Assigned Seating

Roland looked at his watch, then the clock on his instrument panel. They were identical to the second, but he always found himself checking both when they were running behind. Of course it happened— weather delays and safety checks were part of the business. At least on Roland’s crew, there were rarely preventable delays. Which … Continue reading Assigned Seating

She Returns

The mermaid still visited. The man never saw her, at least never clearly enough that he could be certain. Still, he sometimes walked out on the dock to find a small pile of sea glass or a mollusk shell marked by an embedded pearl and he knew they were from her. He would smile before … Continue reading She Returns

Turn Where?

"Left!" "Left here?" Paul said, slowing the car down abruptly. "Um, there," Edith said, looking over her shoulder from the passenger seat at the turn they had just missed. She sank down in her seat, pulling her knees up to her chest and hiding her face in them. "Sorry." "Uh-huh," Paul replied. He pulled over … Continue reading Turn Where?