheard earlier this week as she worked on a snowman and a … Continue reading Frozen Lake

Assigned Seating

Roland looked at his watch, then the clock on his instrument panel. They were identical to the second, but he always found himself checking both when they were running behind. Of course it happened— weather delays and safety checks were part of the business. At least on Roland’s crew, there were rarely preventable delays. Which … Continue reading Assigned Seating

No Parties

Silas’s ship was sunk, but he didn’t know it yet. John had to summon all of his patience as the kid sat there and yes sir’d him, knowing the pop star had every intention of disobeying the rules he was pretending to agree to. He wasn’t even being clever about it; he’d practically charged a … Continue reading No Parties

She Returns

The mermaid still visited. The man never saw her, at least never clearly enough that he could be certain. Still, he sometimes walked out on the dock to find a small pile of sea glass or a mollusk shell marked by an embedded pearl and he knew they were from her. He would smile before … Continue reading She Returns