Lottie Gets Hurt

The heart-shaped face of a barn owl appearing at the window might have startled most other people, but Ren merely quirked an eyebrow as her familiar appeared on the sill. “Are you alright?” she asked, noting the awkwardness of her landing. She got a disgruntled hoot in response. “Let’s have a look,” Ren said, walking … Continue reading Lottie Gets Hurt

Frozen Lake

Cecilia had been warned about the lake. Her older brother James was adamant– adamant– that she not venture onto it, even here in February, even when she was sure it was frozen a good six inches deep. At least, that is what she’d overheard earlier this week as she worked on a snowman and a … Continue reading Frozen Lake

Midnight Release

Oliver stared blearily at his smartwatch, where an offensively bright 3:22am glared back at him. He let his head fall back against the pillow, unsure what had awoken him so suddenly. He reached over to Ben’s side of the bed, bringing to his conscious mind what he already sort of knew– his boyfriend wasn’t there. … Continue reading Midnight Release

Assigned Seating

Roland looked at his watch, then the clock on his instrument panel. They were identical to the second, but he always found himself checking both when they were running behind. Of course it happened— weather delays and safety checks were part of the business. At least on Roland’s crew, there were rarely preventable delays. Which … Continue reading Assigned Seating