Hey thanks!

I thought it would be nice to start the new year with a thank you post to the different blogs that have sent traffic here this year! I really appreciate that you found this site worth sharing. If you've been reading my stories for a while and want some new content, try clicking some of … Continue reading Hey thanks!

Worth It?

She can talk me into anything. And I didn't feel regret until right this moment, standing in the kitchen in the early morning light, looking at the expression on my dad's face and knowing it's only a matter of minutes before he starts undoing his belt. "Dad," I say, taking a step forward, trying to … Continue reading Worth It?

What a Mess

When Laurie began to howl, Sadie knew her time was up. It didn’t stop her from reaching over from her seat on the carpet to snag the blinds, which bent noisily under her fingers to allow her a view of the driveway. There was Caroline’s car, just as the pup had announced. She glanced around … Continue reading What a Mess

The Summoning

Maura and Tyler screamed when the candles around them were suddenly dark, but they didn't stop holding hands. The wicks blazed up again just as abruptly, but now there was a figure in their chalk-drawn pentagram. "Yes?" said the woman. She glowed faintly in the bouncing light, though she otherwise appeared human. Maura couldn't believe … Continue reading The Summoning