By Comparison

Jade could pin-point the moment things went wrong. Her best friend Connor and her new friend Emma started laughing at a joke she didn’t get. They were sitting around the kitchen table at Jade and Lisa’s house, splitting a six pack and talking. Jade gave a small half-hearted laugh but felt her face begin to … Continue reading By Comparison


Laura chewed her thumbnail thoughtfully as she watched the second hand on the clock tick slowly above the green chalkboard. Three minutes until the bell rang. Timing was everything, and she had things planned to the second. She cast a sideways glance at Denise Blakely, who was crossing and uncrossing her ankles. Laura may have … Continue reading Eavesdropping

Flash Fiction Collection One

Hello, friends! Just dropping in to guide you to my newly available collection of mini-spanking fiction for Kindle! It’s available for purchase or is included with your kindle unlimited subscription. I’ve posted a few of these on here before; this is a collection of 25 of them. Eventually, I would like to move everything … Continue reading Flash Fiction Collection One

Scoot In

“I'd like to talk about last night," John stated calmly as he leaned forward to rest his arms on the table where Silas and Sydnee sat having breakfast. Reluctantly and with two sets of rolled eyes, they put aside their phones and looked at him. It was close to one in the afternoon, but neither … Continue reading Scoot In

Turn Where?

"Left!" "Left here?" Paul said, slowing the car down abruptly. "Um, there," Edith said, looking over her shoulder from the passenger seat at the turn they had just missed. She sank down in her seat, pulling her knees up to her chest and hiding her face in them. "Sorry." "Uh-huh," Paul replied. He pulled over … Continue reading Turn Where?