Pocket Change

Caroline pursed her lips as she uncrumpled a twenty she had just rescued from the dryer. This was the fifth bill she’d found as she did their household laundry at the neighborhood laundromat. Usually she and Sadie washed clothes at home, but their washer had run its last load a few days before and they … Continue reading Pocket Change

No Parties

Silas’s ship was sunk, but he didn’t know it yet. John had to summon all of his patience as the kid sat there and yes sir’d him, knowing the pop star had every intention of disobeying the rules he was pretending to agree to. He wasn’t even being clever about it; he’d practically charged a … Continue reading No Parties

She Returns

The mermaid still visited. The man never saw her, at least never clearly enough that he could be certain. Still, he sometimes walked out on the dock to find a small pile of sea glass or a mollusk shell marked by an embedded pearl and he knew they were from her. He would smile before … Continue reading She Returns

By Comparison

Jade could pin-point the moment things went wrong. Her best friend Connor and her new friend Emma started laughing at a joke she didn’t get. They were sitting around the kitchen table at Jade and Lisa’s house, splitting a six pack and talking. Jade gave a small half-hearted laugh but felt her face begin to … Continue reading By Comparison


Laura chewed her thumbnail thoughtfully as she watched the second hand on the clock tick slowly above the green chalkboard. Three minutes until the bell rang. Timing was everything, and she had things planned to the second. She cast a sideways glance at Denise Blakely, who was crossing and uncrossing her ankles. Laura may have … Continue reading Eavesdropping